The Temperature of the Dining Table: Cultivating Family Connection Through Shared Meals

Yu Jiafang, a master of table aesthetics in Taiwan, once said: “The dining table is not only a place created for food, tableware and decorations, but also a place to share food, exchange daily life, manage life, and exchange feelings with important people. We While talking about the aesthetics of the dining table, we are also talking about the happiness of the dining table.”

The temperature of the dining table is the temperature of a family. When a family gathers together, eating steaming meals, chatting about each other’s interesting experiences, and conveying love and care to each other, it is the most practical and happiest moment for a family, and it is also the most beautiful appearance of a family.

Eating together as a family is not only the family warmth that children crave, it is also the best family education for children.

Carrie Lam, the first female chief executive of Hong Kong, once said in an interview: “When my two children were young, I never hired a worker. I did all the cooking myself. I think this is very important. Let the children feel that their mother is taking care of them. them.”

No matter how busy she is at work, Carrie Lam rarely misses three meals a day for her two children.

She said: “I am usually busy with work and the children are busy with study. Only the dining table can bring the family together, sit down and have a good chat. At the dining table, I will talk about my recent work and life, and the children will also Talk to me about school life. We find out how each other is doing over the dinner table and understand each other better as a result.”

Later, Carrie Lam’s two children went to study in the UK. In order to take care of her sons personally, she applied to the Hong Kong government for a demotion and a transfer to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London. The family moved to London.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s eldest son, Lin Jiesi, once recalled in an interview: “The food cooked by my mother is very simple, but because she is with me, it tastes good when I eat it.”

A lively dining table is an expression of parents’ love for their children. When a child eats the same bowl of noodles by himself or eats it with his family, his mood is completely different. The same meal, cooked by parents and delivered by takeaway, brings a very different feeling to the child’s heart.
The temperature at the dinner table is the best touchstone to test the parent-child relationship.

A lively dining table never only warms the children’s stomachs, but also their hearts longing for their parents’ love and companionship. A deserted dining table cannot satisfy children’s demands for emotional connection, nor can it raise happy children.

My deskmate in high school often brought various snacks for breakfast. Sometimes it’s bread and milk, sometimes it’s biscuits, dry noodles, sometimes it’s just hungry to go to class.

One day, I made an appointment with my deskmate to watch a movie together. She suddenly had a stomachache, so I took her back to my house to rest. Seeing that she had a stomachache, her mother specially cooked a bowl of sweet porridge.

What particularly impressed me was that my deskmate was holding the bowl of porridge, tears were falling into the bowl one by one, and he choked with sobs and said: “It’s been a long time since I sat down with my parents to have a good meal together. Every time they come back, they either order takeout or go to a restaurant to eat. While eating, there are always endless phone calls and endless messages to reply to, and they never have a good chat with me.”
My mother and I felt heartbroken when we heard this.

Although her deskmate’s parents gave her a lot of pocket money, they couldn’t give her any warm feelings. Although it filled her stomach, it could not fill her lonely heart.

Until now, her deskmate is in her thirties, enjoying the rich financial foundation her parents have laid for her, but she has always been alienated from her parents. She has always been brooding about the time she spent eating alone.

Psychological counselor Wu Zhihong once said: The distance between the dining table is the distance between the souls.

The dining table is an important link between parents and children. Every delicious dish parents cook for their children, every meal they eat with their children, and every pleasant chat they have with their children at the dinner table is the nourishment of love for their children. Children can only have the ability to love if they first feel love from their parents.

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