The Secret to Becoming a Financially Independent Woman: 6 Characteristics of Girls Who Love Money

  Today I want to talk about the concept of money. The reason is that I saw this sentence while surfing the Internet: I love freedom, and I hate embarrassment, distress and dependence. As long as I have money in my pocket, I can remain independent. ——Rousseau
  Because of this sentence, I became very interested in the concept of money. I summarized the good money views of outstanding girls around me and found that they all have the following 6 characteristics.

◤ 01 ◢Love money from the bottom of my heart and have the correct concept of making money.

  I once read a book “Rich People Think Differently from You” which mentioned three points about the thinking of rich people:
  ① Extremely passionate about money;
  ② Accumulate the first pot of gold consciously and plannedly;
  ③ From the bottom of the heart It hints that you have become a “money addict”;
  this passage is somewhat similar to the law of attraction, and also similar to the following sentence: “Money is alive. If you really like it and appreciate it, more of it will come. Come to you.”
  If we want to become a rich man in the future, we must first fall in love with money and earn it in a good way. The so-called “a gentleman loves money and gets it in a wise way” is exactly the truth.
◤ 02 ◢Never be ashamed to talk about money, be down-to-earth, make a pragmatic living, and firmly grasp the freedom that money brings.

  My best friend Xiao Li once shared with me this passage from Lu Xun: “Freedom cannot be bought by money, but it can be sold for money. Human beings have a big shortcoming, which is that they are often hungry. To remedy this shortcoming, In order to avoid being a puppet, in today’s society, economic rights are the most important.”
  Don’t be ashamed to talk about money. Although having money does not mean freedom, having money will not sell one’s freedom. Money is a person’s last source of confidence.
◤ 03 ◢Don’t depend on others financially and have the skills to support yourself.

  Only when you are financially independent can you take the initiative in life into your own hands. Don’t be reluctant to invest in yourself. Buffett once said: “The best investment is to invest in yourself.” With a skill that can support yourself, even if you face difficulties in the future, a person will not panic too much and know that he You can save yourself.
  ”A man who is weak is his own worst enemy.”
◤ 04 ◢Be sure to save a reserve fund that is completely your own.

  Regardless of whether they have a family or not, every girl must save a reserve fund that is entirely her own. If you have money, you don’t have to swallow your anger and feel too wronged even if you quarrel with your partner; you can also dare to escape from the suffocating workplace when faced with excessive pressure in the workplace. There are too many uncertainties in life, and this reserve fund is a guarantee against future risks.
◤ 05 ◢Be careful about wrong ideas about money passed on in your family, and always ask yourself whether your own ideas about money are correct.

  My parents’ generation had limited education about money. As far as I know, it is not uncommon for families to “show off outside and drink porridge behind closed doors”.
  There are many such wrong views on money around us, which may be quietly affecting us when we grow up. For example, when I just graduated and started working, my parents would ask me to buy better branded clothes every quarter. At home, if the clothes I wore were a little bit old, I would be called sloppy. But the actual correct view of money should be to dress appropriately and use the money earned rationally, rather than using money to show off face.
◤ 06 ◢Learn money to make money, learn and pay attention to financial management knowledge.

  Financial management is not necessarily investment, but to improve the quality of life and to better plan for the future. In addition to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, financial management is a way to increase our salary income, and it is also a “shortcut” that allows us to retire early. Those who have already achieved financial freedom do so precisely because they have mastered the correct financial management methods and thinking.
  Remember: You can never make money beyond your knowledge, so you need to be cautious when investing. Regarding money, my understanding of it has always been: “Money is not everything, but nothing is impossible without money.”
  While surfing the Internet, I learned that most friends who want to retire early do not like money, but like using money. Go buy your own future work time and do the things you like. I hope we can all find a suitable method for financial freedom as soon as possible, realize financial freedom as soon as possible, and become a little rich woman.

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