Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery That Continues to Intrigue

  The Bermuda Triangle is an area with a total area of ​​approximately 1.2 million square kilometers located in the western North Atlantic Ocean. The top of the Bermuda Islands-Miami, Florida-Puerto Rico roughly form a triangular area. The United States Board of Geographic Names does not recognize the Bermuda Triangle as an official area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, and the area does not appear on any world maps. But it is in this triangular area that is not marked on the world map that many mysterious and strange events occurred. Suddenly, many strange theories emerged to explain these anecdotes. The strange magnetic field here is the more credible explanation given by experts and scholars, while aliens, the remaining crystals of Atlantis and the vortex of the fourth dimension are the favorites of fantasy writers.
The Origin of the Bermuda Triangle

  As early as 1502, the navigator Columbus mentioned in his logbook that while his ship was sailing in the area, the compass pointed abnormally, and a huge storm hit his fleet, but Columbus was lucky to survive. Later he discovered that it deviated 36 degrees from the original route. Some of the “mysteries” of the Bermuda Triangle in modern times began in 1952, when George Sand published an article describing supernatural phenomena in the area in the American “Fate” magazine, which aroused strong interest.
  Author Vincent Gaddis coined the term “Bermuda Triangle” in a 1964 magazine article to describe this mysterious triangular area. He expanded the article into a book in 1965 and titled it Invisible Horizons: True Mysteries of the Sea.
  What made the place famous was the 1974 book “The Bermuda Triangle” by American Charles Berlitz, which discussed several theories as to why planes and ships disappeared. The book has sold more than 14 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 22 languages. Berlitz said his real interest was in underwater archeology and exploring the mysteries of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle, while a reviewer for Time magazine wrote: “The Bermuda Triangle starts from established facts and then Confusing scientific arguments with half-truths and unsubstantiated stories.”
The legend of “Devil’s Delta”

  When did the Bermuda Triangle become what people call the “Devil’s Triangle”? It all starts with the disappearance of the “Cyclops” cargo ship. The “Cyclops” was built in Philadelphia. It is about 160 meters long and 20 meters wide. Since 1910, this giant ship has been sailing between the Baltic Sea, Caribbean Sea and Mexico. When the United States entered World War I in 1917, the “Cyclops” began serving the U.S. Navy.
  In March 1918, the ship loaded with manganese ore and sailed out of Brazil to Barbados to resupply for the long trip back to Baltimore. The last message from the ship was “The weather is clear and everything is going well.” It seemed to be a voyage like any other, but then the people on the ship disappeared into thin air without sending any more signals! After the ship disappeared, people put forward various speculations and hypotheses to try to explain the reason for the disappearance of the giant ship: a sneak attack by an enemy submarine, an error in the captain’s command, or a mistaken entry into a mysterious place? A century later, the truth remains unknown.
  The subsequent “19th Squadron Incident” added a bit of mystery to this triangular sea area. On December 5, 1945, the U.S. Navy bombers conducted routine training. Five torpedo bombers participated in the exercise. Each aircraft was flown by two or three experienced military personnel. They took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at It turned north on Grand Bahama Island and then flew northwest back to its base in Florida, completing a triangular flight path. This was supposed to be an ordinary training session, but something strange happened not long after. The flight exercise that day was led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor. He reported to the base by radio from the plane at 2:30 in the afternoon that the two compasses he carried were malfunctioning and he could not know the current geographical location. He would lead several of his The team members flew in different directions, hoping to find Florida, but at this time there was little fuel left in the aircraft, and no one responded to the base’s radio…
  The base launched a large-scale search in the area where the “19th Squadron” last lost contact. No bodies or wreckage were found. The incident attracted public attention, and hundreds of theories were proposed to explain the disappearance of the squadron, ranging from alien abductions to dangerous sea monsters, but the most convincing theory was that the equipment of the aircraft piloted by Taylor was It broke down, ran out of fuel, and eventually perished at the bottom of the ocean.
  In 1974, Charles Berlitz’s book “The Bermuda Triangle” was published. He firmly believes that these mysterious disappearances are not coincidence, but are related to supernatural phenomena. Naval historian Eliot Morrison called Belitz’s book “almost complete nonsense” and said most disappearances were due to natural causes.
  In addition, Belitz stated in the book that he believed Atlantis was real and that it was somehow connected to Bermuda, and he believed that this triangle area was connected to Hell, a portal to other mysterious places, or It is a place where aliens abduct humans… At the end of the book, Belitz discusses why alien creatures want to harm humans. He believes that it is because humans have invented nuclear weapons, and humans may have affected the development and use of nuclear technology. To other planets or civilizations.
The movie adds new elements

  To this day, the stories in Charles Belitz’s book are still told in countless books, magazines, television shows, and online: some writers have expanded on Belitz’s ideas about Atlantis, suggesting that the mysterious city was located in On the seabed under the triangle area, the mysterious crystal energy of Atlantis is “swallowing” ships and aircraft; some people believe that a sudden geomagnetic anomaly occurred in the delta area, causing mechanical equipment to malfunction. Many movies inspired by the Bermuda Triangle have emerged one after another, making people imagine this mysterious place.
  In the movie “Hotel Transylvania 3: Crazy Summer Vacation” released in 2018, the Bermuda Triangle is depicted as a terrifying triangular black hole in the vast ocean. Countless ships are piled up in this black hole, and this triangular black hole is where monsters board ” The “Heritage” cruise ship is the meeting point for the start of the vacation. The director used this scene to create a terrifying atmosphere and kick off the story. In the movie “Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters” (2013), the Bermuda Triangle is called the Sea of ​​Monsters by the gods. This triangular sea area is the sea monster Charybdis in Greek mythology (Gaia in Greek mythology). The home of Charybdis, daughter of Poseidon and Homer’s succubus, the film features a stunning scene in which Charybdis’ mouth emerges from the water and swallows a sailing ship.

  The movie “The Bermuda Triangle” was released on the American Science Fiction Channel in 2005. The film’s premiere date coincided with the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of the US Navy’s “19th Squadron” in the Bermuda Triangle. The four protagonists in the movie have different life experiences, but they are employed by a billionaire at the same time, so they go together to find six large cargo ships that the billionaire lost in Bermuda, and explore the reasons why the cargo ships disappeared out of thin air. In this film, the director used special effects to restore the appearance of the “Devil’s Delta” in his mind. The film attributed all mysterious phenomena in Bermuda to the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. It was the military experiment that caused the anomalies in time and space, and The disappearance of the cargo ship was due to the presence of very dense large meteorites on the seabed of Bermuda, which caused gravity abnormalities in the area and the ship was swept into the sea.
  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there are many tropical storms and hurricanes in this area, and the weather is prone to extreme changes, and these factors may be the real culprits leading to the disappearance of aircraft and ships. Although scientists have provided a more reasonable explanation for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, many people are still skeptical and prefer to believe that the “Devil’s Triangle” is real than scientific explanations. Perhaps it is these unsolved mysteries that inspire people to explore the unknown world. It is precisely because of this that science fiction works can take root in the soil of imagination and flourish.
bermuda islands

  Bermuda is a British overseas territory with a long history. In 1940, British Prime Minister Churchill and US President Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease Act for more than 60 islands in the region. Now Bermuda has become a tourist destination managed by the United States.

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