Unleash the Wanderlust: Why Young Hearts Should Embrace the Journey

   During the winter vacation, my son sent me an email from the United States, telling me that he would use this vacation to drive from the north to the south where he was, and drew a route map that would cross 11 states in total. On the third day of his departure, he called me in Austin, the capital of Texas, and told me excitedly that there was a museum of O. Henry, the author of “The Last Leaf”. And when he passed through Memphis yesterday, He visited the former home of rock star Elvis Presley.
   I envy him and support him. When he was young, he should have traveled far away. Wandering will allow him to see things he has never seen before, making the radius of his life spread wider and further like water.
   I remembered that late at night in early spring one year, I was alone at the West Berlin train station waiting for a transfer train. There were only a few people waiting on the silent platform. One of them seemed to be Chinese. I walked over and asked, and sure enough, he was , he is here to pick someone up. We chatted and found out that he was an international student studying electronics here after graduating from Tianjin University. He said something like this. Although more than ten years have passed, I still remember it fresh: “When I first arrived in Berlin, I only had 10 US dollars in my pocket.” Even with only 10 US dollars in his pocket, he still I guess he got the price he paid for daring to venture out. In a foreign country, without any relatives, living in the wind and dew, wandering was his fate and became his character.
   I also thought of myself, who was even younger than my son, driving north and running to Beidahuang. Naturally, I endured a lot of hardships. As soon as the “big smoke cannon” blew up in the Great Northern Wilderness, it gave me a warning. It was freezing cold and the road was far away. I felt lost, as if I had already reached the outer world. My wandering heart was like a broken thread. The kite, I don’t know where it will fall. However, while it allowed me to see so much pain and cruelty, it also allowed me to touch so many beautiful nostalgia and old friends. All of this not only formed the spectrum of my youth, but also became an unforgettable memory for me today. remember.
   That’s right, when I was young, I was restless and didn’t know the heights of the sky. I had wild imaginations and imagined the distant places so well that I dared to go out and wander. Wandering is not traveling, and there must be a price to pay. Tasting more of life is definitely not like sitting in a warm Starbucks and sipping coffee in winter. However, it is only possible to wander when you are young. Wandering requires courage, as well as a young body and imagination, and you will reap the rewards that you can only have when you are young, and the memories you will have when you are old in the future. If there is anything in a person’s life that is truly guilt-free, in my opinion, it means that your childhood has the joy of games, your youth has the experience of wandering, and your old age has unforgettable memories.
   If you stay in a comfortable greenhouse all your life, no matter how fragrant the treasures are, and if you have beautiful clothes and food, you will be weak and suffer from indigestion; if you are always one step away from home, no matter how strict your father is, your loving mother, and your beautiful wife. I will also be short-sighted, weak-kneed and thin-faced. In youth, you should not sink your heart anchor into a narrow and trivial quagmire prematurely, and fall like a shipwreck in the land of tenderness. In the virtuality of the Internet and in the sweet little nest, brew your own dragon. The days when the beard is as delicate and slender as the face consumes one’s life and makes one become a snail before he gets old. He can only poke his head out of the heavy body at the moment after the rain and take a look at the gray The sky, I thought the sky was just so big and so dirty.
   Youth should be like a dandelion in spring. Even if it is weak, small, and unable to grow wings to fly, it will be blown far away by the wind; even if it falls in a place you don’t know, it will still fly. Go explore unexplored virgin land. In this way, you will know that the world is no longer just a beautiful glass house, and you will see that your eyes are no longer just a wall of hearts. Only then can you appreciate that life is no longer just endless traffic jams during the day, endless TV dramas at night, escalating quarrels at home, and calm infighting at work.
   The well-known Italian explorer Marco Polo traveled to Asia Minor with his father and uncle when he was 17 years old, and wandered all over China alone when he was 21 years old. Captain Cook, the famous American navigator, realized his ambitious wandering dream for the first time during his voyage to the North Sea at the age of 21. The Austrian musician Schubert left his hometown when he was 20 years old and began his poor artistic wandering in Vienna. Our country’s Xu Xiake began his wandering through hardships at the age of 22, traveling thousands of miles and reading thousands of books.
   Of course, I can also cite the people who are now called the “Beijing Drifters” – those people who live in simple residences in the countryside of Beijing. They all started their wanderings when they were young. Youth is the capital of wandering, the passport of wandering, and the talisman of wandering. Wandering is the promotion of young dreams, the opening of young hearts, and the writing of young debut novels. Then, even if the wandering is like Schubert’s “Winter Journey”, a vast expanse, the world is long, there is no way forward, there is no way back, and it is paved with unexpected hardships and sufferings, it is still worth trying. .
   I think of Tagore’s poem in “New Moon Collection”: “As long as he is willing to lend me his boat, I will install a hundred oars on it and raise five or six or seven sails.” . I will never drive it to the stupid market. I will take my friend Axi to accompany me. We will happily sail through the seven seas and thirteen rivers in the immortal world. I will drive it to the fairy world as soon as possible. Set sail in the morning light. At noon, when you are bathing in the pond, we will be in the land of a strange king.” Then exile yourself once, borrow someone else’s ship and set sail, don’t be stupid Let’s go to the market instead of going on a wandering voyage first. Only by wandering far away when you are young can you have such experiences and benefits full of Tagore’s fairy tales. They are not only the poems he wrote in your soul, but also the annual rings engraved in your life.

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