The Decline of Seattle: How “Progressivism” Run Amok Destroyed a City’s Safety and Prosperity

  In the summer of 2006, my newly graduated colleagues and I came to the United States for training at Microsoft for the first time (we called it MACH Hire). When we walked around the city of Seattle, we felt that everything was new: participating in the underground tour in Pioneer Square, and the streets. We boarded the domineering duck boat (amphibious tour bus) to say hello, and went to the Crab Pot to crack crab legs… On a sunny afternoon, we walked in front of a row of beautiful sports cars, and a female colleague leaned over to pose , asking us to take pictures of her.
  A black guy was shouting from the outdoor seat of the restaurant next to him: Hey! What are you doing, get off my car!
  The little girl was startled and immediately apologized.
  Brother Hei’s face suddenly changed and he burst into laughter. In fact, he was just teasing her and letting her continue taking pictures.
  Such a happy and cheerful scene is no longer easy to imagine in Seattle today.
Powerful reality distortion field

  What first prompted me to write about these things was a murder that occurred in a cafe I frequented in 2014. Later, I gradually learned about the dirt hidden behind the seemingly beautiful streets of Seattle and the despicable practices of the council members, which made me feel that something must be done. I began to frequent the streets of Seattle, carrying a gun with me, to see and experience the real Seattle.
  In 2017, I published an article in “South Wind Window” titled “Looking at the “Night” and “Fog” of American Public Security in Seattle.” I mentioned that homicides and violent crimes in Seattle at that time were gradually on the rise. At that time, more than 20 people were killed in downtown Seattle every year. What about this year? As of the publication of this article, 69 people have been killed, which is the same as 1994, the most murderous year since 1980. Every year from the end of November to December, Seattle usually has a small peak of homicides.
  In other words, 2023 in Seattle will be the bloodiest year since 1980. The scale of this kind of killing has far exceeded famous events such as the 1983 Red Club Massacre and the 2006 Capitol Hill Massacre in the city (Seattle’s Capitol Hill is a hippie-style neighborhood).
  In 2019 before the epidemic, this number was not even half. Not only homicides, but also daily robberies, rapes and other violent cases have returned to the levels of the 1990s. Seattle is no longer the Seattle we used to know.
  If before the epidemic, I was still an alley-walker in Seattle, often walking through the streets and alleys from dawn to dusk, now I am not even interested in walking around the city of Seattle for more than an hour in a row.
  During the epidemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, which originated in 2013, quickly evolved into the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone movement in Seattle after the George Floyd case. Riot participants attacked and occupied the East Side Seattle Police Department and subsequently killed many black people with whom they had a bad relationship. The whole incident is like a joke. While repeatedly saying that black lives are precious, they are killing fellow black people and even underage black children.
  The organizers of the movement and the mass media turned a blind eye to these crimes, as if it was appropriate for blacks to kill blacks, for blacks to rob, and for any illegal behavior by blacks in certain areas during this time. Since then, this concept has been extended to the homeless group (Homeless). As long as they don’t live well, it is social responsibility. It has gradually become a common argument among Seattle progressives:
  He did bad things, it is your fault, you are sorry for him.
  This may seem like a bizarre argument to us, but it’s a very common way of thinking in America’s “progressive” cities. When you chat with the children currently educated in “U.S. High School”, you will find that they think you are the weird one, and their thinking is mainstream. Moreover, many children have been raised to hate the police and believe that police enforcement is the source of violence and crime – a powerful reality distortion field that makes you always want to pinch your face and ask if you are in a dream.
From the BLM movement to “zero dollar shopping”

  Whether it’s the exoneration of robberies under $900 in California or the community drug injection program in Seattle, ultimately the case of George Floyd gradually points to the issue of police brutality: Why do bad people commit crimes? It’s the police’s fault; why are drug dealers fighting? It’s the police’s fault.
  Different from normal people’s thinking, progressives did not try to solve the problem of targeted violence caused by racial discrimination. Instead, they forced a reduction in the number of police officers and put forward the slogan of “eliminating the police”, thereby increasing the criminal behavior of ethnic minority groups. This vicious logic actually gained the general acquiescence of society for a period of time, and the BLM movement quickly transformed into “zero-yuan shopping” (lawless elements gathered in a “flash mob” style to rob and loot).
As long as you don’t get along well, you are responsible for society. This has gradually become a common argument among Seattle progressives: He did bad things, it was your fault, and you are sorry for him.

