Beyond Beauty: Unveiling the Dark Heart of Dorian Gray

  Is it enough for a person to be beautiful? Oscar Wilde, one of the most outstanding British writers and dramatists, gave us the answer in his work “The Picture of Dorian Gray” more than a hundred years ago.
  Someone once asked Churchill: “A hundred years from now, if you go to heaven, who would you most like to meet?” Churchill replied without hesitation: “Oscar Wilde.”
  Wilde was a prince who lived in his inner fairy tale world all his life. Charming, proud, mean, and deviant, he also created the charming Dorian Gray in his novels.
  Dorian Gray started out as a “little pitiful”. His mother fell in love with his penniless father and eloped with him. His aristocratic grandfather was furious and deliberately provoked his son-in-law to a duel and killed him. His mother died of depression and soon, and Dorian Gray was adopted by his grandfather, but his grandfather hated him. Later, his grandfather died and he was adopted again.
  Although Dorian Gray was young and wealthy, no one loved him, and he had not enjoyed the joy and warmth of a normal family, and he did not know what warmth was. This creates a strange phenomenon. A person with outstanding appearance does not know that he is very attractive.
  He doesn’t realize his charisma until the mysterious artist Hallward creates a magical portrait of him. This is his moment of awakening and the beginning of his misfortunes, especially after meeting his bad friend Lord Henry. Henry’s words are witty and fascinating, and he often makes some brainwashing arguments, which makes Dorian Gray obsessed with sex, and eventually betrays his nature and sells his soul.
  In order to maintain the superficial beauty, Dorian Gray was willing to sacrifice everything. He committed all kinds of crimes, and that portrait is a mirror to his soul. The man in the painting becomes old and ugly because of his evil and depravity, but in reality Dorian Gray can always maintain his beautiful and pure appearance.
  As the portrait became more and more ugly, Dorian Gray felt constrained and always worried that his evil secret would be discovered. Finally, he grabbed a knife and stabbed the portrait, but it was he who fell to the ground and died—— He didn’t destroy the painting, he didn’t destroy the evidence of the crime, he didn’t stab his past to death, but he stabbed his true self to death.
  The ending of Dorian Gray illustrates a truth: the past and secrets you try to escape will eventually meet you in another way. Wilde is like a cold bystander, taking readers into a story on the edge of morality, challenging people’s understanding of beauty, good and evil.
  Can you pay any price for a beautiful appearance? Wilde gave the answer in the book: “Life is your art, you compose yourself into music, and your time is a sonnet.” Every book we read, every song we listen to, The bright sunshine we have seen is not only beautiful, but also nourishes our souls.
  Therefore, even if youth is fleeting, as long as you uphold truth and kindness, you can retain clear eyes. Although age is irreversible, in the course of life, if you have wisdom, you can smooth out the wrinkles in your heart.

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