How to Achieve Your Goals Through Consistency, Discipline and Small Daily Wins

  If you want to achieve something, and that goal doesn’t seem easy, then the best way is to put yourself on a fixed-speed track.
  If you occasionally look at real estate advertisements, you will often see that the biggest benefit is that in a remote place, it is said that the subway will be opened in two years. Real estate experts will usually tell you that housing prices rise rapidly in places with subways. If you are within a 10-minute walk of the subway, even if they do not rise, they can still “resist the fall.”
  In fact, it is the same all over the world. Real estate within a 10-minute walk from the subway is almost all rising.
  You should also find that if a place has no subway but only buses, no matter how many buses there are, its value-added will definitely not be as good as the subway.
  This is the problem with “tracks”.
  People trust the track, they trust the “schedule.” Fixing is a kind of guarantee and gives people peace of mind. Even if there are highways extending in all directions, people’s trust is low because there may be concerns about “traffic jams” and the probability of man-made accidents is relatively high. And, we also like “fixed speed”. Fixed speed makes people feel more at ease.
  If you want to achieve something, and that goal doesn’t seem easy, then the best way is to put yourself on a fixed-speed track. If you want to learn Chinese well, reading one page every day is better than reading 10 pages a day but often dying within a few days.
  This is called “step by step”. This is also the principle of “The Tortoise and the Hare” that we read when we were children.
  If you don’t have any talent, it doesn’t matter, just be a turtle that crawls every day. Of course, if you are a hard-working rabbit, then you have better conditions than a tortoise to conquer the top.
  There are some common principles in the world. Such as losing weight. If you take in a little less calories every day and do a little energy-consuming exercise every day, then, at least after a week, you can see your waist circumference getting slightly smaller. Losing weight is most afraid of strong people who love determination. If you are determined to lose 10 kilograms in a week and use various cruel methods, then even if you succeed, human laziness will fight back very fiercely, and you will probably gain more weight than you lose in a month. .
  Keep yourself on track and accomplish a few things each day. I once read a world-famous writer narrate that for him, writing has become an addiction because it has been a habit for many years. If he does not write something, he will feel uncomfortable every day. Even if he is exhausted and exhausted, he will try to fill up a piece of manuscript paper in front of him. Even if he writes “I really don’t know what to write today”, strange to say, as soon as he starts writing, he will Got inspiration.
  Even if you are an artist or author who everyone thinks is “unruly” or “doesn’t play by the rules” or “is not restricted by conventions”, if he doesn’t want to lament that his talents are not appreciated in middle age, he has to set his own standards. Move forward on track.
  The famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is a good example. He also runs marathons. Every morning, he gets up before dawn and starts running. He once said that running is to exercise his body so that he can write for a lifetime.
  I believe that after people engage in high cardiorespiratory training, their minds will be clearer. After running every morning, he starts writing, filling up at least 10 pieces of manuscript paper every day.
  Of course, writing will encounter bottlenecks, and sometimes the hard work may be scrapped the next day, but persistence itself is a source of energy, and one day that bottleneck will disappear.
  This is not just the secret to the success of artistic creators. In fact, the reason why all self-made entrepreneurs are able to start a business depends on the power of continuous progress every day. With this power, Wang Yongqing transformed from a rice store clerk to a plastic kingdom. The founder of the company, Li Ka-shing transformed from a hawker into a wealthy businessman.
  They are not winners who just want to “gamble”, but winners who expand a little bit every day.

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