Beyond Likes & Lies: The Psychology of Silent WeChat Moments

What is the psychology of people who never share their lives on WeChat Moments?

After many people see this title, they will subconsciously think that it is poisonous chicken soup and thick black science. But this is not the case.

Eysenck, a famous British psychologist, has already told us the correct answer to this title in the EPQ Personality Questionnaire.
In this rapidly developing Internet era, WeChat and QQ have long become essential social tools for people. Many people use Moments to record their daily lives, joys, sorrows, and joys.

Our living habits are easily exposed in the circle of friends. In addition, we can also understand other people’s evaluation and opinions of us through the circle of friends.

This simple yet joyful way of sharing brings us a sense of satisfaction. Gradually, posting on Moments has become our habit. We check Moments every day and never tire of it.

But there are also some people who never share their life on WeChat Moments. Why is this?

A university professor once said this:
“I never check Moments because checking Moments is a meaningless act and a waste of our time and energy.”
Likes and comments on the other person’s circle of friends may seem like a way to get closer, but in fact they are meaningless and are considered “invalid social interaction.”

Ineffective social interactio

A few years ago, there was a particularly popular joke on the Internet – “There were two people, one came out to chop firewood, and the other came out to herd cattle. They had a great time chatting. When it was time to go back, his cattle were full, but your firewood Where is it?”

What this joke embodies is a kind of ineffective social interaction.

For another example, you go to a social event and chat with a group of strangers, laughing and complimenting each other.
Even if you can’t remember other people’s last names, you praise me for my career success, and I praise you for your good looks, exchanging opinions such as “life is not easy”.

From eating to socializing to the end of the event…
Although we have left contact information with each other, after a while, when you look at the name in the address book, do you still remember who this person is?

Ineffective social interaction refers to social activities that cannot bring people enjoyment and pleasure on a spiritual level.
Although being noticed by others may give us a sense of satisfaction, it actually serves no purpose.

Just like people who cut wood and people who herd cattle, the reason why they are considered “ineffective social interaction” is because their relationship does not meet the standards of “friends of interest”.

Although they chatted happily, they did not exchange resources. Therefore, this kind of social interaction is meaningless.
Although being noticed, the satisfaction it brings us is short-lived and can become addictive over time.

At that time, you will become more and more dependent on your circle of friends, and you will want to share even the trivial details of your life with others.

Let me ask you, if you have to take a photo and post it on Moments before doing anything, how can you get real happiness?
When you are talking to someone, and the other person doesn’t even look at you from beginning to end and keeps looking at his phone while scrolling through Moments, will you still be willing to communicate with him in the future?

It is precisely because the circle of friends makes us farther and farther apart, that is why so many people close their circle of friends, do not post on their own circle of friends, and do not look at other people’s circles of friends.

From this perspective, not posting on WeChat Moments seems to be just to make myself more efficient, to make life more meaningful, and not to be disturbed by outside opinions and comments.

High concealment

From another perspective, people who never share their lives on WeChat Moments are terrible. Why do you say this?
Because they are highly disguised, they always hide their true selves and show the image they want to create to the outside world, which can be said to be very hypocritical.

It is difficult for normal people to see through the true thoughts of such people. They always isolate themselves from the outside world and do not trust other people.

Psychologists believe that such people are very dangerous. You can never see through them, and they have deep inner thoughts. If you offend them inadvertently, they don’t care on the surface, but they will say bad things about you secretly, which will affect your reputation.
Moreover, they never trust the people around them, and few people can touch their hearts.

If this idea is not corrected, they are likely to become mercenary and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.
In addition, they are always good at disguising themselves to make others unpredictable.

Those who never post on Moments usually have higher “concealing” scores on the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ).
Therefore, in daily interactions, it is difficult for us to discover their true personality traits, because they will disguise themselves from head to toe and suppress their true thoughts.

People with this personality trait are relatively dangerous because their attitudes always change quickly on different occasions. They lack trust in people, making it difficult for others to get close to them, and they cannot be truly understood.
From this perspective, please stay away from people who never post in Moments.

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