Beyond the Hype: Examining the Deeper Meaning Behind “The Gears of Fate Begin to Turn”

   Recently, there is a popular meme on the Internet called “The gears of fate begin to turn.”
   On the Douyin platform alone, videos related to the topic “The Gears of Destiny Begin to Turn” have been played more than 7 billion times. When people share their “moment of turning the gears of destiny”, what exactly are they expressing?
   In fact, this type of video is not really new. The protagonist is usually an unknown person at the beginning of the video, living a mediocre or even embarrassing life. Then the scene changes and the protagonist is dressed in bright clothes and looks completely different from the other person.
   When the gears of fate begin to turn, it usually refers to a life-changing moment. It may not appear in life in a very solemn and grand manner. Sometimes ordinary things become the butterfly that stirs up the waves of fate.
   The discussion is not limited to the transformation of so-called celebrities and Internet celebrities, but ordinary people also participate in the discussion. They sort through their own photos on social platforms to review their growth path.
   Some people decided to exercise due to low self-esteem and internal conflicts, and finally became sports bloggers; some people whispered in the dark night that they wanted to get out of the small town, and finally realized their dreams of higher education… In this self-performance, people expressed their feelings about ” The care and affirmation of “self” conveys the view that what people should be most grateful for is themselves who are ordinary and hardworking.
   The record itself is an affirmation. In traditional historical narratives, it seems that only princes and generals will leave their names in history, while ordinary people are mostly lost in the dust of time. Nowadays, by participating in “making memes”, ordinary people leave traces on social platforms and achieve a closed loop of self-evaluation in their interactions with netizens.
   When ordinary people publish their own stories, they actually pick up a pen that defines life. While telling stories, they construct their own destiny narrative from the perspective of ordinary people.
   Looking closely at “The gears of fate begin to turn”, it seems to express a core that is not new: as long as you persist, work hard and are brave enough, luck will eventually come. This makes us think: does the continued popularity of “The Gears of Destiny Begin to Turn” mean the resurgence of success narratives?
   Success science narratives have highly homogeneous expression routines, usually emphasizing individual efforts, cognitive upgrades, crossing classes and other elements, creating spiritual illusions in passionate words. It is utilitarian in nature, like compressing everyone’s life into an instant can called “success” on an industrial assembly line.
   Rather than saying that “The Gears of Destiny Begin to Turn” is a mass-produced “success story”, it is better to say that it is a propositional discussion about “how ordinary people can live a good life.”
   People realize that individual differences are ignored, and no matter what kind of people are pursuing similar success, they are all repeating similar lives. The popularity of this topic reflects from another aspect: people want to see ordinary people who are not kidnapped by secular definitions turning the gears of diverse destiny.
   The stories people post cannot be called amazing or legendary. If there is anything that stands out, it is the consistent self-consistency and diversity. Countless ordinary people use their own experiences to tell others that real life is not the same. Counterattack template.
   This is not necessarily a “shuangwen” story of counterattack, nor does it necessarily have to go through many hardships. The person sharing the story has no intention of selling, selling or showing off anything. The speech itself is the purpose, and a kind of retelling of the past is achieved in self-performance. Pan and relieved.
   The gears of destiny turn because of people’s active choice and pursuit. As netizens discussed, the gears of fate do not turn at a certain moment, but all the time. The self that keeps asking questions and the steps that are unwilling to stop push the gears of destiny forward. The butterfly flapping its wings may be himself.

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