In a delicious garden antibiotic before root canal

antibiotic before root canal

The sounds of the city did not reach us, and the wind that passed through the leaves was soft to hear like a rustle of silk.

At all times in my memory the voice of Bergeounette sang the song of earthly paradise:

In a delicious garden,
Close to heaven …
Beyond the alleys, when a group of children dressed in light colors ran past, I thought I saw clumps of flowers escaping from the flower beds and running towards the undergrowth.

On the benches and on the chairs, couples remained inactive and silent, as if crushed with happiness.

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Please be prepared: the future must be a world that only looks at money!

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Many people complain that today’s society only sees money, and people’s feelings are getting weaker, so they feel lost.

I think they have not seen the world yet.

I would rather live in a place where I can see the money/speaking rules everywhere, and I don’t want to live in a place where I can talk about morality/where I hate.

People who talk about morality when opening their mouths are often the least ethical;

Everywhere, the moral society is advertised, and it is often the most lacking.

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