Rediscovering the Joy of Reading: A Refuge in Busy Lives

During the break, I cleaned up the house and found a few unopened books on the bookshelf. When were these books purchased? I was a little confused for a moment.

The contents of these books include ancient culture, historical allusions, and interstellar exploration. I remembered that this was a book I bought three or four years ago. At that time, my life was relaxed and comfortable. In my spare time, I would buy some books and read them. There was no utilitarianism or purpose. I just followed my interests.

Later, due to sudden changes, I was overwhelmed by the problems around me every day and couldn’t take care of reading. As a result, those books were put aside before being read and forgotten in the corner.

British writer Somerset Maugham said: “Reading is a refuge that can be carried with you.” He believes that reading is a kind of happiness and enjoyment that can help people calm their anxious mood and escape the sorrow of the world. But I found that not everyone can achieve this state. It requires people to have a state of mind that is willing to pick up the book. Otherwise, when the tension and panic in life come, the first thing people give up is reading. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, books are not a necessity, but more like a luxury.

The luxury here does not mean that buying books requires spending a lot of money, but that maintaining the interest in reading requires people to have a leisurely and peaceful state of mind, which is especially rare for adults who are busy in the world.

I often go to a vegetable stall in the market to buy vegetables. The stall is not big, but the vegetables are fresh and clean. When there are many people, it is difficult for the stall owner to handle it alone. Fortunately, the stall owner is quick and orderly in the chaos. The stall owner always has a smile on his thin face. He is not enthusiastic but very gentle, making people feel comfortable and at ease. One time I arrived late, and many stall owners were already busy closing their stalls. Only this stall was still open. The stall owner sat in the back, holding a book and reading intently.

Seeing me coming, the stall owner smiled, with a hint of shyness on his face, and explained: “I have nothing to do, just read a book to kill time.” I nodded, and suddenly understood that he had something different from other stall owners. Where did calmness and composure come from.

Once, at a party with friends, I went a little early. A friend happened to be running errands nearby and went earlier. My friend was sitting by the window, concentrating on reading a book. I stood in front of him for a long time without him noticing. My friend liked reading books when he was in school, but I didn’t expect that it has not changed after so many years.

“Yes, once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change. If you don’t read a few pages every day, you will feel uncomfortable, as if something is missing.” The friend said. I glanced at the cover of the book. I didn’t remember the title. The content was probably about ancient civilizations.

In the hectic life, people such as stall owners or friends still have a pure land in their hearts that can accommodate the stars and the sea, as well as poetry and the distance. Compared with most of us, their life can even be considered luxurious. This is spiritual luxury, simple, pure, but colorful.

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