Unmasking the Clock’s Illusion: Why Time Feels Faster (or Slower) Than It Really Is

As the year draws to a close, people feel the footsteps of time, loud, rapid, and without hesitation. On ordinary days of the year, people would not hear this sound. This feeling is really amazing, because except for an artificially set calendar (time scale), nothing else has changed.

People’s perception of time has many subjective and personal characteristics. When you are young, time seems slow; when you are older, time seems faster. When I was in elementary school, each year passed so slowly. I often thought, when will I grow up? After retirement, each year passes quickly, and ten years are just a blink of an eye.

When you are in pain, time seems slow; when you are happy, time seems fast. When I was young and joined the queue, I had to do heavy physical labor every day. When I was hoeing, I had to wave my arms thousands of times a day. When I was digging a river, I had to carry a load of more than 100 kilograms and climb up the river embankment countless times every day. The sun moves so slowly, and time passes so slowly. I can’t make it through the day. Later, I became interested in sociology, which I loved, and I enthusiastically formulated research topics, conducted interviews and surveys with enthusiasm, and wrote investigative reports and research monographs with enthusiasm. Although I often sweated profusely and forgot to eat and sleep, due to my high spirits, I felt that time still flew by. , year after year flies by.

In a crowd of people, time seems fast; when people are alone, time seems slow. When gathering with relatives and friends for dinner and drinks, when singing and chatting, when playing cards and traveling, it is so lively and lively, with gongs and drums beating, that it feels like hours and days have passed by in a flash. But when a person is alone, except for less than ten hours of eating and sleeping, the rest of the time is whole, quiet, and completely his own. People can spend a lot of time meditating, meditating, writing, reading, and watching movies. I have maintained the habit of watching two movies every night for many years, and I often worry that I will never find another film or TV show to watch. Sometimes when you see half of a movie and you feel it’s not exciting enough, you’ll immediately turn it off and switch to another movie. If you’re still a little reluctant to know the ending, use 1.5x speed to save valuable time. Treating time with such an attitude that every penny counts has greatly improved the unit’s utilization rate. Overall, I feel that time alone passes slower than social time, as if my life has been extended.

However, no matter whether a person’s subjective feeling is fast or slow, time still passes at the same speed. The Master said on the river: The deceased is like a man who never gives up day and night. A classic is a classic, that’s true.

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