Innocent friendship surpasses life and death

  Past partners no longer travel with her

  The 11-year-old girl, Passy, ​​got a strange disease, afraid of seeing the sun, keeping her hair falling and her teeth starting to loosen. The doctor said that this is a blood disease with unknown cause, and there is no right medicine for the time being. The danger is that this blood disease can also infect others.

  To this end, Passy had to leave school and stay at home. Her parents saw sadly that Passi’s past partners no longer communicated with her.

  One day, Passi’s parents heard someone whispering in the corner behind the room. They went to the back balcony and looked down: a little girl was kneeling on the grass, reaching into the window of the semi-basement, holding the black A hand sticking out of the window in the curtain blocked the conversation in the basement. The hand that protruded from the window was Paxi’s hand, her fingernails began to fall off, and her hands were covered with bandages.

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Brain loss

  Recently, Chinese students studying in the United States have become more than a hundred thousand news. However, domestic readers have ignored another news from the United States: the vast majority of high-end Chinese students are still gone.

  The New York Times quoted authoritative data to reveal that foreign students who received a Ph.D. in science or engineering in the United States in 2002 had a 62% retention rate in the United States in 2007. Among them, the proportion of foreign students staying in different countries is different. There are more than 2,000 doctors in China, accounting for 92% of Chinese doctors in the US, and the proportion is the highest in the country. More than 600 doctors in India stay, accounting for 81%, ranking second; 55% for doctors in Canada. Left, ranked third; fourth is a German doctor, 52% left; 43% of doctors in Taiwan left, ranking fifth. The next rankings are Turkey (42%), South Korea (41%), Japan (33%), Mexico (32%), Brazil (31%), and Thailand (7%). It is important to know that the five years after graduation have a stereotyped effect on one’s career. In the past five years, I have roughly raised a person from a new employee to a veteran and stood firm. After staying in the United States five years after graduation, it indicates that the future will remain in the United States.

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Plundered dreams and life

  Yesterday, I went to a sea in Beijing and found that it was different from the images in memory.

  The shallow water of this bay in memory, Zhong Ling Xiu Xiu. That was in 2004, with the gentleman walking outside the railing, the slanting sun was faint, blending into the ancient lake, Su Shi title West Lake, “water is bright and sunny,” but this taste. Pedestrians are sparse, windy, free to sway, very quiet, and extremely indifferent.

  In 2010, the rivers and lakes have changed.

  On the west side is the bustling area, and the large and small bars are busy with renovations. The flow of people is like a weaving, and the rickshaws that read “Hutong Tour” are also like weaving. All kinds of cars, walking through the deep lanes, forced the visitors to nowhere. I walked into the snack bar, hoping to taste the legendary food, but the waiter was sad.

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That hurts, what?

  There are many disabled people in this world. Tens of thousands of people are blind, and many of them have the greatest desire in their lives to be able to see their mothers one day.

  But I want to say that these blind people are lucky, because at least they have relatives to worry about. You know, there are tens of millions of children living in single-parent families in the world, and some of them are orphans. They have never seen their parents since they started. If there is an individual who can let them call a mother, it will be enough to make them happy.

  However, these orphans are also lucky because at least they are very healthy. You know, 3/10 people in this world have chronic diseases. There are more than 20 million critically ill patients who are lying in bed all day and cannot take care of themselves. In developing countries, about 80,000 children are abducted by traffickers every year, discounted legs, smashed or dumb, and become a tool for begging.

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If the grass can talk

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Once, people used bicycles to register, wear red flowers to go home, and then it was a storm. But now, do you want to love someone or a house? With a grass ring, you can try out the gold content of your love!

The difference between a lie and an oath is that one is the person who listens to be true, and the other is the person who said it is true. Between men and women, what is a lie, what is an oath, jumping after experiencing such a thing, can really understand.

The jumping husband called Binzi, jumping for a birthday, Bin said, to send her a gift that saves money and romance. Jumping and thinking: Bin is a stingy, what gift will he give?

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