Love Life & Live Well: Practical Tips for Overcoming Challenges

Life is not always smooth sailing, there are bound to be downs. Everyone may have a dark and helpless day, and everyone has cried and struggled in their hearts. British novelist Samuel Richardson once said: “If the human mind is busy thinking about every unsatisfactory thing in a pessimistic direction, it will not need enemies and will be defeated!” So, if we think about it, we will be defeated! To be healthy and happy, it is very important to learn to love our lives. As long as we love life, we can overcome negative emotions, better survive adversity, draw energy from life, and live a wonderful life.
The following suggestions will help us love life better!
Let go of our desire to control

One big change we need to make is to stop trying to control the outcome of everything. We must understand that the only thing we can control is how we react and respond to the event itself, but not the development of the event itself.

Our desire for control often stems from fear of losing control of our lives and making ourselves insecure. Find out carefully what your fears are and accept your fears. For example, when we first make friends with a classmate, we may envision how the friendship will progress, but if things turn out differently than we expected, we should feel that is normal. Just like when we are sick, we should not always complain about why we are sick. Since we are already sick, all we can do is improve the situation. We can gradually improve our body by taking medicine, drinking more water, and getting more rest. This example allows us to understand that a healthy body comes from daily exercise and accumulation, and a good friendship comes from treating each other sincerely.
Make every day life different

Changing your daily life doesn’t necessarily mean making big changes, small changes every day can make us more grounded. For example, choose a different route to school every day, or wear slightly different clothes every day, which can be different colored socks, shirts, or even a small pendant on your schoolbag. These small changes mean that you are different every day. Carefully appreciate the different experiences and feelings these small changes bring to ourselves. This is a way for us to love life.

The beauty of the world is all around us, but we don’t pay attention to discover and feel it. Give yourself some time to discover the small blessings and beauties of life. Slow down the pace, let yourself slow down, change, and give it a try. . Sometimes we are eager to taste the taste of success. Once we fail once, twice, or three times, we will judge ourselves and say: “I can’t do it.” If we can be more tolerant to ourselves and give ourselves more time, “Slow down” Slow down and try again”, maybe we can succeed!
Face problems bravely

Everyone will encounter problems, big or small. Ignoring or avoiding problems will only make them more serious until one day they affect your life. It’s like putting a rotten apple under the carpet out of sight, but little do we know that the rotten apple will continue to rot and ferment under the carpet, emitting an unpleasant smell and attracting cockroaches and other bugs.

Of course, sometimes there are many problems, and we don’t have to solve them all at once. We can first sort out all the problems we are currently encountering, rank them in order of priority, and at the same time evaluate to what extent each problem has been dealt with and how much time and energy will be needed to continue to deal with it. At this time, we will have a clearer idea of ​​what actions we can take at the moment.

Therefore, finding solutions to problems is more important and necessary than the problems themselves. For example, when we have a conflict with a classmate, we should not let the conflict deepen. Instead, we should work with our friends to find a solution and determine whether there is really a problem. Sometimes, when we think we have a problem, it may actually be just mutual guesses and speculations between each other. At this time, what we need to do is to open our hearts, communicate sincerely, and check whether the information we understand and understand is accurate, so that we can Eliminate misunderstandings and negative assumptions. We can check the information like this: “This is how I understand your words, right?” “Is what you want to express…is this what I understand correctly?”
Learn to self-regulate and relax

Sometimes, what we need most is to relax, rejuvenate, give ourselves a good rest, or pamper ourselves once in a while. For example, take a hot bath, listen to music, and read your favorite book, as long as it can truly relax us and stop worrying about other problems for the time being. Use the time you spend on the bus to go to school every day to daydream or do something interesting, and experience the relaxing feeling this process brings to you.

Relaxation can be very simple. Smiling or moving can have a very good relaxing effect. People often say that if you smile, you will be young in ten years. Laughter is the best elixir. Laughter can improve your mood, improve your immunity, relax you and help you sleep. When we are stressed, we can watch a comedy movie or read a joke story, or recall those beautiful and ridiculous past events with good friends… This can cause our brains to secrete dopamine, which is responsible for creating happiness. substance. Laughing with others can also help us feel supported and foster a positive attitude. We can also sing with good friends to release stress and make us happy. Singing together can also enhance our connection with each other, increase our sense of belonging and security, and we will no longer feel depressed and alone.
Develop good habits to stay healthy

Health has a huge impact on our mood. Even a minor illness like a cold can make it difficult for us to love life. So, we need to do everything we can to stay healthy and maintain a good attitude.

Exercise can improve your mood, relieve stress, and promote sleep. Even a short amount of exercise every day can help. We can go for a walk, run, stretch, or twist and move to music. Additionally, drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep are all good habits to stay healthy. Prepare yourself a healthy living habit tip and stick it in front of your desk to remind yourself to balance work and rest, which will be more conducive to improving learning efficiency.
Don’t be stingy with your praise and love

Praise here is not just about praising others, but also about praising and affirming yourself.

We are so used to being humble that we are not used to praising ourselves. We can write a letter of praise to ourselves. If it feels unnatural, we can first praise ourselves in the third person. Originally we wanted to praise ourselves for being kind, but in our letter we could write: “I met a person today, and this person was so kind.” Slowly, we can change it to “I helped a person today, and I was very kind.” Slowly, we will love ourselves and life more, because our praise for ourselves is found in interactions with others. Maybe we swiped the bus card for a classmate on the bus and gave it to him. A small act of kindness like a mask makes us feel like a caring person.

Therefore, when we feel frustrated, we can help others or seek help from others. “Giving roses to others leaves fragrance in your hands.” Helping others can make us feel happy; asking others for help can also make us feel happy, that is, the sense of security that “I am not alone” and “I can get help from others.”
Set goals that suit you

We can have big long-term goals, but we should also set small goals that can be achieved quickly, which will give us a sense of accomplishment. For example, if you have a small goal like cleaning your room once a week, you can play some music and sing while cleaning. After completing it, you will feel very neat and satisfied.

If you can’t achieve something, or you can’t achieve it at a certain stage, don’t criticize yourself, but learn to learn from your experience to do better next time. Viewing failures as learning experiences makes us happier and more capable. Don’t worry too much about the past or the future. Worrying about the past will not allow us to live a good life in the present; similarly, focusing on the future will also affect our life at this moment.

We should understand what kind of life we ​​want, refine our goals in the direction we expect, move forward one step at a time every day, and give ourselves timely incentives after each completion. Pay attention to the small goals we can achieve now. A bright future depends on our present. Live every day well and do everything well in the present. The realization of a bright future will be a matter of course.
Be grateful

Gratitude means that we appreciate the experiences in life and cherish life. Gratitude will make us love ourselves and life, making us happier. We can write a gratitude diary and write down the things we want to be grateful for (such as having many good friends, parents who love us, having enough food and clothing, good health, etc.) and the people we want to thank. Sharing it with family and friends we trust can help us remember happy things and forget unhappy things. It’s normal to have negative emotions occasionally. Only by focusing on positive things can you love life. Don’t let negative emotions linger. Recognize them when they appear, then delete them. We must remind ourselves that everything is temporary and everything will eventually pass. We must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and high-spirited strength. The feeling of persistence will make us feel that our lives are shining.

We all have bad days, and that’s okay! Everyone goes through some days like that, take care of yourself and things will eventually pass. Each of us can rely on our own courage to fight against the darkness in our hearts. Although we cannot defeat everything for the time being, when we show up with courage and stand tall, it should be the most memorable shining moment in our lives.

The so-called courage is to still love life after seeing the truth of life! Take action and create your own beautiful life!

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