  Carman Best, a black female police chief in Seattle, was quickly expelled from her post by these progressive netizens because she clashed with rioters. They also insulted her as a white lackey and surrounded her home (the Sheriff’s neighbors “welcomed” the group with guns). Sheriff Best resigned in anger.
  After this, many large companies moved out of Seattle and will not be returning for the foreseeable future. Amazon moved a large amount of its organizational structure to Eastside, and in some cases laid off employees there. Target store has closed two of its Seattle Center stores for reasons including theft and organized retail crime. Nike closed its downtown Seattle store it had operated since 1996 for the same reason. Amazon Go (Amazon Go) was vandalized and robbed to the point where it couldn’t even stay outside its own door (Amazon is headquartered in Seattle) and it was closed down.
  At least 160 businesses have left Seattle since last March, citing the same reasons: ongoing violence, rampant homelessness and drug use, and a lack of trust in the City Council. The new stores brought about by the overheating of the U.S. economy did not choose Seattle. They basically opened stores around the periphery of Seattle. Seattle has lost many “anchor” stores. These anchor stores were originally places that would attract more people and businesses. Now that they have left, the originally bustling commercial district of Downtown has been occupied by homeless people, and this has also It gradually turned into a vicious cycle.
  Crime is not just targeted at zero-dollar purchases in business districts. Even ordinary people living in certain areas are not immune. From June to August 2023, 14 robberies were reported in Seattle, 13 of which targeted Asian elderly people, mainly involving the South Seattle area. Police believe there are many more cases that go unreported due to language barriers or other reasons, so the actual number of victims may be much higher than reported. These criminals, often several young men, attack in front of the victim’s home and force their way into the house. Of course, we can’t talk about their skin color and their community.
  Nowadays, when we natives living in the Eastside go to the city to do business or eat, we often do “targeted strikes”. We only go to specific places, leave after finishing our business, and never wander around. The friendly crowds that once characterized downtown Seattle may not be seen again for a few years. Consider that once upon a time, Seattle and Boston were tied as the second safest large cities in the United States. Now the safety gap between Seattle and Boston cannot be described by just a few streets.
After “Progress” became “Our Lady”

  The people of Seattle are not all “Mothers”. The problem is that in the election every November, the “silent majority” is really silent, while the student voters in Seattle’s third district, who have always been generous to others, are desperately trying to I was really generous when I voted for Kshama Sawant, an Indian-born city councilor.
  But even for such a “progressive” group, their voting choices are less radical when their daily lives may be at risk. In the Seattle city election in November this year, the “more” progressives who advocated the elimination of the police failed comprehensively.

January 19, 2023, Seattle, USA, an Amazon Go store on the Amazon headquarters campus

  Yes, you read that right, there are no non-progressives in Seattle, everyone is “Progressive”, but some people are extremely “Progressive”. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the left and nothing wrong with the right, but whether it is the extreme left or the extreme right, it will be a social disaster after taking power.
  If we look back, we have to admit that the Black Lives Matter movement was an enlightenment for the American people at first. Many people gradually understood the seriousness of racial inequality in American society through the BLM-related demonstrations reported in the news and social media, and began to openly discuss these issues and form their own opinions, believing that this is part of social progress and is Correction of the historical injustice of white people enslaving black people. At this stage, the BLM movement is generally positive and meaningful to society. At this stage, it is understandable that we translate it as “black lives are precious.”
  But over time, many people have begun to notice that the BLM movement is different from its initial understanding. Many radicals use the BLM movement as a cover to carry out vandalism and looting. These behaviors have been rationalized in many circles, transformed from legitimate protests into disorderly behavior, turning “black lives are valuable” into “black lives are more valuable than yours”, which is the so-called “black lives matter”.
At least 160 businesses have left Seattle since last March, citing the same reasons: ongoing violence, rampant homelessness and drug use, and a lack of trust in the City Council.

  The movement, originally intended to promote social justice and equality, was quickly radicalized and even misunderstood and distorted by those who carried it out. “Zero dollar purchases” became common. These “progressive” people have gradually turned into “Madonnas”. While trying to promote social progress, they compete with each other to see who is more holy, but they ignore the importance of the rule of law and social order. While pursuing social justice, they did not maintain respect for social stability and the rights of others. Real progress should actually go beyond raising a problem and destructively forcibly solving it, and it should also lie in finding reasonable and sustainable solutions.
  It remains to be seen whether the new Seattle city councilors can eliminate the evils that the city council has condoned in the name of hypocrisy over the past 10 years, but at least they have taken the first step. A three-foot freeze did not happen in a day, and it will also take time and sustained efforts to solve Seattle’s long-standing problems. The primary challenge facing these council members is to rebuild public trust in city government and to achieve significant progress in governance and community services, while ensuring public safety, addressing homelessness, promoting economic development, and upholding social justice. Find a balance between. And this is also the number one problem for American society today.
  I don’t know when I will be able to walk around the streets of Seattle, casually visit coffee shops, chat with passers-by, and take street photos with my camera as I did before. That life seemed so far away.

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