The Warmth of Human Connection: How Small Acts of Help and Encouragement Strengthen Relationships

  A simple word of encouragement is a kind of warmth and can easily make people happy.
  Like I said before, saying hello and lending a hand to others is something I do every day as a pharmacist.
  I will lend a helping hand to the guest for a small matter, whisper “I’m thinking about you”, or gently hold the guest’s hand when he leaves…
  When I say to the guest “Let’s do it together”, this kind of I am often encouraged by the feedback I receive directly from my guests like an echo of my concern for my guests.
  I often prescribe plasters to clients returning from plastic surgery visits. My credo is that the plaster must be applied very evenly. I always tell customers energetically: “Be sure to apply it very flatly! As long as you do this, your health will get better.”
  However, in this era, there are many people who live alone, and when they need to apply plasters on their backs and waists Sometimes, there is often no one around them who can help. Many of the medicines that need to be applied cannot be applied by the guests themselves.
  At this time, I would ask them casually: “Do you want to post it here?” Of course, some people will be surprised because they never expected a pharmacist to do so much.
  When I lend the bathroom to others or do a small favor for others, the other person will show a happy expression.
  In the past, nursing work was called “treatment”. I feel that if you extend a helping hand to others, that helping hand will turn into a medicine called “warmth”.
  Not only for customers who prescribe plasters and smear-type medicines, but also for all customers, I say: “If you have any difficulties, you can come to me at any time! I will help at any time.” Then, when the customers leave, I tell them: “Next See you next time.”
  There is absolutely no shame in accepting help from others, and you should not feel guilty. I believe that only by entrusting things you cannot do to someone who can do it, can you create a good and mutually beneficial interpersonal relationship. Moreover, asking for help from others is also an opportunity to make others feel kind.
  People always support each other to move forward. When you are in good health, you can lend a helping hand to others. When you are unable to do so, you can ask for help from others.
  I’d love to live this way.
  For this reason, I usually chat with everyone in a calm and gentle voice. Open your heart and there will be people around you who care about you sincerely.
  The so-called gentleness sometimes does not necessarily have a gentle appearance. Therefore, it is really rare to have someone who can seriously warn you in emergencies.
  Good medicine tastes bitter, and truly effective medicine is hard to swallow. The same goes for language. Language that truly touches the soul is rarely spoken by people with only “superficial relationships.”
  ——What is needed is a warm relationship that can “paste each other’s plaster” both in the heart and in the body.
  Be more appreciative of those who dare to give you loyal advice.
  Because that is the relationship you have where you can say “each other” to each other at all times, a warm relationship where you help or are helped.
  If you have such a small warm relationship with someone, even if you are alone at the moment, you will not be eroded by loneliness.
  If you can’t do something yourself, ask others for help and listen to what others have to say.
  If you can do this, you are a truly mature person.

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