The Mystery of “The Flash”: Scientists Uncover Why Some People Can Generate Electricity From Their Bodies

   There is a kind of weirdo in the world, whose body is charged with electricity and the voltage is very high. Anyone who comes into contact with them will be severely knocked down by the electricity. Jackie Pressman from Manchester, England is a person whose body can generate electricity. Once she gets close to electrical appliances, they will be damaged, the TV will automatically change channels, light bulbs will explode, and even all the bank’s computer systems will crash as soon as she enters the bank. It is reported that she has destroyed 24 vacuum cleaners, 9 lawn mowers, 12 hair dryers, 19 rice cookers, 8 electric stoves, 5 watches, and 3 washing machines. Locally, she was known as “The Flash” and became the most disliked person.
  But no one expected that when she was depressed, she would find the “insulator of love” by chance and usher in the love she had never dared to hope for. Her husband, Pressman, is an electrical technician. He actually knows how to help his wife “leak” the current and try not to affect their normal life, so that their marriage can be maintained. What is even more unexpected is that after marriage, Jia Ji learned to control electric current and often used it to massage people and treat their illnesses. So, why does Jackie have such a strong electric current? Scientists tried various methods and even conducted research on other “dischargers”. Finally, they got inspiration from the electric eel and gradually revealed the mystery of “The Flash”… Strange things are happening one after another. Is it a coincidence or
   Jackie was born in Manchester, England. She is lively, beautiful and a very cute girl. Jackie’s mother is an art teacher and her father is an architectural designer, so she often travels around the world with her parents. The family is happy and full of warmth! But the happy life ended abruptly when Jackie graduated from high school at the age of 18.
   That year, Jackie’s father unfortunately encountered an accident while doing on-site survey at the construction site and died on the spot. The sudden blow almost destroyed Jackie! During that time, mother and daughter often held each other’s hands and cried. Jackie’s life is in chaos while the other girls are getting ready for their high school prom. Jackie was so depressed that she often woke up from nightmares at night, and her family doctor had to give her a sedative.
   With a gloomy mood, Jackie went to college, but she completely became an introvert, she didn’t like to talk. Although time has gradually healed some of the pain, Jackie’s mood has become very unstable since then. Sometimes she is in a daze alone, and sometimes she is extremely excited. In order to enlighten her, her mother Natalie took her to her uncle’s house to relax.
   It was summer and the weather was very hot. Jackie wanted to turn up the fan, but as soon as she reached the fan and stretched out her hand, the fan suddenly stopped. The uncle fiddled with the fan a few times, but it was completely broken. Jackie said a little embarrassed: “I didn’t move it, I don’t know why it stopped…” The uncle said nothing.
   Unexpectedly, a few days later another strange thing happened. That day, Jackie went to a classmate’s house to play. There were more than a dozen small goldfish in the fish tank of the classmate’s house. Jackie looked at the goldfish swimming around in the water, which was very cute. She couldn’t help but put her hand on the fish tank and tried to feed the goldfish some food. But in the blink of an eye, a strange scene appeared. The goldfish suddenly ran around in the fish tank, as if they were frightened.
   Jackie shouted, and her classmates ran over and saw that all the goldfish were floating on the water with their bellies upwards, obviously dead. The classmate was surprised and asked with sullenness: “What on earth did you do to them?”
   “I didn’t do anything…” Jackie felt panicked. Although she did not do anything, she also felt the same after witnessing the tragic situation of the goldfish. Surprised.
   From then on, Jackie felt even more inferior. She had a very bad idea that she always brought bad luck to others. As a result, she stopped going to her classmates’ houses and rarely interacted with relatives. She became more and more withdrawn. Sometimes she felt like there was always a lump in her chest, but she gradually got used to it by being alone.
   After graduating from college, she worked as a female worker in an electrical machine factory. Not long after she started working, she fell in love with Michael, a handsome boy in the factory, but she dared not reveal her true feelings. In a blink of an eye, Christmas arrived, and she decided to confess her love to him on this special day.
   However, when she came to Michael affectionately, Michael avoided her. Jackie’s heart fell into the ice hole and she ran home sadly. There were strong winds, lightning and thunder, and there was a power outage. The house was dark.
   After the wind stopped and the rain stopped, she went out to check the cause and found that the wires under the eaves were broken by the wind. She turned around and went into the house to find pliers to prepare the wiring. But after searching for a long time, I couldn’t find it, so I had to take a roll of insulating tape and carefully connect the wires. In order to prevent being knocked down by electricity, she tentatively touched the disconnected wire a few times with her index finger. When she found that there was no electricity, she quickly connected the wires at both ends with her hands, and then wrapped them with insulating tape.
