Taylor Swift’s “The Era’s Tour” Concert Film Breaks Records, Caps Off Phenomenal

  On the last night of 2023, people have thousands of ways to create a sense of ritual for this night. For Taylor Swift’s Chinese fans, perhaps cinema is the best choice – not watching a movie, but listening to a nearly three-hour concert, together with 70,000 people around the world, in different time and space. The same scream.
  On December 31, 2023, the music documentary film “Taylor Swift: The Age of Concert Tour” was released in China. This is the film version of Taylor’s 2023 world tour. It is a collection of almost all her musical works since her debut. Review It describes her nearly 15-year music journey of “becoming Taylor Swift”. On the cinema poster, Taylor holds the microphone tightly, standing in front of a red and pink background with his head held high, looking into the distance.
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  Just two weeks ago, the American “Time” magazine selected Taylor Swift as the Person of the Year for 2023, a superstar with 246 million social media account followers, nicknamed Taylor Swift by Chinese fans.
  From a Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm to Nashville, the birthplace of American country music, the 34-year-old female singer has traveled around the world in dizzying steps.
  Taylor’s room has always hung a picture of her grandmother. The coloratura soprano opera singer passed away in 2003 and spared no effort to support Taylor’s musical dream. When Taylor was 11 years old, at Taylor’s request, her mother drove her to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, to submit a tape of her work to a local music company, but she was rejected. In 2005, at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Scott Borchetta, then a DreamWorks Records executive, offered Taylor an olive branch. He would later be the founder of Big Machine, the man who single-handedly turned Taylor into a The popular Bole. At this point, the gears of fate began to turn, pushing her step by step to become the Taylor Swift she is today.
  ”Although Taylor made her debut in country music, her creations do not revolve around traditional country elements such as women, beer, and horses. She talks about her experiences in school, the throbbing of adolescent love, and the girlish dream of Romeo and Juliet. This is the foundation of traditional American country. The music expanded the direction and theme, injected fresh vitality, and met the development needs of American country music at that time, making it more recognized and respected in the contemporary music industry.” Liang Xiaohui, a well-known music critic, told Global People reporter, “After 2012, she actively promoted the integration of country music and pop music. With an absolutely tolerant and open attitude, she found the best producers to produce many classic albums with a strong personal style, gradually establishing her reputation in Europe and the United States. The status of a top-level songwriter in the pop music world.”
  No matter how the style or genre changes, I write my heart in handwriting, which is always Taylor’s characteristic.
  Being in the “eye of the storm” in the European and American entertainment circles, she does not shy away from using her relationship as material to write about breakups, betrayal, and deception; she publicly responds to the ugly aspects of bullying in the music industry, frame-up by peers, and sexual harassment in the workplace. “No matter who it is, it takes a lot of courage to speak out.” Song Song, a senior “mold fan” said, “Later I discovered that these are actually the difficulties we encounter in real life. So whenever I feel When I’m helpless, I subconsciously want to seek help and comfort from her songs.”
  “Young people in the 1960s and 1970s are generally concerned about social issues. And around the world, the generation that grew up after the millennium People are deeply influenced by individualism and Internet technology, and they pay more attention to themselves and their inner world. So if you look at Taylor’s lyrics, ‘I’ appears far more often than ‘you’ and ‘you’. So she is a reflection of the times. A creator who is very emotionally sensitive. This is what good music creation should be. It reflects the life itself of a generation. This contemporary nature makes the creator’s artistic life more complete, making him a person with personal charm and spiritual appeal. Role model.” Liang Xiaohui added, “Taylor’s songs are the biggest common denominator in the field of popular music in the world today. It inspires countless ordinary women to live the life they want.”
The boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains

  When summarizing Taylor’s 2023, some media used the term “nuclear fusion”. The original meaning of this physical term refers to the process in which atomic nuclei collide with each other to generate new nuclei with heavier mass. In fact, Taylor’s collision and energy explosion did not only occur in 2023, but occurred throughout her career and life trajectory.
  The earliest collision occurred on the night of September 13, 2009. At the MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor won the “Best Female Video Award” for her single “Stay With Me.” When she went on stage to receive the award, before she could finish her acceptance speech, she was interrupted by American male rap singer Kanye West who rushed onto the stage. He grabbed the microphone and shouted: “Taylor, I am so happy for you, I will let you After all, Beyoncé (another American female singer) is the best, forever!” Taylor, who was less than 20 years old at the time, was at a loss when faced with such an embarrassing scene. In the end, she turned around and walked off the stage without saying anything, and couldn’t help but cry when she got backstage.
  The turmoil did not end there, but became more and more violent. In the midst of a whirlpool of public opinion, Taylor was subjected to a series of online attacks. People followed suit and posted snake emoticons on her social media accounts, cursed her for being vicious, and even hung a portrait on her doorstep.
  Under heavy pressure, she chose to quit the Internet. A year later, Taylor, who returned to the music scene with the new album “Reputation”, used the most powerful weapon – original songs – to fight back against her opponents and black fans, and made a beautiful comeback.
  ”I have not forgotten the terrible things that happened to me. They were the beginning of a turning point in the story.” Now, Taylor admits that he has spent a lot of effort to understand these unpleasant life episodes until he reconciles with the past.
  In recent years, Taylor has chosen to go head-to-head with capital because of copyright disputes.
  In June 2019, Taylor’s Big Machine Company will be acquired, and the master tapes of the six albums she has released in the past with this company will also be owned by the new company. However, Taylor claimed that the acquisition was carried out without her knowledge; not only that, the company and the acquirer also banned her from performing her old album tracks at the American Music Awards and China’s Tmall “Double 11” party. Excerpts from old tracks were also not allowed to appear in the relevant documentaries, which made Taylor furious.
  In the American music industry, the master tape of a song, also known as the sound recording copyright, is owned by the producer of the record, from which all copies are made. By law, owning a master recording means having the right to make, sell, and distribute copies, and anyone who wants to copy a recording must obtain permission from the master rights owner.
  “I felt strongly that sharing what happened to me could change the minds of other artists and help them avoid a similar fate.” Finally, as she had done countless times before, Taylor broke her silence and laid the issue on the table. , using the power of social media to put pressure on the other party.
  Regarding music copyright in the United States, Liang Xiaohui analyzed: “In this master tape dispute, as a creator, Taylor is actually opposing traditional industry rules. She hopes to increase the voice of original musicians. From the perspective of a singer Talking about it, it seems natural for her to get back the copyright for her own writing; but from the perspective of a production company, they need to expend a lot of resources, production costs, packaging expenses, etc. to make a singer famous, and they should also get a certain return. The law has its own rules The reasons and logic, it may not be reasonable, but it is legal.”

