Sleeping is the condensation of married life.

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After getting married, what posture do you sleep with your partner?

A study by the University of Hertfordshire found that the way couples sleep together is an excellent way to evaluate the quality of a marriage. Couples who snuggle up to each other while sleeping are 30% more satisfied with their marriage than couples who are far away.

It is true that none of the conjugal couples can taste small happiness without living in trivial life. Marriage is not only an illusion of excess hormone secretion, but also a long-term love and responsibility. The best test of marriage is sleep.

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The best decision in mathematics tells you: 37%

The best decision in mathematics tells you: 37%

Depressed because ability and desire do not match.

In Da Sheng, Chuang Tzu gave us a suggestion: if you feel that what you want in the world is far greater than what you need, and your ability is not enough to support your desire, you should do a little subtraction.

This is really not easy for modern people.

Trabecula has an algorithm, or formula. I think the so-called depression means that your desire is greater than the chance given to you by the world. When what others want you to do is far less than what you want to do, depression will form.

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Whether a person is reliable depends on these four points.

80% of troubles in life are caused by " insufficient ability"

People with these four characteristics are trustworthy and capable of achieving success. They are people with both ability and political integrity, and they are also good teachers and helpful friends.

Dignity and massiness

Dignity and massiness, the core is to be ” thick”.

Modesty can be seen as a thick effect. Only by being ” thick” can one be truly dignified and heavy.

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lest you but wait for an empty bough

lest you but wait for an empty bough

” when flowers bloom, they must be folded straight, not when there is no flower.” – when writing these two lines, I think of him.

I am a very passive person emotionally. Even if I like another person, it is difficult to express it voluntarily. Besides, I only like him a little, not to mention liking him. However, when I found that he was also interested in me, I had a little imagination. Why didn’t he invite me to dinner? Why didn’t you ask me to see a movie? Why didn’t you say anything? Not long after I entered graduate school, I have been waiting for him since I found that he was a little interested in me. Although we can see it almost every day, such as class, dinner, autumn outing, book club, dinner party, KTV, and have a few chats, I can read the difference from his eyes and feel his special attention to me, but the semester is coming to an end, he said nothing about our emotional relationship.

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Three Signs of One Person’s Growing Pattern

Three Signs of One Person's Growing Pattern

The heart has a big pattern, life has infinite possibilities!

There is a good saying: the pattern determines the outcome.

If one’s pattern is large, the road ahead will be spacious. On the contrary, no matter how capable one is, he will not make too much splash.

The pattern is not innate, but can be acquired through acquired accomplishments.

When you find these three signs in yourself, your situation is getting bigger and bigger.

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