The Power of Focus: Lessons from Worm Histologist Niefer Mevaky

   Someone asked the famous histologist Niefer Mevaky why he spent his whole life studying the structure of worms. He was surprised and said: “Worms are so long, but life is so short!” This answer is both
   simple and vivid, making the finite Comparing the life and infinite scientific research together, it has a richer connotation. The understanding of the world, the exploration of unknown things, and the pursuit and grasp of the meaning of life can all be interpreted differently from this answer. As a famous histologist, Niefer Mevaky was full of love and humility for his research subjects. This is a scholarly spirit and an attitude towards life. He focused on worm research and devoted his life’s time and energy to it. This professionalism is worth learning from. In today’s era, we are in the midst of rapid development and change. We are faced with too many temptations and need to make various choices, which especially requires the ability to think and discern. Many people mistake the critical eyes of others for the sun shining on their hurried journey. They are accustomed to doing things according to the existing rules and walking towards crowded and lively places, but they lack a rational understanding of what they want to pursue. Niefer Mevaky embodies the value and meaning of life in his research on worms, and has a concentration beyond ordinary people, which has profound enlightenment significance for us.
   In today’s society, the division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and all walks of life are becoming more and more specialized. Human life is limited, and no one can be perfect. If you can focus on one thing, focus on one thing, and concentrate on doing one thing well, it is already very difficult.
   In the Jiaodong Peninsula, there is a story about an old captain. The old captain is blind, but he has a special ability. He can taste the mud on the bottom of the sea and know where the ship is. A new boatman was unconvinced and picked off a piece of mud from the anchor teeth when the ship was sailing. He handed it to the old captain and asked him to judge where the ship had gone. The old captain took the mud and tasted it. He frowned and said, “It’s strange. Why is the ship still in the harbor after two days of travel?” This old captain is a man who truly understands the sea. He goes out to fish in the wind and waves. He cannot regard the sea as an aesthetic and lyrical object like tourists on the seaside. He must study the “habits” of the sea and be familiar with every harbor. This is not only about the Fishing harvests are also related to life safety. The old captain’s special ability comes from accumulated observation and pondering over time, and is also a manifestation of concentration.
   People who are focused generally have their own sense of ritual, which is what we usually call inner rules. For example, Mr. Chen Yinke is a great scholar and is known as the “professor of professors”. When he was teaching at the Tsinghua Institute of Chinese Studies, he had a habit. When teaching Buddhist literature and Zen literature, he would wrap the reference books used in that class with a piece of yellow cloth. When teaching other courses, he would wrap the reference books with black cloth. Book. He always struggled to carry those books into the classroom, never letting his assistant carry them in for him. At the end of class, his classmates wanted to carry his books back to the teachers’ lounge for him, but he refused. This detail reflects Mr. Chen Yinke’s seriousness towards academics.
   People with concentration will persevere and be willing to work hard. It is said that when Qiu Chuji was practicing, he stood alone on a rock at night, threw a copper coin into the bottom of a ditch, and then went to the bottom of the ditch to retrieve the copper coin… This happened over and over again, never letting up, just like Sisyphus in the myth and legend. The never-ending push of rocks uphill. Later, Qiu Chuji dropped the copper coin from the rock. In the dark night, he could easily retrieve the copper coin by relying on his feeling. This kind of training and simple movements contained the most concentrated power. He endured hardships that ordinary people could not endure, and finally reached a state that ordinary people could not reach.
   “Worms are so long, but life is so short!” Nefer Mevaky devoted his life to studying the structure of worms. Through this “incision”, he can face the wider world, experience a richer life, and gain insight into the mystery and complexity of all things in nature. . He focuses on “one thing”, but actually holds “all things” in his heart, and lets “all things” serve the “one thing” in his heart, and puts what he does into a larger coordinate system to recognize and grasp. This is a kind of realm.
   When we talk about mindfulness, what are we talking about? I think it is talking about a kind of professionalism and professional pursuit. As long as everything rises to the professional level, even a single major can develop infinite connotations and meanings. Or it can be said that this one thing actually contains countless things; this road actually contains infinite roads and distances. A person integrates “countless things” in the eyes of others through his own value system and makes them “one thing”. This includes a person’s understanding and efforts of the entire world, and is also one of the meanings of our lives location.

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