Strange Sounds and Dark Secrets in an Isolated Mountain Household

  On the barren hill behind my house, there is a hut made of wooden planks.
  I clean out drawers at home every day. When I wasn’t cleaning the drawers, I sat in my armchair with my hands flat on my knees and heard the whirring sound. It was the north wind that was beating fiercely on the cedar bark roof of the cabin, and the howling of wolves echoed in the valley.
  ”The drawers will never be cleaned properly, huh.” Mom said, giving me a false smile.
  ”Everyone has something wrong with their ears.” I held my breath and continued, “Under the moonlight, there were so many thieves wandering around our house. I turned on the light. , I saw countless holes poked out of the window with fingers. In the next room, you and your father snored so heavily that bottles and jars jumped in the cupboard. I kicked the bed board and turned my side. Turning my swollen head, I heard the man who was locked in the hut banging on the wooden door angrily, and the sound continued until dawn.”
  ”Every time you come to my room to look for something, you always make me tremble with fear.” My mother stared at me carefully and backed away from the door. I saw the flesh on one side of her face. Ridiculously startled.
  One day, I decided to go to the mountain to see what happened. I went up the mountain as soon as the wind stopped. I climbed for a long time. The sun made me dizzy, and every stone was flashing with small white flames. I coughed and rolled around on the mountain. The salty sweat from my brows dripped into my eyes, and I couldn’t see or hear anything. When I came home, I stood outside the door for a while and saw the man in the mirror with wet mud on his shoes and two big purple circles around his eyes.
  ”This is a disease.” I heard the family members snickering in the dark place.
  When my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, they were already hiding – they were laughing and hiding. I found that they had messed up my drawers while I was away, and threw several dead moths and dead dragonflies on the floor. They knew very well that they were my beloved things.
  ”They helped you clean the drawers again while you were away.” The little girl told me, her eyes were straight, and the left eye turned green.
  “I heard wolves howling.” I deliberately frightened her. “The wolves were running around the house outside, and even squeezed their heads through the cracks in the door. As soon as it got dark, there would be These things. You are so scared in your sleep that you break out in cold sweat on the soles of your feet. Everyone in this room breaks out in cold sweat on the soles of their feet when they sleep. Just look at how damp the quilt is.”
  I was very confused because some things in the drawer were missing. Mother pretended not to know anything and lowered her eyes. But she was staring hard at the back of my head, I could feel it. Every time she stared at the back of my head, the area on my scalp where she stared would tingle and swell. I know that they buried my box of Go chess beside the well in the back. They have done this countless times, and I dug it out every time in the middle of the night. While I was digging, they turned on the lights and poked their heads out of the windows. They were impervious to my resistance.
  When we were eating, I said to them: “There is a hut on the mountain.”
  They all buried their heads and snored while drinking soup. Probably no one heard what I said.
  ”Many big rats were running wildly in the wind.” I raised my voice and put down my chopsticks, “The sand and gravel from the mountain rumbled down towards the wall behind our house, and you were all scared to the point of your feet. Do you remember the cold sweat? Just look at the quilt and you will know. As soon as the weather is clear, you will dry the quilt, and the rope outside will always be covered with quilts.”
  My father stared at me quickly with one eye, and I felt that it was a familiar wolf eye. It dawned on me. It turned out that my father turned into one of the wolves every night, running around the house and howling sadly.
  ”There is white swaying everywhere,” I grabbed my mother’s shoulder with one hand and shook it. “Everything is so dazzling that it makes tears flow. You can’t get any impression.” . But as soon as I returned to the house, sat in the armchair, and put my hands flat on my knees, I clearly saw the roof made of fir bark. The image was very close, and you must have seen it too. But, in fact, everyone in our family has seen it. There was indeed a person squatting there, and there were two big purple halos under his eyes, which were the result of staying up late.”
  ”Every time you made a sound when you dug the granite at the edge of the well, your mother and I were suspended in the air. We were shivering, kicking back and forth with our bare feet, unable to touch the ground. “My father avoided my gaze and turned his face towards the window. The window panes were covered with fly droppings.
