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    The Bible and Popular Songs

      Both music and dance originated from religious activities. The development of religious music and religious songs has promoted the inheritance and spread of religion. The two complement each other and bring out the best in each other. The Christian classic “Bible” has had an important influence on the development of world music, especially the development of European and American music. It is not an exaggeration to say that Christian music laid the foundation for European and American music and is the pioneer of European and American music. Today some Chinese music and songs also reflect the connotations of the Bible and Christianity.   The secularization of Bible music   After the Renaissance…

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    A suspense film about love or a well-structured romance film

      A woman who killed her rogue ex-husband by mistake, with the help of the math genius next door, successfully created a perfect alibi and avoided the suspicion of murder. The movie “The Devotion of Suspect X” adapted from the novel of the same name by Keigo Higashino is a reasoning film in which the result is known from the beginning but the process cannot be guessed. A feature film is also a realistic film in which a genius is buried in reality. Of course, we can also classify this film into different types from more angles.   1. When rationality meets sensibility, when crime meets “love”   Professor Yu Chuan is the…

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    Different ways of breaking up have different results

      No matter whether they are married or not, when two people who were once close to each other come to the point of breaking up, what they have to face is not an easy thing. The sense of belonging that has been accumulated little by little through good memories and day-to-day company needs to be peeled off again. This process may lead to a series of psychological, physical and social results. Especially considering that the breakup is usually initiated by one of the partners, the passive partner may experience more psychological challenges than the first proposer. But what is the difference between the two in subsequent encounters? There has been…

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    Framed Thinking: A Decision-Making Tool in a Complex World

      Everyone makes decisions and takes action, but many people fail to make correct (or “good”) decisions and act on them. Some people suggest relying on “big data” on the grounds that starting from data, evidence and facts, we have a greater chance of forming correct understanding and making wise decisions. However, “big data” itself may not necessarily provide us with a new perspective for viewing things and examining the world. Even with “big data”, we may still make stupid decisions.   This is where the book Framed Thinking by Victor Mayer-Schönberger, Francis DeVicicu, and Kenneth Cukye comes in: even when faced with the exact same data, because Using different mental models,…

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    Resolving global crises with global public goods

      The once-in-a-century new crown pneumonia epidemic has directly or indirectly caused more than 15 million deaths. The world is experiencing the most conflicts since the establishment of the United Nations. The number of refugees has reached the highest level in history. Extreme weather will sweep the world in 2022. Heat waves, droughts and floods The increase in the population threatens the safety of billions of people.   Under the superimposed impact of the epidemic, climate change and structural inequality factors, chain crises such as food crisis, poverty and disease have also followed one after another. The world’s extreme poverty rate has risen for the first time since the 1990s, and 50…

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    Why did “Internet thinking” fail to subvert traditional industries?

      A few years ago, I met with the PR manager of an instant delivery company. When I said “we are very concerned about the logistics industry”, the other party felt aggrieved and immediately corrected: “Aren’t we in the Internet industry?”   I thought about it, no wonder they minded so much. In the capital market in those years, investors’ valuation of the Internet industry and “traditional industries” was a typical “dual standard”: if the same company is considered to belong to a traditional industry, no matter how high the profit is, it will “lack growth”. And as long as it can be labeled as an “Internet company”, it will immediately have…

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    Murderous Sable Island

      Lost on Sable Island   On the morning of August 29, 1593, the British expedition ships Joy and Squirrel, part of England’s Sir Humphrey Gilbert expedition, were sailing in the Atlantic Ocean ships returning to England from the North American continent.   When they came to the vicinity of Sable Island, a thick fog suddenly appeared on the sea, and visibility was very low. The captain of the “Joy”, Richard Clarke, had a dispute with Sir Gilbert because of the route. Sir Gilbert insisted that they should land on Sable Island, but Captain Clark believed that they were not familiar with the island and should not Landing in this bad weather.   In…

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    Gene Banks: The “Noah’s Ark” of Seeds

      The news that the Ukrainian national gene bank was bombed during the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, resulting in the destruction of about 160,000 plant seed samples, was like a stone that stirred up waves and quickly spread on the global network. Although the authenticity of this news has not been confirmed in the end, people’s concerns about plant seeds have not been put down, and even triggered a wider heated discussion. Many people have begun to pay attention to such questions: What is a gene pool? What do gene banks have to do with seeds?   What is a Gene Bank   ? The name “Gene Bank” is an imported product, which is…

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    Humans may return to the moon, what is the point of choosing a site for the moon landing

      Today, 50 years have passed since the last time humans left the moon, and humans have never been to the moon again. In 2004, the U.S. government proposed to return to the moon in its new space exploration plan, and used this as a springboard to implement a manned landing plan on Mars, announcing the relaunch of its return to the moon plan. In 2017, NASA officially launched the Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the moon by 2024. The “Space Launch System” (SLS) heavy-duty rocket that has attracted much attention recently is a key step in the United States’ plan to return to the moon.   Landing on…

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