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Unmasking the Universe’s Monsters: From Laplace’s Demon to Dark Matter and Extreme Weather

  Legend has it that monsters have supernatural powers, so in reality some people attribute problems they cannot explain to “ghosts” at work. Sometimes scientists also postulate the existence of some kind of “monster.” When catching these “monsters”, the contribution of scientists is irreplaceable.
Get rid of the physics “monster”

  Through Newton’s laws of motion, people have greatly deepened their understanding of the objective world, and then believe that they can explain everything. French astronomer Pierre-Simon Laplace believed that everything in the universe is determined and various events can be predicted according to Newton’s laws of motion. As long as the data is rich enough and the computing and analysis capabilities are strong enough, You can understand everything. In 1814, he proposed: “If there is such an elf, which is good at calculation and analysis, knows the exact momentum and position of every substance in the universe, and understands Newton’s laws of motion, then it can show the results of all events in the universe. The whole process, knowing the past, present and future of the universe.”
  Laplace’s view on the universe is determinism, also known as Laplace’s Creed. The elf he envisioned who knows everything is called “Laplace’s Demon”.
  Determinism was once popular, and many scientists, including Einstein, “believed in complete laws and order.” However, the emergence of quantum mechanics changed people’s views on this point of view. The object of quantum mechanics research is the movement laws of microscopic particles in the material world. Scientists studying quantum mechanics have discovered that matter in the microscopic world is uncertain, and the “Newton’s three laws” that are universally applicable in the macroscopic world cannot explain the movement patterns of microscopic particles. In other words, even if Newton is resurrected, he cannot predict whether Schrödinger’s cat is dead or alive. Therefore, the “Laplace’s Demon” does not exist and cannot exist. Using determinism to explain the objective world will lead to fatalism and mechanics. The dead end of doctrine.
Looking for the invisible “demon”

  In 1922, the Dutch astronomer Kaptein inferred that there may be invisible matter around the stars through the abnormal motion of the star system. Since then, people have successively discovered phenomena such as violations of gravity in space, which shows that Kaptan’s inference is not unreasonable.
  According to scientists’ speculation: In addition to observable matter such as nebulae and stars, there may also be a large amount of dark matter in the universe. They do not emit light and account for about 85% of the total mass of the universe. They are not known to mankind. Any substance that basically does not react with other substances.
  Accurate measurement of cosmic ray particles is an important means of detecting dark matter, because when dark matter decays, or when a pair of dark matter particles collide, they may release positrons, negative electrons, gamma rays, etc. Line particles, if the information of these particles can be detected, the “true identity” of dark matter can be deduced based on the principle of energy conservation.
  In December 2015, my country launched the dark matter particle detection satellite “Wukong”. It runs in an orbit about 500 kilometers above the ground, flying around the earth every 95 minutes, using “fiery eyes and golden eyes” “Detecting high-energy particles that may originate from dark matter in the vast universe.
  Since its launch, “Wukong” has collected more than 10 billion data on cosmic ray particles. Scientists have used these data to describe the distribution of some particles suspected to be produced by dark matter, which marks that our country is among the best in the world in detecting high-energy particles in the universe. At present, “Wukong” is the world’s dark matter particle detection satellite with the widest observation energy range and the best energy resolution. China is developing the next generation of space telescopes, and its detection capabilities for high-energy particles such as gamma rays will be greater than ” “Wukong” has improved by more than 50 times, thus more effectively helping humans find traces of dark matter and study the origin and evolution of the universe.
Lock in the weather “demon”

  In 2021, rare high-temperature weather will occur in North America and Europe, and many places will be like being put into a pressure cooker. Some locals thought it was a demon at work.
  Researchers found that this phenomenon is caused by a “traffic jam” in the jet stream of the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmospheric jet stream is a powerful air current that moves around the earth. It has a huge impact on the earth’s climate, but sometimes it moves abnormally, causing atmospheric obstruction. Meteorological data shows that just as too much traffic causes highway congestion, the “flow” of the atmospheric jet stream also has an upper limit. If it exceeds the limit, it will be blocked. Atmospheric obstruction can be described by the same equation as highway traffic congestion, and the Arctic and atmospheric obstruction phenomena There is a close correlation. Arctic warming is conducive to the maintenance of atmospheric obstruction, while Arctic cooling is not conducive to the maintenance of atmospheric obstruction.
  Global climate change will affect the situation of the atmospheric jet stream, which may make atmospheric obstructions more frequent, leading to more extreme weather. It is more likely to occur in North America and Europe, where it can cause flooding and extreme hot, cold and dry weather. In 2004, Alaska experienced rare high-temperature weather, which caused ice caps to melt and forest fires. The cause was atmospheric obstruction.
  The “will-o’-the-wisp” in chemistry, the “mirage” in optics, the “devil city” in geography… Many “ghosts and monsters” once made people talk about it, but with the development of scientists, Research, they reveal their original forms one by one. “There is no way that the clouds will eventually cover the sun, and the harsh winter will end and the spring buds will bloom.” While “fighting monsters” and “upgrading”, it is in the process of “catching monsters” that science and technology are constantly developing.

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