From Complaining to Action: Breaking Free from the Comfort Zone of Poverty

  When I was a second-year graduate student, there was a “little poor girl” in the unit where I interned. Every time her salary was paid at the beginning of the month, she went shopping in the middle of the month, and her bank card balance was notified at the end of the month, she would cry out loud about her poverty.
  One day, she said privately: “I feel that my supervisor is always targeting me, and even the team leader doesn’t like me. Don’t these people see that I work overtime every day? Why do they always pick on me?” During
  that time, the company A group of young employees were selected to study for one year at the University of International Business and Economics. The marketing department she worked in was a key selection department, but her name was not on the list. In addition, at the topic selection meeting at the beginning of the month, her presentation had many omissions in figures, and she was severely criticized by the leader. For this reason, the team leader specifically talked to her. A series of events made her feel like she was the target of public criticism.
  During her lunch break that day, she ate snacks and read entertainment news as usual. Suddenly she happily said to us: “Have you heard? These people who leave their jobs to study can only receive 40% salary subsidy. They haven’t studied in college for four years. What can you learn in just one year! The rent in Beijing is so high It’s so expensive that I won’t even be able to pay the rent. It’s so uneconomical. Fortunately, I wasn’t chosen!”
  At this time, the department leader happened to come in, so he reprimanded her: “When you came for the interview, you heard that the department had foreign trade business, so you shouted You must learn spoken English well. It has been more than a year. How have you learned spoken English? I see that some of the books you bought have not even opened the covers – but the variety show has not finished a single episode. If you hadn’t been watching Entertainment video, while working, can you make mistakes in the topic selection meeting? Don’t just complain about working overtime, why don’t you think that if you put more thought into it and stop procrastinating, others can complete the work, why can’t you? I I signed up for a set of high-quality courses worth more than 6,000 yuan for your marketing department, but you didn’t click on it to learn a single lesson, but you were very active in replenishing your membership on the video website. You always cry about poverty and complain, why don’t you think about your salary? Are you the lowest in the department? Why are you not included in this talent selection?!”
  A year later, these employees returned to the company and became the main force of the marketing department. As the company’s business expanded overseas, the knowledge they learned came in handy . The “little poor girl” was fired three months ago.
  You feel comfortable with the status quo and don’t want to change it, but others won’t give you such an opportunity. What’s even more frightening is that at the age when you should be struggling, you choose to be comfortable and not enterprising, crying about poverty while feeling at ease at the same time.
  Not all dissatisfaction in this world is caused by others targeting you. It is probably the result of your lack of effort. Instead of complaining all day long, it is better to ask: “Isn’t it time to change?” I don’t believe that anyone is willing to label themselves “poor”. Those who regard themselves as poor without trying to change are simply doing themselves a disservice. crime.
  You want to be a writer, but you never dare to go to the publishing house to visit editors and listen to their suggestions and criticisms; you are immersed in your own dreams, but you say that others don’t know the beauty of Jingshan.
  You have a grand plan, but you never put it into practice. Instead, you say that your talent is not appreciated and you are maliciously ostracized everywhere.
  You are not willing to be poor, but you have never tried to make changes. Instead, you feel at ease and live contentedly.
  Once upon a time, you also hated this kind of yourself: in the years when you should have been working hard, you were too lazy to take it for granted and could not act confidently; you were obviously self-blaming, uneasy, fearful, and anxious, but you were lucky and timid; you were greedy The current stability, fear that every move will bring trouble, or even become nothing.
  In fact, you don’t need to make earth-shattering changes at all. Just take advantage of the fact that you still have passion and dreams, while you are still young and flying, jump out of your comfort zone and do something. Don’t let yourself be so poor and feel at ease.

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