How Negative Emotions Can Be “Contagious” and Impact Your Well-Being and Success

The American biologist Elma has done a famous “emotional experiment”.

He collects the breath that people exhale when they are angry, complaining, and sad, and infuses it into water.

And then injected it into the experimental mice, it quickly stopped breathing.

Negative emotions are contagious like a virus. They not only affect one’s state, but also change the mood magnetic field of those around them.

Think about it, do you often do the same:

Friends complain to you, but you listen to more sad than him; friction between colleagues, you are easy to sleep and eat; meet unreasonable rotten people, how can not swallow the fire in my heart.

As the psychologist Cong Feicong said:

There is always such a kind of person who wants to save others ‘sadness and eliminate others’ anger. These people who can’t think will make themselves especially tired.

Too much attention to other people’s emotions is a kind of social friction.

Instead of worrying about other people’s emotions, it is better to focus on your own day.

Darius Foroux, a well-known entrepreneurial mentor, told a story.

He had a friend who was an executive at a company that led the way to five years of outstanding growth.

However, by the sixth year, sales suddenly plummeted.

The upheaval had nothing to do with the market but with a new recruit.

This newcomer has a bright resume and good working ability, but there is nothing wrong with it-he likes to complain and complain. It can be said that negative energy explodes.

He looked down on the current work system, complained that the leadership division of labor was unclear, complained that customers had too many problems… Over time, it also affected others.

The once enthusiastic sales team gradually became depressed and decadent.

Foroux’s friends decided to fire him, but the team was no longer as dynamic as before.

Franklin once said,”One rotten apple is enough to spoil a basket of apples.”

Unfortunately, in life, there are not a few such “rotten apples”:

You wanted to study hard for the entrance examination, but your roommate said that the class had solidified early, and it was your turn to work well, so you put down your books and started playing games together.

You wanted to work steadfastly, but the senior said that good positions were reserved for related households, so you began to dawdle like him, wasting time in vain;

You were full of hope for marriage, but some people came to you crying and complaining, so you began to hesitate and missed the opportunity…

See?These people who like to complain and are full of hostility will never tell you that life is good, but will only pull you into the same quagmire as them.

The concept of a “black hole man” was mentioned in “Circle Breakthrough.”

It means that there is a class of people in life who, like black holes, can absorb people around them with negative energy.

Once we get too close, we unconsciously degenerate.

On the contrary, there is another kind of person in life, who has a luminous physique, full of positive energy, and is always enthusiastic like a small sun.

You want to live in the smoke or flowers, it’s all up to you how to choose.

Deep friendship with people full of negative energy is tantamount to chronic poisoning; getting along with optimistic and happy people is the nourishment of body and mind.

On Weibo, there have been netizens talking about a sad thing.

He said his father was warm-hearted and fond of fighting injustice.

One day, the old man saw a young man park his car on the fire escape and went forward to argue.

Unexpectedly, the young man cursed without saying a few words. The old man refused to show weakness and pulled the young man to let everyone judge.

As a result, the young man broke free and shouted,”If you continue to talk, I will beat you to the ground!”

Finally, although his father returned home under the persuasion of everyone, he could not let go of his anger and suffered a stroke two days later.

Writer Zhang Chenxi has a saying that makes sense:

What we should learn is not only to stay away from garbage people, but to learn how to avoid forcing each other into garbage people and nip conflicts and contradictions in the cradle. This is a science.

There are many conflicts in life that could have been avoided, but when we meet bad people, we can’t help but argue.

As a result, he didn’t change others, but he also put himself in it:

When you meet unreasonable people, you can’t help arguing with them in public, delaying things and losing dignity.

For a little different opinion, argue with colleagues red, no matter who is right or wrong, let the leader extremely disappointed.

Bad people and bad things are like a mud pit. The deeper you step in, the deeper you sink.

Having read such a fable, I was greatly inspired.

On a single-log bridge, a red sheep and a black sheep met. If they met head-on, they might fall off the cliff at the same time.

So who let it happen?

If two sheep are the same, it is difficult for anyone to choose.

