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    Analysis of Colonial Miniature in “Lord of the Flies” from the Perspective of “Other”

    William Golding is an outstanding British novelist, since his first novel “Lord of the Flies” (Lord of the Flies) came out in 1983, it has been narrated with clear realism The background and the ups and downs of the fictional story are deeply loved by readers, and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in one fell swoop (claimed by the Swedish Academy of Letters). “Lord of the Flies” mainly depicts a group of boys aged six to twelve evacuated to escape a nuclear war, but was stranded on a coral island in the Pacific Ocean due to a plane crash. The island is rich in products, but desolate. At first,…

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    Narrative and Ethics in The Witches of Salem

    Arthur Everyone”, whose play “The Witch of Salem” won the Tony Award for “Best Play” in 1953, and has become an enduring classic on the Broadway stage with a record of 633 consecutive performances. This play describes a “witch hunt” in Salem, Massachusetts, North America in 1692 that involved more than 400 people and hanged 72 people. The protagonist of the play, Proctor, is a complex image with multiple ethical identities. By controlling the narrative time, the author shows the deepening process of Proctor’s ethical dilemma, and finally shows Proctor’s ultimate ethical choice about life and death.    Previous studies on the text of “The Witches of Salem” mainly started…

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    Nemzova’s “Grandmother” and Czech Realism Literature

    Božina Nemzova was born in Vienna, the daughter of a manor coachman and maid. Her father worked for the Duchess at the Zoharska Castle in Lachbosce, so Nemzova was also lucky to spend her carefree childhood in the manor of Rachbosce, which is in Objectively, it gave Nemzova a direct understanding of the dual life dimensions of the upper and lower layers in the same time and space. Nemzova came to Hwakowice by chance when she was 10 years old, and lived with the local administrator Augustin’s family. For a child from the countryside, this is really a wonderful period Through experience, future female writers came into contact with real…

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    Sonja’s list

      In the Tilanqiao area of ​​Hongkou District, Shanghai, there is a Jewish Refugees Memorial Hall. From 1938 to 1941, 20,000 European Jews took refuge in Shanghai to escape Nazi persecution. The memorial hall was originally the Moses Hall established by Jewish expatriates. There is a list wall of Shanghai Jewish refugees in the courtyard. At the beginning of its establishment, only 13,732 names were engraved, but now it has increased to 18,578. This is the result of 83-year-old Sonia Muhlberg’s hard work recording and organizing since 2000.   Sonia was one of the hundreds of “Shanghai babies” born in the Jewish refugee area of ​​Shanghai that year. She told the reporter…

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    The “Mother” Bewitched by Cults

      On June 9, 2020, an unremarkable pet cemetery in Arizona, USA, became the focus of American attention. On the same day, the police dug up two bodies here. It was soon revealed that they were the long missing Teri (16) and Joshua (7).   The owner of the cemetery is De Belle, the stepfather of two children. Just six months ago, he and his child’s mother, Lori, were married in Kauai, Hawaii. Police suspect that the deaths of the two children were related to the couple.   Since August this year, Lori, who is a murder suspect, has appeared in court many times, and the mainstream media in the United States have…

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    The tragicomedy of Anna May Wong

      As the first Chinese actress with international influence in the 20th century, Anna May Wong’s life is undoubtedly tragic. On the one hand, her artistic talent has allowed the Western world to see a modern, fashionable and charming Chinese image. But at the same time, she was also a victim of racism in Western society at that time, and became a “foreign spectacle” stared at on the Western screen. In the early 20th century, when Anna May Wong lived, the relationship between the East and the West was extremely unequal, and Western-led imperialism and colonialism made European and American countries discriminate against other races, including the Chinese. This historical background…

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    What a future without passwords looks like

      On a website called “PasswordMonster”, you can test whether people’s commonly used passwords are safe. Enter “123456”, and the website shows that the password is cracked in 0 seconds. “88888888” is 0.01 seconds.   These days, you can easily find tutorials like “How to Create an Uncrackable Password”, and with a little effort, you can create a very complex password that is difficult to crack. But the problem is that you may not remember it, and then fall into the cycle of “forgot password-reset password-forgot password”.   What if the Internet didn’t use passwords at all? Can we not remember passwords and not be afraid of data leakage?   The “old stuff” of…

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    Chagall and the Flight of Love

      Chagall is known as “the last survivor of the first generation of modernism in Europe”. He once said: “Many people say that my paintings are poetic, fantasy, and misleading. In fact, on the contrary, my paintings are realistic. The…”   As an artist, Chagall was at once a product of modernist Paris and Eastern European Jewish village, a mixture of urban and rural, old and new. That’s why his best work is sympathetic and dreamlike. This is why Chagall became Chagall.   However, behind this compassion and dream, Marc Chagall took a brutal journey in his life, which unfolded in the midst of war, revolution, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. His work reflected…

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    The Postman’s Fairy Tale

      Mr. Corbaba, the postman, is tired of his own job: he says the postman runs around all day, turns left and right, wears the soles of his shoes, heels; Fifteen steps, of which eight thousand two hundred and forty-nine steps to go up and down, are always sent with printed matter, money orders, and other trivial things. What pleasure can they give people?   Once, Mr. Korbaba sat sullenly by the fire in the post office, and fell asleep while sitting up.   At six o’clock, the door of the post office was locked, and all the post office workers went home separately, leaving only Mr. Corbaba locked in there to sleep…

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