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    New York New Image

      The Museum of Modern Art, New York hosted a joint photography of four photographers – Roe Aslizzi, Erid Lasry, Alex Priger and Amanda Ross-Hu in September 2010 The exhibition will continue until January 2011. They capture footage from an inexhaustible library of images—print media and film. Eslitz directly re-edits and shoots commercial images that have already been published, such as the removed illustrations in the magazines he is in charge of editing. Lasry’s job is to work with images, focusing on images that are popular with the public, such as Hollywood movie promotion stills and illustrations. Prigg tried to achieve the effect of a movie still by following the female…

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    Sherwood Anderson and “Small Town Freaks”

      When it comes to the great masters of American literature in the 20th century, people often blurt out Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, etc. There are not many mentions of Sherwood Anderson (5herwood Anderson, 1876–1941), as everyone knows, we Most of these literary giants mentioned have been deeply influenced by Anderson, or it can be said that some of them have succeeded on his shoulders. He is regarded by Faulkner as “the father of our generation of American writers”. The famous critic Malcolm Cowley also called him “a writer’s writer, the only one of his generation of storytellers who influenced the style and vision of the next.”   Sherwood Anderson was born into…

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    Cleopatra VII: Queen of the Nile

      Egypt is one of the first places of human civilization. The Nile River brings rich black land year after year, and the pyramids silently tell the glory of the past. The curtain rises and falls in this huge arena in Egypt, and countless heroes and heroes stepped on the stage and retired. The most famous performer is Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt (305-30 BC) in the Hellenistic era.   Historians and popular readers like to call her “Cleopatra.” In fact she has no Egyptian ancestry, she is descended from the Macedonians who conquered Egypt. She is also not the so-called “Queen of Beauty”, but a real king. She…

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    Asteroid Defense Guide

      Maybe you have heard a very cool term – asteroid defense system, and you can roughly understand the meaning of this word: a defense system to prevent asteroids from hitting the earth. You may also know that some asteroids blast into the atmosphere to form beautiful meteors, which then turn into precious meteorites. This is not dangerous at all, and according to statistics, not a single person in the world has been killed by an asteroid. But why do astronomers feel like a big enemy when they hear that an asteroid is about to pass Earth?   On April 24, 2022, Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Space Administration, disclosed…

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    What is monkeypox?

      Monkeypox, which has recently attracted global attention, is a viral zoonotic disease. Its pathogen, monkeypox virus, is a DNA virus belonging to the genus Orthopoxvirus of the family Poxviridae. are “close relatives”. Monkeypox virus was first discovered in 1958 when a “pox-like” infectious disease appeared in a group of monkeys used for scientific research, hence the name. Since the World Health Organization announced the complete eradication of smallpox in humans in 1980, monkeypox virus has become the orthopox virus with the greatest impact on public health.   The main risk factor for human infection with monkeypox is being bitten by an infected animal, and direct contact with the blood, body fluids…

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    Traditional culture is becoming popular and alive through live rewarding

      Webcasting has become a new stage and a new path for excellent traditional culture to return to life, serve the people, inherit and develop, and solve livelihood problems. In the   past three years, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has opened up people’s distance, and various lines of excellent traditional culture have become The next dissemination event is cancelled or postponed. The inheritance of culture, the needs of the public, and the most realistic economic pressure are all urging traditional cultural workers to find another way out. The popular short video and live broadcast platforms are naturally the first choice. Douyin data shows that as of 2021, 1,557 national-level intangible cultural…

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    Let’s go through “Jurassic World” together

      In the long history of the earth’s 4.5 billion years, nature has multiplied a variety of creatures. Dinosaurs are the most distinctive species. They were born about 230 million years ago and lived on the earth for more than 160 million years…   In order to To allow tourists to better experience dinosaur science tourism, the China Dinosaur Park, a science education base in Jiangsu Province, has created a Jurassic real-life experience project—Dinosaur Gene Research Center. What secret is hiding here? Our reporter will take you to find out.   Integrating Dinosaur IP with Popular Science Education   22 years ago, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park officially opened to welcome guests, opening the chapter…

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    From Bulk to Bottled: The Cultivation History of a Coke Bottle

      The weather is getting hotter and hotter, what could be happier than an iced Coke? While enjoying the smoothness brought by Coca-Cola, have you ever thought that the Coke bottle you are holding has evolved into what it is today after hundreds of years of “cultivation”.   More than 100 years ago, the Coca-Cola Company launched the world’s first bottled Coke. This decision, which seems no big deal today, was considered unprecedented at the time, because in the first 10 years after its establishment in 1886, Coca-Cola actually did not have a bottle. of. At that time, the sales method was a bit similar to what we often call “loose beer”.…

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    The psychology of water monsters

      ”Godzilla” is an enduring series in the history of world cinema. Every few years, we can shout: “Godzilla is coming again!” This Japanese monster that has been popular for more than half a century, every time it appears always attract people’s attention.   Godzilla has a similar appearance to dinosaurs, lives in water, and spit out flames, energy waves, lasers, etc., depending on what it eats. In addition to the “Godzilla” series, there are also many movies based on large-scale water monsters, such as “Pacific Rim”, “Extremely Deep”, “Abyss”, and “The Loch Ness Monster”.   Why are water monsters so popular? In fact, people all over the world are very interested in…

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