Beyond the Crossroads: A Traffic Lady’s Joy that Ignites Ordinary Lives

  What does the crossroads mean? Southeast, northwest, or front, back, left, and right. This intersection is a silhouette of the city. We arrive in a hurry and leave in a hurry, just like our short life, reaching in all directions but nowhere to rely on.
  But here, there is always an ordinary figure that I can’t forget. “Go straight, hurry up!” She waved the small yellow flag in her hand, greeted the warm sunshine with a bright smile, and threw it at every passerby. Under the blue sky and white clouds, a woman in her late fifties wearing a yellow uniform always stands at that intersection. The noisy intersection becomes joyful with the sounds of Beijing dialect. “Classmate, don’t be downcast, stand tall!” “Hey, the test results are out…” “It’s okay, life is a lot of fun, so be optimistic!” This was our first conversation. I looked at her in surprise, nodded to her sheepishly, and straightened up. She also waved the flag in her hand with satisfaction, and the “little bee” on her waist also trembled.
  She stood at the crossroads of her life, facing the busy streets, whether anxious or in a hurry, she was always full of joy, joy and enjoyment; while I stood at the crossroads of my life, facing the complicated and uncertain future. The road of life is often hesitant and surrendering.
  Her joyful energy instantly ignited me. I raised my head, puffed up my chest, and strode forward with my head held high. The light turned green in the other direction, and she could be seen standing tall, stretching out her arms and spinning in circles, with yellow flags flying in the air. The blue sky and white clouds seemed to be her performance background. Crossroads and zebra crossings were her natural performance stages, and passers-by were It’s the audience. I was no exception and was immersed in her performance.
  Every day on my way to school, I would pass by that intersection. Whenever I complained about getting up early, her bright smile and her words “Life is full of fun” always brought me positive energy. Ordinary little people in life give strength to every passerby with their vibrant vitality.
  Behind this busy and increasingly crowded intersection is a picture of a new era where the times are sailing and technology is leading the way. Under the vast picture, the pen is written by every ordinary person standing at the intersection. They use their dutiful performance to write ordinary and brilliant lives, including her standing at that intersection.
  Walking through the crossroads again, her figure was still “dancing” nimbly. “Life is full of fun,” I chuckled to myself.
  Under the blue sky and white clouds, the sunshine is just right, and I want to enter the school with a vibrant look! Each of us ordinary people should be like her, in a limited life, try our best, live up to our time, and write our own life!

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