Warren Buffett: The Billionaire Table Tennis Prodigy Slayer

   Buffett is a table tennis enthusiast and has defeated many opponents. But at a party, a coach brought a 9-year-old Chinese girl named Xing Yanhua and called her a table tennis prodigy. Buffett was unconvinced and decided to fight with the little girl. Although he tried his best, he still failed miserably. Buffett admitted helplessly but humorously: “The only way I can defeat her is if someone holds her down.” Later, this little girl became Buffett’s guest.
   In addition to liking table tennis, Buffett is also very obsessed with bridge. He once served as the captain of the company’s bridge team and defeated the bridge team of the U.S. Congress three times. Sharon Osberg became his most trusted poker friend because the former was a member of the World Women’s Championship Team twice and won a silver medal in the 1996 bridge competition in Greece.
   Buffett would personally call every week, invite the other party to his home, entertain him with all his heart, and then often play cards all night long. Although Buffett loses more than he wins, he still enjoys playing this game and his friendship with Sharon has not diminished at all.
   In addition to table tennis and bridge, Buffett also has many hobbies. Tennis, golf, and handball are his strengths. Careful people will find that no matter what kind of game he plays, Buffett only looks for people who are worse than himself. He has no interest in people who are not as good as himself. He is an out-and-out “snobbery”.
   Buffett gave people an unexpected answer. He believes that once a person has some achievements in a certain field, he will be complacent and think that he has reached the first-class level. Only when he is defeated by others again and again can he wake up from the daydream. It turns out that Buffett’s “snobbish” approach to making friends is just a means of introspection, always telling himself that he is not number one, so as to keep his mind clear at all times.

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