  Seeing that he could not get the master tapes back, in November of the same year, Taylor immediately began to re-record the old album by himself. Each re-recorded album strives to replicate the arrangement and performance of all instruments in the original version. Until October 27, 2023, the fourth remastered album “1989 (Taylor Version)” was officially released, setting a record for her personal album sales in one fell swoop. Although everyone had long expected that it would achieve good results, The sales data still shocked the entire music industry.
  Liang Xiaohui said bluntly: “The biggest fear in the music industry is that everyone has no expectations for you, but Taylor can always respond to everyone’s attention with her music creation. This is also an important reason why she can always fight back.”
  When re-recording the album, she sang again Starting from “Stay with Me”, it turned out that the 19-year-old girl with blond hair and “standing in the stands, dreaming about hoping that the boy she had a crush on would find her” has washed away her prestige and become a queen who has reached the top. Now, her slightly deep voice has sung this “Girl’s Prayer” into a “Laughter and Forgetting Letter” written to herself. In the river of time, the vicious opponents, the noisy fans, and the timid self are all gone. Only Taylor Alison Swift, in a small boat, goes down the river and crosses the mountains.
“Aren’t you happy?”

  ”Time” magazine editor-in-chief Sam Jacobs said of Taylor: “She combined art and business to unleash historic power.” “She found a way to transcend national boundaries and become a ‘source of light.'” Methods”.
  Taylor’s 2023 world tour can perfectly explain what “the combination of art and business” means. On March 18, 2023, she started her sixth tour, the Times Tour Concert, starting from Glendale in the United States. “This is a journey through the musical era of my career,” Taylor said, and it’s her largest and longest tour to date. The charm of this tour is not only the music itself, but also the touching stories, unforgettable music scenes and stunning stage design, which are all an integral part of the concert. After 66 concerts, some organizations predict that it will generate 5 billion US dollars in revenue, hence the name “Tydy Economics”.
  ”I knew this tour was going to be far more difficult than anything I’d done in the past. The fans had paid so much to get tickets, and I wanted to give them a show that was longer than they expected.” In order to satisfy the needs of fans who cannot attend the concert in person, Taylor came up with the idea of ​​releasing a tour movie. After the film was released overseas, it was certified by Guinness World Records as “the highest-grossing concert film in history”, and its box office even surpassed many Hollywood commercial blockbusters.
  ”As a significant symbol of the world’s pop music industry, reviewing Taylor’s musical journey in the form of a concert will definitely be an enjoyable audio-visual experience. For Chinese audiences, this actually also includes the youth of the 80s and 90s generation. Memories and nostalgia.” Liang Xiaohui said.
  As a “post-80s generation”, Liang Xiaohui first listened to Taylor’s rap CDs and got to know this singer-songwriter who held a guitar and played and sang at the same time; Taylor’s digital album on streaming media accompanied a group of “post-90s generation” Music fans, from middle school to the workplace, from ignorant youth to parenthood; as a “post-95s”, Song Song became a “mold fan” from high school, watching her grow from a country music singer to a world pop music queen. Song Song told reporters: “I am very young, and Swift is also very young. We still have a long way to go to accompany each other.”
  Most people who bring joy to others also exude joyful energy themselves. At the concert, Taylor made no secret of her high emotions. She said: “We should celebrate who you are, where you come from, and where you are going.” Then she asked in a loud voice: “Is it Aren’t you happy?”
  Today, people are particularly in need of such a pleasant air. From the beautiful memories of youth, they can gain the confidence and courage to face the future, even if it is the simplest happy mood. As a singer, it’s enough to be able to provide such emotional value.
  Taylor Alison Swift is a famous American singer-songwriter. Born on December 13, 1989 in Pennsylvania. He made his official debut in 2006 by singing country music, and later grew into an American pop music superstar. The music documentary film “Taylor Swift: The Age of Concert Tour” recorded based on her 2023 tour set a record as “the highest-grossing concert film in the world”.

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