The almirante frowned at the words of finance degree

finance degree

“So, then,” he said, after several of those convincing proofs. “We have now crossed the thickest strata, and the danger of the breakers and the shoals has passed, even if there ever was. See then how the wind is constantly favorable.

-Yes, well you say, sir, constantly! -Received for all the pilot Perez Matheo Hernèa.-Always blows from the east, this blessed wind!

“Not always,” said the almirante. “Sometimes he fell; and we had a bit of a breeze from the west. Rare, if we want; but it is enough to show us that here too the law of variety rules.

-With this particular, for other, -replicated the pilot, -when the wind blows from the east you make a long way, and when it blows from the west does not even have the strength to flap the sails against the trees.

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