The Thief Who Stole the Treasury: A Tale of Deception and Justice

  The city of Glei has become famous throughout the country in recent months, not only because of the century-old bronze statue of Maria in the center of the city, but also because of Jack the thief. When Jack steals, he will disclose the target and time of the crime on his blog in advance, and then disguise himself as various characters to steal under tight security. Although the local police station organized many arrests, due to Jack’s cunning, he still failed. For a time, the entire Gray City was in an uproar due to Jack.
  That day, Jack was browsing the blog and saw a message from a person who called himself Pim. According to Pim, he also developed extraordinary stealing skills, but people just regarded him as an ordinary thief. He was jealous of Jack’s influence and wanted to have a competition with him. There will be a birthday party for real estate tycoon Rafael next Wednesday. Whoever can steal the gold watch on his wrist will be the winner.
  It didn’t take long for Pim’s message to become a trending topic. Seeing that Jack is unable to step down, he can only reveal that the gold watch will be his next target. Hearing that he was being targeted by Jack, Raphael responded positively and while the banquet would be held as usual, he also threatened to make the invading thieves hate him. Rafael wasn’t bragging. The banquet was held in the city hall building, so it was difficult to get in. Moreover, Rafael’s bodyguards have rich experience, and if they want to steal beyond these barriers, the chances of winning are slim.
  That night, the banquet hall of the city hall was brightly lit. With wine in hand, Raphael slowly walked across the long table and toasted to the guests who came to support him. The bodyguards were surrounding Rafael non-stop for fear of any accident. When she came to a graceful lady, she put down the wine glass she was holding and said with a confused look on her face: “I’m sorry, Mr. Rafael, I’m allergic to grapes. You’d better drink it for me.” After that, He also pursed his lips coquettishly.
  Raphael was fascinated by it. After a while, he took the lady’s wine glass over and said with a coquettish smile: “Of course.” Then he finished the wine. After a while, Rafael felt sick in his stomach, so he went to the bathroom accompanied by his bodyguard. Bodyguards stood guard at the door. But more than an hour passed and Rafael still hadn’t come out. The bodyguards rushed in and found that only the unconscious Rafael and the hollowed-out wall behind him were left in the compartment. The gold watch on his wrist was gone. And fly.
  At this time, in a black car not far from the building, Jack and his female assistant were playing with their gold watches proudly. After finding out about Rafael’s drunken and lustful character, Jack asked his female assistant to pretend to be a socialite and take the opportunity to drink laxatives during the toast. Jack had explored the storage room next to the men’s room beforehand, so it was easy to do some tricks. It seemed like another perfect hunt.
  Just when Jack logged into the blog and was about to announce his victory, Pim actually posted the gold watch on his personal account, with the caption that he had already repackaged the gold watch, and what Jack had stolen was just a fake. Jack was stunned. In order to verify the authenticity, Jack sent the gold watch to his accomplice Giraud, who was usually responsible for selling stolen goods. Giraud made an appraisal and confirmed that the gold watch was fake.
  News of Pym’s defeat of Jack spread throughout the Internet. Seeing that the blog’s attention dropped day by day, Jack was heartbroken. He understood that he desperately needed a success to restore his reputation.
  The opportunity soon came and Pym challenged him again on the blog. This time he wanted to play something big, and the target turned out to be Frank’s treasury! There is a small medieval antique clock in the vault. Whoever steals it first wins. His crazy behavior not only shocked netizens, but also shocked Jack. You know, Frank is the president of an entertainment company on the surface, but secretly controls the largest gang organization in the city. Moreover, his treasury is very secret, no one knows where it is.
  Jack fell silent. If he accepts the challenge, it means that this may be his last performance, because offending Frank is equivalent to offending Satan. But if Pim is left alone, his past brilliant record will only become increasingly dim. After careful consideration, Jack was cruel and did it! Even if I risk my life, I will defeat Pim this time!
  In contrast to Jack, who was extremely anxious, Frank’s life was very relaxed, and he didn’t take Jack’s warning letter to heart at all. He didn’t believe that a little thief would dare to go against him. On this day, Frank came to the old street for a stroll, his eyes wandering over the various antiques and second-hand goods on the roadside. This is a famous antique trading market, and knowledgeable people often come here to pick up antiques. Suddenly, Frank stopped in front of an unkempt old woman. I saw a painted porcelain jar placed on the old woman’s stall. Even with a few strokes, it seemed to outline the majestic mountains and rivers. The middle-aged man wearing glasses who accompanied him knocked here and touched there. After thinking for a long time, he whispered in Frank’s ear: “Boss, this is Yuan blue and white from China. The market price is estimated to be around 100,000 US dollars.”
  Frank couldn’t suppress his excitement: “Are you sure?”
  The middle-aged man nodded: “I’m sure. Moreover, the base of the jar is made of rosewood, which is also expensive.”
  Frank knew it well. He ordered his men to ambush at the street entrance, and took advantage of the darkness and crowd movement to snatch the porcelain jar and its base. Frank took the porcelain jar and drove alone to a mid-range community on the outskirts of the city. No one would have thought that Frank had an unused apartment here, which was exactly the vault he used to store valuables. After Frank put down the porcelain jar, he looked around again to make sure no one was there, then turned and left.
  However, Frank probably didn’t expect it either. A few hours after he left, a dark shadow also came here quietly. The dark shadow was Jack. That’s right, from the old woman selling the can to tracking it here according to the locator in the base, it was all planned by Jack. Soon, Jack found the clock and moved the clock and other antiques into the truck. Jack learned his lesson this time and brought Giro with him. After careful inspection, Giraud was certain that the antique clock was definitely authentic.
  Jack finally laughed, and now Pim was speechless. On the way back, he had already had a sweet dream, imagining Pim’s decadent appearance. Unexpectedly, before they drove out of the community, the roar of a motorcycle rang in his ears. It turned out that Frank had installed surveillance cameras in a hidden part of the apartment and had ordered his men to surround the community.
  Jack hid around and was eventually cornered. Just when he was about to despair, the police arrived at the scene.
  In the interrogation room, Jack was puzzled. Why did the police arrive in the first place? Why did Pim want that antique clock? Also, who is that mysterious Pim?
  Through the Sheriff’s description, Jack suddenly understood. It turns out that Frank and his gang have done many evil things. The police have been investigating for a long time, but they have no evidence. According to relevant informants, the USB flash drive where Frank recorded the black accounts was stored in the antique clock. In addition, Jack’s recent behavior has also had a very bad impact on society. So, an expert gave the police an idea: to invent the character of Pim to add fuel to the fire, and use Jack’s tendency to show off to the public to cure evil with evil. As for the last gold watch theft, of course it was arranged by the police. In this way, Jack not only helped the police eradicate Frank’s cancer, but also sent himself to prison.

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