Hitler’s Bizarre Habits: From Plastic Surgery to Poison Testers, Behind the Facade of a Monster

To many individuals who endured the tumult of World War II, Hitler unquestionably embodied malevolence. Yet, upon examining his inexplicable idiosyncrasies, one might discern in him the semblance of an irrational child, possessed of naivety and paranoia, as though ensnared by perpetual trepidation.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery,

Hitler espoused the belief that Aryans, with their fair hair and azure eyes, epitomized nobility, while Jews and Slavs were intrinsically inferior. Irony abounded, however, as he himself bore Jewish lineage, his locks lacking the purity of golden hue, but rather veering towards the darkness of ebony. Striving to conform his visage to the vaunted standards of nobility, Hitler not only resorted to hair dyeing but also exhibited a penchant for rhinoplasty, undergoing numerous related procedures. In an epoch where plastic surgery teetered on the precipice of nascency, such actions reverberated with profound shock.

As a stoic and austere figure, Hitler evinced a pronounced preoccupation with his outward appearance. His sinews, notably those of his arms and chest, bore a deficiency in development, rendering them somewhat feeble, thereby prompting him to shroud himself in his coat, even in public settings. Curiously, however, he harbored a peculiar fascination with the hands of others, meticulously scrutinizing those of his acquaintances. Over time, he became adept at delineating the contours of individuals’ hands, including the shapes of their nails, exhibiting an uncommon specificity. Favor would be bestowed upon those whose hands met with his approval, prompting him to engage in earnest discourse, whereas others would find themselves summarily dismissed, devoid of his interest.

Fond as he was of being captured on film, Hitler curiously avoided being photographed whilst wearing spectacles. Despite his visual impairment necessitating their use during document perusal, he harbored an aversion to their inclusion in his public image, deeming them incongruous with his desired aesthetic.

While it was not unprecedented for individuals in positions of authority to enlist others to assay poisons prior to consumption, Hitler’s predilection lay in exclusively soliciting the assistance of young women for such tasks, permitting them to partake of his repast thereafter. Subsequent recollections from these women would attest to Hitler’s benevolence towards them, often recounting instances of his generosity. In matters pertaining to women, he exhibited a distinct favoritism, perhaps stemming from witnessing his mother’s subjugation during his formative years, thereby fostering within him a sense of empathy and trust towards the female cohort.

Amidst his attire, Hitler unfailingly insisted upon the inclusion of a pocket, wherein he would invariably stow a knife. Fondling it absentmindedly when idle, even in the most public of locales, his subordinates deemed the habit unseemly, admonishing him repeatedly until he eventually desisted. Such behavior bespoke an undercurrent of insecurity within Hitler, for even one ostensibly fortified with resolve was not immune to moments of vulnerability.

Notably, Hitler harbored an aversion towards medical practitioners, particularly dentists. His demeanor betrayed palpable anxiety when subjected to the probing light of the dental examination, rendering him visibly perturbed, his speech faltering and demeanor helpless, akin to a child coerced into a visit to the doctor by parental decree. Fearing the specters of pain and hemorrhage, he adamantly eschewed anesthesia, thus emitting piercing screams of anguish with each tooth extraction, thereby inducing disquietude in his dental attendants.

Renowned for his steely resolve, Hitler could maintain composure amidst indiscriminate acts of violence against the innocent, yet he retained a tender regard for animals. Tears would flow freely at the sight of a fly summarily dispatched, and he maintained an expansive aviary, often tending to its inhabitants himself. The demise of any creature would elicit from him a sorrow akin to mourning, prompting lavish funerary rites befitting their passing.

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