• Life

    Time goes by

      The sun shines on the earth, standing in the reflection of Santaijie, I want to boil a pot of wine and talk to the ancients in the air.   No matter what method the posterity uses, the Great Wall at the border will be stuck in the brain, and the mottled traces of the bricks and tiles will be replayed repeatedly. If you reach out and touch it, the depths of your chest will thump. I know that the ancestors worked hard and built the seemingly cold Great Wall and piers with blood and sweat. I can feel their weight and the temperature of the skin. The flames of war at…

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    The price of paranoia

      Recently heard a high theory: people with good physics scores will be smarter and have stronger logical thinking ability. Taste it today, the heart is a different taste.   Like many people, I also started studying physics in the second grade of junior high school. I was very interested in this course from the very beginning, and Zhang Jin, the teacher who taught us physics, gave very unique lectures. His tone was cadenced, and his analysis was simple, which was very in line with my “appetite”, so the grades have always been good. Of course, there are exceptions. I remember that it was the final exam of the first semester of…

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  • Life

    Old time mom

      I was at work, and received several consecutive phone calls from my mother. The old lady is very deaf now, so I consciously assumed that everyone was like her. The voice was so loud that almost my colleagues could hear it. The theme was very clear: “Come to me after work at noon.” Here, I found you a very beautiful floral dress, you will look good in it!”   The colleagues were all amused, and said, floral dress, hurry back and wear it for us to see.   I was full of thoughts along the way, thinking about how to reject my mother’s enthusiasm for dressing me up graciously.   I was really…

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  • Health

    The difference between ultrasonography and B-ultrasound

      When it comes to ultrasonography, people will first think of B-ultrasound, and think that B-ultrasound is ultrasonography. In fact, B-ultrasound is only one type of ultrasonography.   What is ultrasonography   Ultrasound mainly refers to sound waves with a frequency greater than 20,000 Hz. Due to the large difference between the acoustic characteristics of various tissues and organs in the human body and the ultrasonic acoustic characteristics, the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument can accurately record the images, curves and waveforms formed by the ultrasound entering the human body. Physicians can achieve accurate diagnosis of various diseases through the observation and analysis of ultrasound images. Ultrasound diagnosis includes body surface ultrasound and intracavity ultrasound.…

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  • Health

    Symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia

      Schizophrenia is a common severe mental illness, which often occurs in youth or adulthood, and will bring varying degrees of adverse effects on oneself, family and society. The initial symptoms of schizophrenia are difficult to recognize and can easily be regarded as general behavior and habit problems, leading to the loss of the best treatment opportunity and irreversible serious consequences. In view of this, a simple science popularization is mainly carried out on the manifestations, etiology and treatment methods of schizophrenia.   What is schizophrenia   Schizophrenia is usually defined as a chronic mental disorder, mainly including abnormalities in personal perception, emotion, and behavior; or distortions, such as difficulty in distinguishing reality…

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  • Health

    How to treat epilepsy better

      In daily life, it is possible to see someone suddenly falling to the ground in a public place, twitching, foaming at the mouth, and eyes widening, but returning to normal after a few minutes, which is often a typical feature of epileptic seizures. At present, there is no treatment method that can completely cure epilepsy. Drugs are mainly used to control the number of seizures and reduce the damage to the patient’s brain. If the drug treatment is not effective, the appropriate surgical treatment can be selected according to the actual situation.   What are the characteristics of epilepsy   Epilepsy has different characteristics in different periods. (1) Premonition stage: the patient…

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  • Wealth

    Review of Buffett’s purchase of Occidental Petroleum

      Recently, according to two documents disclosed by the American Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “SEC”), Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (hereinafter referred to as “Berkshire”) was listed on March 3 and March 7. After buying about 5.8 million shares of Occidental Petroleum Corporation at a cost of US$355 million during the day, a week later, from March 13 to 15, it spent another US$467 million to increase its holdings of about 7.89 million shares of Occidental Petroleum.   SEC documents show that Berkshire currently holds about 208 million Occidental shares, with a market value of about $12 billion. Since Occidental Petroleum has a total share capital of 900 million shares, Berkshire’s…

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    Credit Suisse is still in trouble

      Credit Suisse’s crisis has a solution.   The Swiss Federal Government announced on March 19, 2023 local time that Credit Suisse was acquired by UBS for approximately 3 billion Swiss francs (as of March 17, the market value of Credit Suisse was approximately 7.4 billion Swiss francs). The Swiss government will provide about 25 billion Swiss francs for protection and support in this acquisition, including: 15.8 billion Swiss francs of Credit Suisse Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bonds will be fully written down, thereby increasing core capital; for non-core assets The Swiss government promised to provide a loss guarantee of 9 billion Swiss francs, but the loss of the first 5 billion…

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  • Health

    Enlightenment of Bank Run Crisis in the United States

      After the epidemic, the Federal Reserve released a lot of water, which led to a flood of liquidity. Silicon Valley Bank, which mainly serves technology companies, has seen a sharp increase in deposits of more than 110 billion US dollars. Due to limited credit channels, Silicon Valley Bank has allocated a large amount of bonds (Treasury bonds, MBS, etc.), resulting in duration mismatch and interest rate risk mismatch.   Since 2022, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates sharply, and the yield of U.S. bonds has risen sharply. The bond assets held by Silicon Valley Bank have suffered serious “floating losses”. According to media reports, if all the floating losses are…

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