  ”At the bottom of the well, there is a pair of scissors that I dropped. In my dream, I secretly made up my mind to fish it out. When I wake up, I always find that I have made a mistake. It turns out No scissors were dropped. Your mother asserted that I was mistaken. I refused to give up and remembered it again next time. As I lay there, I suddenly felt very sorry because the scissors were rusting at the bottom of the well. Why didn’t I go? Salvage. I have been worrying about this for decades, and the wrinkles on my face are like knives. Finally one time, I got to the edge of the well and tried to put down the bucket. The rope was heavy and slippery, and my hand went soft. The barrels made a loud roar and were scattered in the well. I ran back to the house and glanced in the mirror. The left side of my hair was completely white.”
  ”The north wind is really fierce,” I shrank, with patches of purple and blue on my face, “little ice cubes formed in my stomach. When I was sitting in the armchair, I heard They jingled and jingled.”
  I always want to clean out the drawers, but my mother is always secretly against me. She was walking around in the next room, making a squeaking sound, which made me think wildly. I wanted to forget those steps, so I opened a deck of cards and chanted: “One, two, three, four, five…” But the steps suddenly stopped, and my mother stretched out her dark green face from the door and spoke hummingly: ” I had a very obscene dream and I’m still sweating on my back.”
  ”And the soles of the feet,” I added, “Everyone’s soles are sweating coldly. Yesterday you dried the quilt again. This kind of thing is very common.”
  My little sister came to me secretly and told me that my mother had been planning to break my arm because the sound of me opening and closing the drawers made her crazy. When she heard the sound, she was so painful that her head sank. I was exposed to cold water until I got a serious cold.
  ”Such a thing is not accidental.” The little girl’s eyes were always staring, which made a red rash grow on my neck. “For example, my father, I heard him talking about the scissors for twenty years? No matter what, it has been around for a long time.”
  I oiled the sides of the drawer and opened and closed it gently so that there was no sound. I tried this for many days, but there was no sound from the footsteps next door. She was deceived by me. It can be seen that many things can be deceived, as long as you are a little careful. I was very excited and worked hard all night. The drawer was about to be cleaned up, but the light bulb suddenly broke and my mother sneered in the next room.
  ”Stimulated by the light in your room, my blood vessels make a pounding sound, like a drum. Look here,” she pointed to her temple, where there was a beating sound. A swollen earthworm. “I would rather have scurvy. There is something in the body all day long, making noises here and there. You have never tasted this feeling. Because of this problem, your father had the idea of ​​​​suicide.” She stretched out a hand. A fat hand was placed on my shoulder. The hand was as cold as if it had been iced, and water kept dripping from it.
  There is a man causing trouble at the well. I heard him repeatedly lowering the bucket, making a rumbling sound on the wall of the well. At dawn, he threw down the bucket with a thud and ran away. I opened the door next door and saw my father sleeping soundly. A hand with exposed veins was gripping the edge of the bed uncomfortably, and he moaned miserably in his sleep.
  The mother’s hair was disheveled and she was fluttering around on the ground with a broom in her hand. She told me that at the moment of dawn, a large group of beetles flew in from the window, crashed into the wall, and fell all over the ground. She got up to clean up, put her feet into her slippers, and was bitten by a beetle hidden in the slippers. Her whole leg was swollen like a lead pillar.
  ”He,” the mother pointed to the sleeping father, “he dreamed that he was bitten.”
  ”In the hut on the mountain, there is also a person moaning. The black wind carries some mountain grape leaves.”
  ”Did you hear that?” The mother put her ear to the floor attentively in the half-darkness. “These things fell on the floor so painfully that they fainted. They broke out at that moment of dawn. Come in.”
  That day, I did go up the mountain again, and I remember it very clearly. First I sat in the wicker chair and put my hands flat on my knees. Then I opened the door and walked into the white light. I climbed up the mountain, and my eyes were filled with flames of white pebbles, no mountain grapes, and no huts.

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