A College Student’s Struggle and Inspiring Turnaround Through the Support of Friends and Hard Work

  Ala is a college student who came from the mountains. Although his family is poor, he studies hard and has excellent grades. His girlfriend Xiaona and his childhood sweethearts, after graduating from high school, came to Shanghai to accompany Ala and started working in sales. With their tenacity and willingness to endure hardships, they accumulated many connections.
  In his senior year, Ala’s father, who had been ill for many years, passed away, leaving only a pile of debts for the family. But at this time, Xiaona often used her busy work as an excuse to treat him much coldly. Until one time, Ala accidentally saw Xiaona having dinner with a man in a suit and leather shoes in a high-end restaurant, and she was suddenly discouraged. The double blow of family affection and love made Ala start to give up on himself and became addicted to the game and couldn’t extricate himself.
  Ala’s counselor quickly noticed the changes in Ala and tried to contact a psychiatrist. But Ala is very resistant to psychological treatment and still goes his own way. On this day, he went to a tavern to get drunk alone. When he was half drunk, a man in a black trench coat sat next to him. The brim of the man’s hat is pushed down very low and he wears sunglasses, making it difficult to see his face. But Ala, who was already drunk, still had a feeling of déjà vu. He seemed to have seen this mysterious man in black somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it at once.
  With a somewhat mysterious smile on his face, the man in black said: “Young man, I have been observing you for a long time. It seems that your life is not going well. Are there any difficulties? Maybe I can help you.” Ala, who was already six to seven points drunk, had already lost his guard, so he recounted his recent experience. After hearing this, the man in black smiled and said: “You are still young, what does this little thing mean? How about we make a deal. I will buy you one year for 100,000 yuan, are you willing?” Ala took a sip of wine and thought the man was talking nonsense. He became drunk and fell asleep.
  When I woke up, it was already the next day. Ala was about to get up to check out and found a bank card on the table with a password and a phone number written on it. Ala vaguely remembered what happened yesterday, and tried to use this card to pay. After settling the account, when he saw the balance of more than 90,000 in the card, Ala’s heart trembled violently.
  With the money, Ala quickly paid off his family’s debts. That night, Ala lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep, thinking about what happened in the tavern, feeling like a dream. He kept thinking about who the man in black was and why he found himself doing such a deal, but he still couldn’t figure it out. Ala touched the hard bank card in his pocket, and thought in his mind that just because he was poor, his father’s illness was not treated in time, his girlfriend left, and he was unable to continue his graduate studies. However, this little money after paying off the debt was still far away. Not enough, what should I do?
  Gambling – once this idea comes up, it can no longer be suppressed. Ala walked into the casino by mistake, but good luck did not come. Ala lost all his money and owed a lot of gambling debts. Ala was about to cry but had no tears. When he thought that his life, which was about to get better, was in vain, Ala was unwilling to accept it. In desperation, Ala dialed the number on his bank card. He secretly told himself that this was the first and last time he would make this call. The other party gave an address, and Ala rushed over in despair.
  Seeing the man in black again, Ala said directly: “I am short of money and want to exchange my life for money.” The man in black blew out a smoke ring, with the faint smile still on his face, and asked: “How much do you want?” Alaa Gritting his teeth, he said: “Half a million!” “Haha, I’m afraid half a million is not enough. I’ll give you one million, as long as you give it five years, how about it?” Alaa, who suddenly felt that he had made a huge profit, was overjoyed and left excitedly. .
  Ala, who instantly became a millionaire, looked at his slightly mature appearance and the seven-digit number on his bank card, and had long forgotten his former ideal. He quickly made a new girlfriend, bought a luxury car, and lived a life of spending money like water. Soon, almost one million was squandered. On one side, his girlfriend’s eyes gradually changed from complaints to disgust, and on the other side, his pockets gradually became empty. Unsurprisingly, Ala walked into the casino to try his luck again. This time, Ala, who was eager to make a comeback, bet bigger and bigger. In the end, he owed more than two million to others. The other party was worried that he would run away, so they seized his car and forced him to pay back the money as soon as possible.
  Ala was forced to have no choice but to tremble and dial the number again, and saw the man in black again. The man in black was still dressed in the same outfit. He smiled and said, “I guess we will meet again. Tell me, how much do you want this time?” “Two million!” Ala said impatiently. “Okay, twenty years.” The man in black said calmly. “What?” When he heard that he needed twenty years, Ala felt that his brain was about to explode…
  After parting with the man in black, Ala, who was almost fifty years old, looked at himself in the mirror, his hair already white. There are also wrinkles on the face. He sold his car, collected enough money to pay off the debt, and used the remaining money to find the man in black again. Ala wanted to use money in exchange for his time, but the man in black still kept a smile and said: “Buying time with money is very expensive, and your money is simply not enough.” Looking at Ala’s look of decadence, the man in black continued. : “Well, I’ll give you a chance. You have one week to answer a question of mine. If you answer it correctly, I will give you all your time. If you answer it wrong, I will give you another twenty years.” . The question is: How much is one day worth? You should think about it.” Through his sunglasses, Ala couldn’t see clearly the expression of the man in black, but he had no choice at this time and had to agree.
