Lessons from Nature: Why Animals Die Quietly While Humans Grieve Death

  In Northern Ireland, a 65-year-old retired doctor, Braden, bought a double cemetery early. His original idea was that he and his wife would be buried here a hundred years later. Unexpectedly, he divorced his wife. Therefore, he placed an advertisement in the media seeking burial companions. The advertisement said: Free accommodation in heaven will be provided. The space is spacious, anyone with a sense of humor and who does not smoke or eat garlic will be guaranteed to sleep with him.
  Everyone thought it was a joke. Unexpectedly, after the notice was published, 23 women came to apply. Five of them have been dating him for a long time. Finally, the doctor selected a woman with a similar temperament and married her.
  The British sense of humor seems to be innate. Regarding the way of death, you can also make a moderate joke.
  I remember reading this passage: If a person can face death calmly, he is close to perfection. This may be what we call “birth”.
  When a person is alive, it is difficult to talk about death. This is a conventional forbidden area. Life is a happy event, and death is its opposite. Death means the disappearance of the material and spiritual world.
  Human “death” is difficult and very public. But the strange thing is that in the animal world, except for humans, everyone dies quietly. An American biologist, Zeiss Thomas, paid attention to this problem. He found that there were many squirrels in the yard, jumping up and down in the trees every day, but he could not see a dead squirrel every year. Through observation, we found that squirrels are not immortal, but their way of death is different from humans. They die alone and quietly, and will not be discovered by their own kind, let alone easily found by humans.
  Not only squirrels, but also hares, snakes, etc. It is difficult for us to find their bodies, and their death methods are really inexplicable. Sometimes it’s strange why so few people discover and explain this phenomenon.
  People are often very sad when they die, and if you are a famous person, it will be known to everyone. Some people say that is because people have feelings. But I think that in addition to emotions, the root of great grief may be the fear of death. If death does not mean disappearance for human beings, then who will mourn death?
  Animals tend to live according to the nature of nature, including how to choose to die, but humans are different because humans claim to be the masters of nature, including how to die. But in the face of death, it is so powerless. There are many fantasies about seeking immortality in ancient books, but every one of them is a farce. Therefore, human beings can dabble in various topics about life, but no one can easily dabble in the space of death. Because death is so terrible and confusing. When a person dies, it is a big deal, not only his own business, but also everyone’s business.
  Death is a natural cycle. Animals can face it calmly, but humans cannot be free and easy. This pattern will last for a long time. In front of nature, humans should not easily believe that they are great, at least when it comes to death.

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