Facing Our Cliffs: Lessons on Survival from the Wilds of Xinjiang

Deep in the Karakoram Mountains, I saw a herd of blue sheep. On the steep cliff, they stood almost clinging to the cliff, and above the cliff, a group of wild wolves watched eagerly.

The tour guide urged: “Don’t look anymore. If the wolf doesn’t leave, the blue sheep won’t move. Let’s see who can survive longer. Even if they fall to death, they will not leave the cliff.”

I was deeply shocked and roared loudly at the cliff several times, hoping to scare the wolf away, but the sound seemed to be blocked by the wind. The wolf had no intention of leaving, and the blue sheep seemed to be very calm.

As the car passed through the valley bottom and headed towards the Grand Canyon further away, my mood suddenly brightened. Frankly speaking, I came to Xinjiang as if I was escaping from Shenzhen. Big cities were too depressing, so I came up with the idea that “the world is so big, and I want to see it.”

They say that after walking through the Kunlun Mountains, the road ahead will be smooth. Although the scenery along the way was pleasant, I couldn’t help but check WeChat. Messages kept popping up in the work group because the company was working on a big project, so I always felt a little worried.

Before leaving for Xinjiang, I repeatedly prepared myself mentally. It was a rare trip, so let’s play for a few days before talking about it!

The change in my mentality happened three days later. I never expected that when I passed that cliff again on my way back, I would actually see the group of blue sheep still standing on the cliff. However, there were a few fewer than three days ago, and the tour guide said they must have fallen to death. Although the wolves are still there, their morale has become somewhat disorganized. From time to time, a few wolves leave the cliff.

I asked: “Does the blue sheep live like this forever?” The tour guide smiled and said: “This is the way of survival of the blue sheep. In order to survive, they have to give up the flat road. However, in another day or half a day at most, the wolves will Then they will all disperse, and the blue sheep must not only choose the most difficult path, but also have perseverance.”

That day, I also left Xinjiang as if I was running away and ran back to Shenzhen. I didn’t say hello to anyone and went straight to my post. When I was about to take the elevator, there was a long queue in front of me. I ran towards the stairs without hesitation, and warned myself in my heart that I would take the stairs every day in the future. Even though climbing the stairs was tiring, it would never be crowded.

That day, I was the first one to arrive at the office. I posted a note on my desk and wrote down the motto that influenced my life: He stood on the top of life and laughed at the incompetence of death; I stood on the edge of life. , looking for the possibility of survival.

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