Hemingway Defends His Sister’s Honor in Legendary Street Fight with Poet Juarez Stevens

  Hemingway had a sister named Ursula, who was almost thirty years old and still waiting to be married. The older brother saw it and couldn’t help but worry about it. Sometimes he would call Ursula to parties to give her more opportunities to interact with people. One day in February 1936, Hemingway entertained guests at his home in a small town in the southern tip of Florida, USA, and many colleagues from the literary world came. Every February and March, a large number of literati come from the north like migratory birds to escape the cold.
  The small villas on the beach are all beautiful. Everyone holds wine glasses and drinks while enjoying the Caribbean breeze, which is romantic and comfortable. Ursula was not interested in young writers, but was attracted to an old man – New York modernist poet Juarez Stevens. This old man won the Pulitzer Prize and was known for his acerbic tone. Perhaps it was his sarcastic tone that attracted Ursula’s attention.
  Ursula went up to him happily, wanting to chat with the poet, but what happened next was beyond her expectation. Stevens couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he saw a beautiful woman coming up to talk to him – saying that Ursula is a beautiful woman is not a casual compliment. The Hemingway family is famous for their outstanding looks, and his granddaughter is now a celebrity in the American fashion industry.
  Stevens pointed at a man in the distance and said, “You see, that man is actually a softie.” He thought Ursula would laugh and didn’t want her to scream: “How can you say that? That’s my brother.” !” Only then did Stevens realize that the beautiful woman in front of him was Hemingway’s sister, but he did not want to give in, so he took advantage of the wine and said: “Yes, that’s him, he is a waste!” Seurat was very angry, ran out and told Hemingway about it.
  Hemingway said nothing. There are some grudges in the literary world, and only the literati themselves understand them. When the party was over, he walked out onto Waddell Street with his glass in hand. This is the only street in the town, and it is also the only way for drunkards to pass after they break up. It had just rained and the ground was wet.
  After a while, Stevens came over, staggering. Don’t underestimate Stevens. Although he is twenty years older than Hemingway, he is tall and strong because he practiced boxing when he was young. The problem is that he forgot that Hemingway also practiced boxing and learned from Spanish bullfighters.
  ”Are you that Hemingway?” Stevens said, raising his hand and punching him. Hemingway ducked and punched Stevens. The punch was so hard that Stevens immediately fell into a puddle on the street. He got up again, and Hemingway knocked him down. He got up again, and was knocked down again by Hemingway. Hemingway was still holding a wine glass in one hand when he delivered these three punches.
  After all, Stevens was a man who had been in the boxing ring and would not give in easily. He got up for the third time and punched Hemingway with all his strength, hitting Hemingway on the chin. If it had been anyone else, this punch would have been fatal, and he might have fallen to the ground, but Hemingway was fine. Instead, Stevens’ right arm snapped with a snap. This is true. Hemingway did not hurt Stevens. Stevens broke his arm. At this time, Stevens finally gave in and said, “Little brother, this is over now. It’s my fault. Give me some face and don’t tell anyone else, okay?” Hemingway touched his chin and agreed.
  Hemingway did not break his promise, but later in his novella “The Brief Happy Life of Francis Macomber”, he described a guilty New York man who went hunting in Africa and was chased by a lion. Halfway through, he said to the tour guide, You must never tell my wife this.
  Some geniuses are fragile and need care from others, but Hemingway was not only a genius, but also capable of defending his own honor. As for Stevens, someone once asked him what he thought of Hemingway. He said he didn’t know and had never read that person’s books.

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