But change the information of these two sheep slightly, and the answer is obvious.

If the black sheep has a terminal illness and does not live for a week, and the red sheep wins the lottery and the good days are yet to come, it must be the red sheep who gives way, because it is happier.

In other words, if they fall into the abyss at the same time, the red sheep will lose more and lose more.

So, a very interesting theory was born-happiness makes way, who is happy who makes way.

As Lincoln said:

It is better to let a dog go first than to compete with him.Because beating a dog is no honor, but being bitten by a dog is bad luck.

It is self-protection and self-fulfillment not to entangle when things happen and not to entangle when people meet.

Not to confront angry people is not to show timidity, but a person’s determination not to be carried away by emotions.

Sartre, the philosopher, wrote a play called “confinement.”

Said it was three people imprisoned, waiting to go to hell.As they waited, they began to judge each other and criticize each other.

Gradually, all three of them suffered from self-doubt and self-doubt because of others ‘comments.

After suffering from mental torture, they suddenly realized that they did not have to go to hell, they were already in hell.

This is Sartre’s famous theory of “others are hell.”

In this world, what really defeats us is not others, but ourselves who are too sensitive.

For others a praise and compromise, afraid of others angry and willing to suffer;

See colleagues smile, you relieved; see family frown, self-examination;

He lived nervously, afraid that others would say that he was not good at all.

Over time, spiritual stress, like Sisyphus ‘stone, can always make us lose all our efforts in an instant.

When a friend first entered the workplace, his parents repeatedly told him to do a good job in co-worker relations and not to make the leader unhappy.

He kept in mind that he was careful everywhere during his internship, picked up a courier for the leader, helped Sister Zhang make a report, and took the initiative to stay overtime.

When he goes to work, he is nervous as soon as others speak. After work, he is most afraid of missing the unit phone.

But as a result, more and more chores were done, and there was no bright spot in the work.

Leaders don’t like it, colleagues don’t cherish it, and finally even he looks down on himself.

Six months later, he realized that one person could not please everyone.

Friends began to change, no longer around to curry favor with people, but to cultivate their own, do their job well.

At first, he did offend many people, but when everyone saw his firm attitude, they were more polite.

I agree with the words in “Disliked Courage”:

Living in fear of relationship breakdown is an unfree way of living for others.Every attempt to please kills the ego.

A relationship that is hard to please cannot last long; a relationship that is carefully maintained will break at a touch.

It’s hard to adjust, it’s better not to adjust, life is not easy, why look at other people’s faces.

Walking in your own heart is better than living in the eyes of others.

Facebook used to push positive content and depressed content to 690,000 users.

They then tracked user responses and found that most subjects were “emotionally contagious.”

Users who were pushed happy content also posted positive emotions, while users who received depressed content showed obvious negative pessimism.

Real mature people know how to shield the emotions of the outside world and focus on their own path.

Author Li Shanglong shared an experience in the book.

When he came to Beijing to fight, he was as confused and helpless as many Beipiao.

Career for several years without breakthrough, surrounded by all the down and out “losers”, depression like flu raging.

But there is a personal friend is different, he was born in the countryside, starting point is lower than everyone, but happy every day.

This friend never sighed, he saved money to buy himself a camera, nothing on the streets to take street scenes.

A few years later, some gave up and drifted back home, while others were still complaining.

The friend, however, won 300,000 prizes for a photo work and started his business.

At first, Li Shanglong felt that he was lucky. Later, he understood:

It was this friend’s optimism, transparency and sobriety that helped him achieve the counterattack.

I like Feng Lun’s words:

Positive people are like the sun, where it shines, negative people are like the moon, the first day and fifteenth day are different.

We want to be like sunflowers, follow the sun, bask in the sun blooming stamens, rather than to the uncertain moon hurt spring and autumn.

People live a lifetime, each has its own fate, sorrow and joy do not communicate, bitter and happy do not blend.

The days are your own, and have nothing to do with anyone else.

The meaning of life is not to find an outlet for others ’emotions, but to find a way out for one’s own life.

In the end, we live for ourselves and are responsible for ourselves.

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