  Allah asked many people and got many different answers. A week later, he found the man in black and said to him: “The value of time is different for everyone. For a vendor in the vegetable market, one day may be worth two hundred yuan, and for a rich person, one day may be worth One million.” Ala looked at the mysterious smile of the man in black and felt uneasy. After a long time, the man in black sighed and said, “You gave the wrong answer. You don’t understand the meaning of time.” The
  man in black left, and Ala stumbled back home. He looked at himself in the mirror, with white hair and an old look. , I can’t help but feel sad. Ala thought about what he had experienced recently, it seemed like it was not real. Thinking that when I was rich, I spent a lot of time and alcohol, just for my own vanity, just for a moment of happiness, but forgot my ideals and pursuits, I burst into tears, and I understood a lot in an instant.
  Allah understood that time is not measured by money at all. Time is priceless. The value of time is reflected in what meaningful things everyone has done in their limited time. For my mother, life is very hard and her income is very small, but it is meaningful to do her best to take care of her father and support herself in school. But I am addicted to gambling and don’t want to make progress. No matter how much time and youth I have, it is meaningless. Unfortunately, by the time Allah understood all this, it was already too late. He regretted not finishing his studies, he regretted not finding a job to make money, and he regretted wasting his good years. Ala was so angry that he fainted.
  When Ala woke up, he found himself in a clinic. He looked at the mirror next to him and saw his younger self in it. Ala was very excited, but also felt strange. At this time, a doctor came over and said with a smile: “You’re awake, how do you feel?” Ala looked at the doctor and remembered that this was the psychiatrist introduced to him by the counselor.
  ”What’s going on?” Ara asked. “I am a friend of your counselor. After listening to your counselor’s introduction to your situation, I judged that you suffered from psychological trauma due to the drastic deterioration of the external environment that exceeded your psychological tolerance, and finally paralyzed yourself and escaped reality. So I used hypnotherapy to awaken your inner fears and desires and help you get out of the predicament.” The psychiatrist said, “This is the first treatment. Now, do you have any insights or thoughts?”
  Ala looked at the psychiatrist and immediately understood that the man in black in the dream was the reflection in his subconscious mind during the doctor’s hypnosis process. “Thank you, doctor, I understand how to spend the rest of my time.” Alaa looked at the scenery outside the window and said slowly.
  The next day, Ala bought gifts and went to the counselor’s office. Seeing Ala, the counselor was a little surprised. Ala said: “Teacher, I have never experienced anything in the world before, and I couldn’t get back up when I encountered setbacks. Thank you for your help.” The counselor sighed and said, “Ah, Allah, I will do it.” “I just introduced you to a doctor friend of mine. What you should really thank is your girlfriend Xiaona.” Ala was stunned after hearing this, and then recalled the situation when Xiaona had dinner with other men in the restaurant, and even more Is confused. Seeing Ala’s expression, the counselor slowly explained the reason.
  It turned out that Xiaona was very anxious after seeing Ala give up on herself and not want to make progress. But at this time, Ala couldn’t listen to Xiaona’s persuasion at all, and Xiaona was busy with work and could not always stay with Ala. So I went to Allah’s Counselor for help. It was from Xiaona’s story that the counselor learned about Ala, so he immediately contacted his friends to provide psychological treatment for Ala.
  At the same time, Xiaona knew that what Ala was experiencing at this time was not only a psychological blow, but also a financial burden. So Xiaona finally contacted the director of a partner company based on Ala’s major and used her accumulated contacts. Xiaona hoped that Ala could work in this company. Xiaona and her supervisor had many private communications. With Xiaona’s constant pleading, the supervisor finally wrote a letter of recommendation for Ala. Not only that, Xiaona also worked many part-time jobs after work, hoping to help Ala pay off her debt as soon as possible.
  Alaa was shocked when he learned the whole story. It turned out that so many people were silently helping him when he was in trouble. It turned out that Xiaona had done so much for him, but he still felt that Xiaona had neglected him, and Ala suddenly felt extremely ashamed. At this time, the counselor picked up an envelope from the table and said, “This is what Xiaona gave you. She is very disappointed with you now and doesn’t want to face you, so please ask me to pass it to you.” Ala took it and took a look. , this is clearly a letter of recommendation. In an instant, Ala’s tears ran down his cheeks and fell on the recommendation letter. The counselor patted Ala on the shoulder and said: “Cheer up, don’t let Xiaona down, and don’t let down this great time.”
  From then on, Ala quit playing games, studied hard, and finally graduated successfully. On this day, Ala took the recommendation letter and found the company to apply for the job. During the interview session, one of the interviewers was the man Ala had seen eating with Xiaona before, the company director. The supervisor looked at the recommendation letter and said to Ala: “One of my important customers recommended you to me. I hope your next performance will not disappoint me.” Ala nodded solemnly.
  Three days later, Ala received the offer notice. On this day, Ala bought a bouquet of flowers and a gift for Xiaona. Looking at the busy streets, I thought, I must cherish the time and cherish the people in front of me.

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