The same effect was also caused by finance conduct authority

finance conduct authority

But only in part was the high charm of these conversations in what he had in connection with, rather in how he knew how to bring the thoughts of the co-speaker out of the depths of the soul. If one can speak of a Socratic art of clarifying the darkly suspected thoughts of others, he possessed them, but not as a learned art, but as an innate art. There was nothing of exaltation, oppressive or repellent nobility, nothing of patronage and dignity. With undivided attention he followed the counter-speech. Without sensitivity, he heard views that strongly contradicted his, yes, he challenged to do so. He responded to every objection and quiet doubt. He considered it, took off surprising sides, and made a bridge out of it, on which the conversation continued, and on the other side a new, previously unimaginable region opened up. Conversations, in which bias or phlegm only awoke him, bored him, made him embarrassed, morose, and finally dumb. The same effect was also caused by the unruly confusion of ordinary conversation. where everyone just talks to hear themselves. Some visitors thought they had to throw themselves in the best of lavatories in front of him, got hot, wanted to appear awesome, and showered him with long arguments of finished thoughts. Nothing silenced him more than that. His conversation taught, lifted and liberated imperceptibly; In these spiritual regions, one felt more capable, clearer, stronger, to his own astonishment.

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