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Exploring the Quantum Nature of the Soul Through the Characteristics of Quantum Science

Quantum science is an unfathomable subject for most people, because the characteristics of quantum are very strange. It not only has “wave-particle duality”, “quantum entanglement”, “quantum superposition”, “quantum attraction”, “Quantum interference” and other characteristics, and granular quanta do not follow Newtonian mechanics, and wave-like quanta do not follow the wave function.

This makes physicists who study quantum science confused. This is because quantum science has touched the soul world!

The existence of the soul, that is, ideology, is beyond doubt. Without a soul, a person is like a walking corpse. The 21st century is no longer an era of pure materialism or idealism. Humanity has already made thorough scientific research on the material world, but it has only just begun for the soul world. Quantum science is about studying the soul with a scientific attitude and method, and studying idealism with a materialistic truth-seeking spirit. This is the right direction!

Laozi is an expert in the study of the soul. The silk book “Laozi” from the Western Han Dynasty unearthed in Hanwangdui has confirmed that the “Tao Te Ching” is a pseudo-“Laozi” that has been tampered with beyond recognition by later generations. The original text of the silk book “Laozi” and the “Tao Te Ching” There is a huge difference in the original text.

Due to the ruling needs and verbal taboos of successive emperors, the “Tao Te Ching” has been changed. Reading the silk book “Laozi” is a rigorous scientific masterpiece, but reading the “Tao Te Ching” is a mysterious and mysterious philosophical masterpiece.

Newton began to think about the problem of universal gravitation because an apple fell and hit his head. From then on, he started the study of mechanics in the objective world.

Because Laozi became interested in the mutual transformation of people from sleep to wakefulness, he began to study the soul in the subjective world. Laozi proposed a research topic: the working mechanism of the soul, and gave research methods to extend the transition from wakefulness to sleep. Or the moment of transition from sleep to wakefulness, that is, meditation, the process of experiencing soul awareness, and the research results are obtained, which is the five thousand words “Laozi De Dao Jing”.

A few nights ago, I was fortunate enough to experience the working mechanism of the soul while half asleep and half awake. I deeply realized the “wave-particle duality”, “quantum entanglement”, “quantum superposition” and “quantum superposition” in quantum science. “Attraction”, “Quantum Interference” and other characteristics. When I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning, my memory is clear, I feel refreshed, and my inspiration bursts out. It turns out that the characteristics of quantum are the characteristics of the soul. The soul is the legendary indivisible quantum, independent and eternal. individual!

There is a deviation in the definition of “quantum” in the scientific community. Quantum is not the smallest unit in traditional physics, but an objectively indivisible independent individual unit. It has no size, because size is a subjective concept created by human discrimination.

The objective soul world has only energy without quality, only quantity without size, only space without time, only distance without distance, only form without shape…

Below, I describe in detail the characteristics of the soul and its meaning in real life.

The “wave-particle duality” of the soul

“Wave-particle duality” is a basic assumption of quantum science, which was later confirmed by countless light quantum experiments. Light quantum does not propagate in a straight line. For example, Einstein’s experiment in which a small window illuminates the entire room. According to the theory of linear propagation of light, light passing through the small window can only illuminate a small direct area. In the experiment, a completely light-absorbing plate was used to place light. Where the small window shines directly, the light still illuminates the entire room. The light quantum experiment proves that light is transmitted in a wave form, and when observing the light quantum, it appears in the form of particles.

In the soul world, “I” is everywhere and manifests as “I” somewhere. When my soul appears as “I”, it is the consciousness of me and the people around me that is focused on me, and I appear in a tangible “particle” state. When I act like I am not me, the focus of my consciousness is focused on the people around me, and my consciousness is “split” into the consciousness of the people around me. I act like I am not me, but an invisible “wave” shape.

In real life, the value of my existence is the attention of people around me. When the attention is stronger, my existence is more valuable and my energy is stronger; when no one pays attention to me, I am not If I die, my existence will be meaningless. This is why people are afraid of loneliness. Loneliness can make a person suffocate and die.

Therefore, if you want to live a meaningful and valuable life, you must let more people pay attention to you and let everyone’s energy focus on you. Then you will gain super energy that responds to everything. This is the power of popularity!

“Quantum Entanglement” of the Soul

Because the soul is a quantum, the soul has the outstanding characteristic of quantum: entanglement. What is quantum entanglement? That is, between two related quanta, a change in one quantum will inevitably cause a change in the other quantum, and the changes in both occur at the same time and in the same amount. For example, if a mother and a daughter give birth to a child, the daughter becomes the mother and the mother becomes the grandmother. The mother passively changes her state of existence simultaneously and equally. This is quantum entanglement.

In the soul world, souls and souls are entangled with each other. For example, if I have an idea, the surrounding souls can sense it and react accordingly. In the same way, the thoughts of the surrounding souls will also cause my soul to react. This situation occurs at the same time and in the same amount.

When I make an action, it may not be my own conscious action, but the result of the entanglement of the surrounding soul consciousness. My conscious action may be passive.

I deeply experienced in the “dream” that the entanglement of other souls on me caused me to act inexplicably, and my own soul could not even control my own actions.

The same is true in real life. This is what we often say: people do not live for themselves. As long as a person is alive, he is always being noticed by others, which is called “quantum entanglement”. If many people are entangled with you at the same time, your behavior will be out of your control and you will consciously make some subconscious behavior. This is why, when many people are talking about one person together and everyone misses him, he will Suddenly appeared and said that Cao Cao had arrived. It turned out that this was the result of quantum entanglement.

