Finding Flow: A Love Letter to Water in All Its Forms

  I like water, from the vast ocean to the still reed ponds, including the creek in front of me.
   For example, in the mountains in summer, if there is a stream nearby that makes the sound of splashing water and endless gurgling water, I will definitely trace the sound to find it and see this recluse with my own eyes. Get acquainted with the “son of the mountain” who lives deep in the mountains but is very talkative.
   Those rapid mountain streams are often particularly beautiful, passing through towering firs and over steep rocks, making a brisk and loud sound of flowing water. If you encounter a cliff, the stream will turn into a waterfall, pulling up a white water curtain, and then converge into a pool of green and cool lake water.
   However, I also admire the shallow creek on the flat ground. Although it is too shallow to cover the pebbles on the river bed, I also like the smooth, silvery oval pebbles; or It is a little deeper, like a small river, running forward under the protection of willow trees on both sides. The law of the river is that the flow speed in the middle is often faster than the two sides, and it looks like a hanging silk scarf. If people were free to choose, who wouldn’t want to chase the direction of the flowing water during an outing?
   Water has a natural attraction for people, and there is a natural sensing ability between people and water. Humans originate from water. Most of our bodies are composed of water. At a certain stage of development before we are born, humans also have gill-like organs. I am happy to admit that for me, the various expressions of water are the most direct and sincere enjoyment of contact with nature.
   I feel that an hour of meditating by the water is as short as a minute in daily life, and it is not easy to notice. I leaned over the wooden fence of the stream and stared blankly at the flowing water under the bridge. I could stand there as long as I wanted. The stream rushes forward without stopping, but there is another kind of flow in my heart, which is the rapid passage of time. It will not change its direction due to people’s fear or anxiety. My affinity for water makes me happy to live near rivers and streams.

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