Debunked! 3 Biggest Lies Society Tells You About Success

Low-level deception is just fabrication.

Intermediate deception is carefully fabricated.

Advanced deception is to wrap half the truth and half the lie.

More advanced deception is to give you the truth, but it is a selective truth.

Super advanced deception is giving you all the facts, but interpreting them to mean something completely different.

Society, this melting pot, is full of lies and deceit of all kinds. Some lies are so low-level that people can see through them at a glance, while others are so high-level that people believe them deeply. But the biggest lies are often hidden in our deeply held beliefs and common sense.

Lie 1: Education is to improve thinking ability and inspire creative thinking.

Is this really the case? Look at the current education system. How many children have been indoctrinated with standard answers since childhood, and how many unique thoughts and ideas have been strangled in the cradle. Education, which is supposed to be a torch that ignites wisdom, has now become a shackle that suppresses innovation. What we cultivate is not individuals who can think independently, but lifeless screws who obey orders.

Think about those talented teenagers who were regarded as outliers because they dared to question and challenge, and were eventually submerged in the torrent of society. Education should really reflect on whether we have gone too far and forgotten our original intention?

Lie 2: With hard work and ability, you can climb to the top of the social class.

This is another beautiful lie. Society, this huge stage, is actually not fair. Power, resources and knowledge are the keys to determining whether you can stand at the top. Effort and ability? It’s just an admission ticket.

Look at those successful people, they are often not the hardest working, nor the most capable, but they must be the ones who know the rules of the game best. They know how to utilize resources, how to expand their influence, and how to stand on the shoulders of giants and see further. But ordinary people can often only look back and lament the unfair fate.

This is not society’s fault, nor is it the individual’s fault, it’s just the rules of the game that are different. But we need to understand that effort and ability are not the only passes, cognition and resources are equally important.

Lie 3: You can make a lot of money by working hard.

This is probably the most deceptive lie. How many people have worked diligently all their lives, only to find that they are still living at the bottom of society. It’s not that they don’t work hard enough, it’s that they don’t understand the truth about making money.

In this world, there are many ways to make money. The lowest level is to make money by selling one’s own time, which can only solve the problem of food and clothing; the slightly more advanced one is to make money by buying other people’s time, which can achieve a certain degree of wealth accumulation; and the higher level is to make money by relying on money. Make money by doubling capital; and the top way to make money is to make money through social influence. This is the real wealth game.

So, don’t be blinded by the lie that “you can make a lot of money if you work hard”. You need to improve your knowledge and influence to go further in this game.

To sum up, the biggest lie in society is to make us believe that as long as we work hard, we can succeed, as long as we have the ability, we can stand at the top, and as long as we work hard, we can make a lot of money.

But the reality is cruel. Success and wealth are not easily obtained through hard work and ability. We need to have a deeper understanding of the rules of the game in society and improve our awareness and influence in order to truly control our own destiny.

And to do this, we need to continue to learn and think. We need to broaden our horizons and understand knowledge and information in different fields; we need to exercise our thinking skills and learn to think and judge independently; we also need to make friends with like-minded people to grow and progress together.

In this process, we will encounter many difficulties and challenges. But as long as we persist and constantly improve ourselves, we will be able to break the lies and constraints of society and realize our dreams and pursuits.

Finally, I would like to end this article with a famous saying: “The biggest waste in life is not a waste of money, but a waste of time and late recognition.” So, don’t be fooled by society’s lies anymore, cherish your time , work hard to improve your awareness and influence, so that you can truly control your own destiny. I suddenly opened my eyes, but my youth is long gone, and my years have been wasted. In the end, I am tied to the cross of life, unable to struggle.

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