This also tells us that in life, we should be more grateful and less resentful. If you are grateful to others, other people’s souls can feel it and will make a dedication of gratitude at the same time. On the contrary, if you resent others, others will also make a dedication of resentment. . When people around you return more gratitude to you, your life energy will be greatly improved, and you will be healthy and everything will go smoothly; when you have more resentment, your life energy will be greatly reduced and your body will become ill. Everything goes wrong.

Quantum entanglement also well explains the fate between people. People who are destined to be together will eventually get married, people who are destined to meet will eventually meet, people who are destined to be together will eventually gather together, and birds of a feather flock together.

“Quantum Superposition” of the Soul

What is quantum superposition? It means that a quantum exists in different places or in different states at the same time. Another meaning is that when we observe a quantum among a bunch of quanta, what we often observe is not the state of one quantum, but the state of multiple quantums. Superposition state, why is this happening?

In my “dream”, I deeply experienced the pain of superimposed souls. Another soul gave some supernatural instructions in my soul. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him and feel him. He could control me and let me Not controlled by one’s own consciousness. My soul asked many souls, and they all had this experience. It turns out that sometimes, it really is: I am not me, you are not you. Because our souls are in a superposition state most of the time, and the superposition state is the normal state of the soul.

In real life, when we are emotionally excited, our souls are actually in a superposition state. At this time, we often lose our minds and do things that go against our original intentions, because at that moment, I am no longer me. Being superimposed and controlled by the consciousness of others and the consciousness of inner demons. Therefore, impulse is the devil, and the devil loves to take advantage of it, superimpose it on our souls, and reduce our life energy.

For people with faith, what is superimposed is the soul of Shinto, and what is superimposed is high energy, which will make their own consciousness produce joy and compassion, and enhance their own life energy.

People who have no faith think that they can be their own masters, and the superposition state in the soul world is a normal state. Since they do not have the protection of positive energy, their souls are often superimposed by some negative energy demonic souls. , people naturally show their demonic side, which quickly consumes their own self-awareness energy, leading to a tragic life fate!

Therefore, we don’t have to have faith, but we must have positive energy. Kindness and compassion can bring us full of positive energy, so that our souls can be blessed by positive energy and avoid the superposition of negative energy and demonic souls.

The superposition of souls also confirms a sentence: All things are one, you are in me, and I am in you. When we understand this truth, we will lose our sense of discrimination and have more “self-love” towards the people and things around us. Those who love others will always love them! I also understand that the shortcomings of others are exactly the reflection of the shortcomings of my own soul, and I will no longer find fault with others.

The “Quantum Attraction” of the Soul

There is a gravitational force between quanta, and this gravitational force is manifested as quantum attraction. In 1687, Newton proposed the incredible universal gravitation, which caused quite a stir in the scientific community. Everyone could not understand that there would be an attraction between two non-contact objects. This universal gravitation is actually caused by the quantum attraction inside the object. The quantum attraction differs depending on the quantum energy, and the energy of the quantum depends on the quantum consciousness.

The law of attraction between people and between people and things has been recognized by mankind. The attraction between souls is mutual. Men and women in love are most likely to feel the “quantum attraction” of the soul. When a boy misses a girl particularly, a huge “quantum attraction” will occur, and the other soul will be affected by “quantum entanglement.” “And were attracted and had the same feeling, then the two souls met and superimposed in the quantum world. Therefore, the most advanced form of love is the union of man and woman into one, the superposition state of souls!

Understanding the “quantum attraction” of the soul will guide us in life to attract the other person first, and love is the greatest attraction. My soul sends you the attraction of love, and your soul will sense it at the same time and respond with love to me. If there is a trade or other transaction between two souls in love, it will be a matter of course.

So, when a person laments that it is difficult to make money, have you ever tortured yourself, have you given love to others?

The quantum attraction of the soul also explains the principle of the universal law of attraction very well!

“Quantum Interference” of the Soul

Quantum interference is also a major obstacle in quantum scientific research. Because of this interference between quanta, the quanta will instantly change its state, causing the wave function to collapse.

Where does the “quantum interference” between souls manifest? For example, person A’s soul guides him to drive from point A to point B for a trip, and person B tells person A not to go, as there will be a car accident if he does. At this time, A’s wave function indicates that he will drive from point A to point B today, and then have a car accident at point C when he comes back, and then return to point A. Because Person A is disturbed by Person B, he will not travel to Place B. His wave function suddenly collapses, and the fact of a car accident will no longer occur. But the larger wave function of A still runs as usual. This is the fate of the soul, which will follow a certain wave function. In our lives, we will often be disturbed by others and interrupt some of our actions. This is the “quantum interference” of the soul. It is precisely because of the “quantum interference” of the soul that life is more colorful.

Understanding the quantum interference of the soul allows us to listen more to other people’s opinions and correct our own behavior; however, at the same time, other people’s interference sometimes hinders our success. This requires you to have a bright and self-aware heart, be aware of your soul goals, and persevere in achieving your goals without being disturbed by other souls in the process!

The quantum interference of the soul also allows us to understand the purpose of self-cultivation, which is to find the attributes of our soul through meditation, try not to be interfered by the worldly soul, and be our true self. It is not easy to be the true self. You need to pull your independent soul out of the superposition state, eliminate the quantum interference of the soul, and cut off the quantum entanglement of the soul.

No wonder, some great practitioners have become monastics and retired to caves to cut off the entanglements and interference of the world of mortals. However, after they attained Taoism, they found that they were connected to all things and became one, but they still could not get rid of the quantum superposition of their souls!

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