3 Signs You’ve Found a Good Company Worth Joining

Near the end of the year, it is time for many professionals to move.A few friends around me and I revealed that after the new year ready to change a new job, even old friends who have always been reluctant to “move nest”, also have this plan.

However, they were worried. What kind of company was worth going to?Fear of a mistake, into years of hate, toss and turn, but not as good as this nest.

In fact, good companies have some characteristics that are easy to identify.The following three characteristics are common to good companies.

01 Humanized management: the system is not rigid, accommodating and humane

I saw a post on the Internet before. A netizen arrived at the company one minute late because of serious traffic jam on the way to work. He was identified as late by the leader and should be fined 50 yuan according to the company’s system regulations.

Netizens think that the company system is too rigid, they look for leadership theory, the results of the leadership is not accommodating, but also said that he deliberately drilled a dead end, playing the word game of the company system.

Some netizens commented: The company is too rigid, as long as the work is done beautifully, the rest don’t care so much.

Company systems are dead on paper, but the company itself is made up of flesh and blood employees.Under the premise of existing system, if we do not consider the flexibility of people and the suddenness of events, it is difficult for employees to recognize the company system.

A good company, the system is not out of thin air, but the management according to the overall situation of employees, the company’s own situation, targeted development.

Let employees feel the normative nature of the system, but also feel the humanized accommodation under special circumstances.

With humanized “exemption”, employees can feel the company’s care, tolerance and temperature.

02 Good physical and mental experience: good team atmosphere, harmonious interpersonal relationship

There are all kinds of people in the workplace, with different personalities and different values. When you get along on the same occasion, some stories will happen, and some accidents will happen.

Another characteristic of a good company is harmonious interpersonal relationships.Harmonious feelings of colleagues, good superior and subordinate relations, can give the workers in it a good working experience.

Leisure time, colleagues relax to joke; tired, share small snacks; busy time, and can share with each other.

Healthy and happy interpersonal atmosphere is the key factor for employees to stay for a long time.

I have seen a survey on the happiness of people in the workplace. The survey results show that the top influencing factors have a good interpersonal atmosphere in the workplace.

Staying in a relaxed and pleasant environment will also strengthen the happiness of working people and will have abundant enthusiasm for work.

03 Transparent promotion mechanism: look at output contribution, not relationship cold and warm

Those who have ability are not reused, and those who will win over relationships are promoted in reverse.The balance of the workplace is defined by many people as, which side of the relationship is hard, the balance tilts to which end.

Good companies, on the promotion mechanism, will avoid the bias of “relationship is king” and set reasonable thresholds.

Taking ability as the main consideration factor, comprehensively considering employees ‘contribution to the company’s output and performance at work in the past period of time, we will examine employees in a reasonable and relatively fair way as possible.

Under this promotion system, as long as you have the ability, outstanding contributions, and can create high-performance results, you will have the opportunity to be promoted and raised.

When screening companies, you can ask the promotion criteria of the target company in a targeted manner, and then consider multiple aspects to identify companies with relatively fair promotion mechanisms.

Be extra careful if your target company doesn’t have clear promotion rules, which could suggest a slapping promotion model.

Joining a good company can make us happy physically and mentally at work, promote our personal growth, and obtain more challenges and opportunities.

Meeting a good company is fate.But shine your eyes, you can also quickly identify good and bad, improve our chances of joining a good company.

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