To suit oneself is happiness.

To suit oneself is happiness

Mood is not the whole of life.

Mood is not the whole of life, but it can control the whole of life. In a good mood, everything is good, in a bad mood, everything is messed up. We often lose not to others, but to ourselves because our bad mood belittles our image, reduces our ability and disturbs our thinking. If you control your mood, life will be peaceful everywhere. A good mood shapes a good mood, and a good mood shapes the best of you.

After wrestling, don’t cry, get up again, stand up straight and smile, pat the dust and continue to run. Face up to every setback in life, adapt to every ups and downs in life, absorb every failure in life, and make use of every frustrations in life. Try to give yourself a best mood, balance your breath, adjust your state of mind, and don’t rush to succeed. Even if you fall down again, you will be better tomorrow.

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A great apology

Oil painting, Van Gogh, Provence, Art, Sunflower

In life, not all guilt will be accompanied by a timely and heartfelt apology, because apology requires recognition and courage, especially in public.

Those great apologies that came too late, those words and words that touched the depths of the soul, can bring tears to one’s eyes –

In the summer of 1888, poor and frustrated painter Vincent Van Gogh walked out of his Dutch home and, with the support of his younger brother Theo, came to arles, a small town in Provence, France, where he began painting day and night.

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A feeling of inner strength

A feeling of inner strength

What is it like to be strong inside

” People with strong hearts and rich thoughts, he doesn’t care how many people misunderstand him, nor how many secular prejudices, because his heart is a perfect world, a person’s heart is rich enough to make up for some material shortages. A man with a strong heart is a man with real thoughts, and a man with real thoughts must also be a man with a strong heart. ”

A man with a strong heart must have a firm belief of his own.

A man with a strong heart is a man with real thoughts. His inner strength shows that he has a complete set of views on the world, society and life. In Buddhism there is the saying of ” no leakage”, which is already mature in the chest. People with strong hearts do not need to bully others, and they may even be weak in appearance. However, they are strong in heart.

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After hearing it

After hearing it

The city booth’s office was in the same castle, where the bourgeoisie at that time was almost gathered together by the bourgeoisie and watched the horror of the Croats. The castle’s yard was full of broken coffins and broken vineyards, which the warriors had propelled from the cellars. At the time, some of those who broke into the office of the voud, all the locks and bangs, broke all their fingers, stood in the yard with swords and drank wine from their tops. When they thirst for thirst, they bring the remains of wine to the ground. Some of the goods they racked up – and when they did, they fiercely quarreled and cursed what the horror was, so a beautiful castle yard, where the youth used to gather in the summer to play and sing, it seemed to have become the hell of hell. I was in a good mood with my neighbor Gebhart about what this disobedience really meant when Captain Paradeiser and some of his warriors came out bowing out the city bout behind him and with his gunfire gave him time kicks and bumps.

“Where’s the money?” they cried out to rival; “Where are the thousand taalers that yesterday brought you from W├╝rzburg? Give them here, an old bastard! If you do, let’s slip on your leather.”

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Does time really exist?

Relativity, Physics, Heraclitus, Plato, Mechanics

Regarding time, it has always been one of the biggest topics discussed by many philosophers. From Heraclitus to parmenides, from Plato to Aristotle, from Kant to Heidegger, and so on, many great figures in the history of philosophy have defined or deeply discussed time. But what is the time? Does it really exist in the universe? Is it just the definition and imagination of us human beings, just like the brother of space?

In order to know the answers to these questions, please look at the profound exposition and analysis of time by the following expert.

As for the existence ( persistence ) of objects in time, there have been two theories in academic circles: continuation theory and persistence theory.

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