Beyond Youthful Fire, Beyond Elderly Grace: The Untapped Wisdom of Middle Age

I have always believed that in a certain period of time and in a certain society, even if all the young and old people are possessed by demons, as long as the middle-aged people are not ridiculous, things will not be much worse.

In middle age, the green fruits of life become so plump, the noisy youthful conflict precipitates into elegance, and even heavy social responsibilities may dissolve into daily life moods.

When you reach the age when you should be independent, you still don’t know how to be spiritually independent. This is a common tragedy for many middle-aged people in China.

Every day, we look forward to the instructions from our superiors, the opinions of the masses, and the opinions of our family before we can take every step – this is a sign that we have not yet been spiritually weaned.

The most frightening thing is that no one has been weaned, and there is not so much good milk in the society, so the collective sucking of all kinds of fake and inferior drinks has begun.

Above the loud and neat sucking sounds are those faces that are full of wrinkles but not yet old.

The most common mistake for middle-aged people is to place all their hopes on their old age.

Nowadays, I live frugally, live without a smile, and swallow my anger every day, all of which are striving for an old age with dignity, wealth, and freedom.

However, we have seen countless times that A useless middle-aged person cannot reach a happy old age. Just like a river, a turbid upper section cannot bring about a clear lower section.

Those who are used to being depressed can only continue to be depressed; those who are used to being humble can only remain humble. Moreover, due to the lack of physical strength and the loss of friends and friends in the twilight, depression can only become more depressed, and humbleness can only become more humble.

Only when you set up an independent mast in middle age, raise high white sails, and sing loud songs, will there be good wind to cheer you up, a flock of gulls to guide you, and find quiet harbors that welcome you one by one. You choose carefully.

The perseverance of middle-aged people should rise from opinions to personality, and personality is difficult to express.

In front of the middle-aged people, a large number of confrontations have been resolved. The opponents from the past have disappeared, and the enemies from yesterday have no hatred. They are taking care of all kinds of people, old and young, by their side.

Please don’t underestimate the word “care”. At least half of the charm of middle-aged people is related to this.

The main characteristic of middle-aged people losing their sense of proportion is that they forget their own age. Sometimes they want others to care for them like they treat young people, and sometimes they want others to respect them like they treat old people.

He is obviously a grown man, but he cannot make decisions on any bigger issues. He often talks to his boss to express his heartfelt feelings, and runs away from anything if something goes wrong, not daring to take any responsibility.

A Western philosopher said that only old people who have experienced many vicissitudes of life will understand the true philosophy of life. The same words spoken by an old man are a hundred times more profound than those spoken by a young man. I cannot entirely agree with this.

Philosophy arises from the struggle between two opposing forces, so it favors middle-aged people. All the outstanding philosophers in the world completed their ideological systems in middle age, which is the evidence.

Old age is a poetic age. This statement is not to flatter the elders.

Middle age is too practical and busy to be considered poetry as a whole. Youth is often poeticized, but the poetry of youth has too much passion and lacks artistic conception. According to my standards, a lack of artistic conception is not considered a good poem.

Only in old age, the heavy mission has been lifted, the joys and sorrows of life have been understood, the world of mortals has moved far away, the quiet surrounding environment and the slowed down pace of life together form a summary , inductive slight harmony, the artistic conception of poetry appears.

Yearning for the top, yearning for height, but in the end the top is just a narrow place where we can just stand. You can’t walk sideways, you can’t walk straight, you can only enjoy the pleasure of looking down for a moment, how can you stop and sit still for a long time?

There was no way up and it was difficult to go down. I felt lonely and scared like never before. The truly warm beauties in the world are all touching the earth and lurking in the deep valleys.

The height of domination over all things ultimately constitutes self-mockery. I had noticed its ridicule, so I hurriedly tested the steep slope down the mountain.

Life is really difficult. If you don’t reach the peak, you won’t be able to discover anything. If you reach the peak, you won’t be able to grasp anything.

It seems that it is destined to be constantly going uphill and downhill, uphill and downhill.

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