Mastering Time: Embracing Technology’s Precision to Overcome Procrastination

  With the rapid development of science and technology, people can control time more accurately. Some people are overwhelmed by the anxiety caused by time, procrastinate on everything, and become the servant of time. Even so, we still have to be the masters of time, not servants.
  First of all, if you look closely, technology has advanced rapidly, and people’s measurement of time has become more and more accurate. In primitive times, only day and night were known. Later, people invented the sundial by observing shadows and divided time into twelve hours, which was accurate to two hours. Then there were notches, allowing people to time accurately to nearly a quarter of an hour, that is, fifteen minutes. Later, mechanical clocks appeared in Europe, allowing people to keep time accurately to the minute. With the development of astronomy, people can observe time with an accuracy of one thousandth of a second. Later, due to the development of atomic physics, atomic clocks were invented, which could measure time accurately to one millionth of a second. It can be seen that human beings have been constantly trying to grasp time more accurately and enhance people’s allocation of tiny time. Various high-precision technologies have become possible. Human beings are increasingly becoming the masters of time.
  However, there are also some people who become servants of time and lose control of time. When you lose control of time, procrastination occurs. As the saying goes, “If I wait for tomorrow, everything will be wasted.” When unplanned procrastination occurs, you will find that everything is imminent, so you can only complete one after another as time goes by. Things accumulate in the end and become the servant of time.
  In order to become the master of time, we should have detailed and clear plans for time. Planning can help people better control their time and solve problems such as procrastination. Everyone has inertia. We must overcome inertia, refuse to procrastinate, make detailed plans, and become the master of time.
  Time is a quantity defined by human beings in describing the length of a process. Human beings should learn to use time and become the masters of time, instead of having no plan for time and degenerating into servants of time.

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