   After entering the house, I turned on the TV and suddenly there was a signal. Natalie asked her: “Why was there a power outage just now?” She said: “The wire was broken by the wind, and I connected it.” Natalie asked: “How did you connect it without tools?” She said: “Connect it with your hands. Yeah!”
   Natalie was surprised: “Then why didn’t you get electricity?” When her mother asked, Jackie was shocked: “Yes, the wire clearly has electricity, why can’t I feel it when I touch it? ? Could it be that there was no power when she was wiring?” After thinking about it for a while, she decided to try again. Natalie firmly disagreed: “You don’t want to live anymore?”
  Jackie thought about it carefully and felt that what her mother said made sense. Maybe it was a coincidence. When she connected the line, the call happened to come. However, a series of things that happened next subverted everyone’s understanding.
  Is the electric discharge hurting people
  intentionally or unintentionally?
   The lovelorn Jackie took a few days off and shut herself up at home. Once, she went to hang clothes on a clothes rack. Unexpectedly, before her hand touched the metal object, there were sparks and a hissing sound, and her hand was bounced back as if it was a conditioned reflex. She was shocked. Where did these sparks come from?
   She was puzzled and rested for a few days. After her injured heart calmed down a little, she went back to work at the electrical machine factory. Unexpectedly, on the day of work, while she was working, the wires next to her suddenly caught fire. Although everyone put out the fire quickly, the cause of the fire was never found. As a result, everyone thought the fire was an accident and didn’t take it seriously.
   Unexpectedly, for several days in a row, fires broke out frequently in the factory. At the worst time, there were as many as 8 fires a day. The factory immediately arranged for experts to conduct an investigation, but after careful inspection, no loopholes were found. Finally, experts turned their attention to people, because if there is a strong current in people, some electrical appliances will catch fire inexplicably.
   Therefore, experts decided to test the employees in the factory. The test results showed that the cause of each fire was actually Ji Ji. It turned out that the static electricity in her body was as high as 30,000 volts and the resistance was 500,000 ohms, which would generate a lot of heat. Therefore, whenever she comes into contact with some flammable items, a fire may break out at any time.
   Seeing this result, Jia Ji was fired from the factory and she became the most unpopular person. For a moment, it was difficult for Jackie to accept this fact. Although she thought of all the past events, she was indeed like a charged person, but she still didn’t want to believe it.
   When she got home, she decided to do her own experiment and test it out. Just in case, before the test, she connected a very thin fuse to the live wire, so that if the wire was short-circuited, the fuse would burn out immediately. Then, she plugged a wire into the power supply, held the neutral wire in one hand, and carefully tried to touch the live wire with the other. Seeing that nothing was wrong, he slowly held the live wire in his hand, but there was no reaction.

   Shocked, she found a 20W light bulb, held the neutral wire in one hand, and the live wire in the other. She touched the wires at both ends of the lamp with the live wire and neutral wire in her hands, and then held the two contact points with her hands at the same time. It actually turned on, but her body didn’t have any abnormal reaction.
   He is really a charged person! She tried hard to return to her old life, but the electricity in her body seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. When she was washing and ironing clothes, the iron often made a crackling sound. Once she gets close to electrical appliances, the electrical products will be damaged and the TV will automatically change channels. As time goes by, the current in her body becomes stronger and stronger. When she discharges, electric sparks will be emitted 8 centimeters outside of her fingers.
   Everything she comes into contact with, whether it is televisions, washing machines, cameras or other electrical appliances, will be destroyed. In a few months, she has destroyed 24 vacuum cleaners, 9 lawn mowers, 12 hair dryers, 19 rice cookers, 8 electric stoves, 5 watches, and 3 washing machines.
   The most embarrassing thing was that when she went to the mall to buy something, the circuit in the mall was actually affected by the current on her body, causing a short circuit. Even once she went into the bank to withdraw money, the bank’s computer system crashed.
   In desperation, she had to see a doctor. What is incredible is that when a doctor touched her body while examining her, he was electrocuted and fainted immediately. Even when she saw the doctor, she was helpless. She felt that she was really an alien in people’s eyes.
   When she got home, she wanted to commit suicide, so she went to the yard and tied a rope to a branch. Unexpectedly, a man suddenly ran in from outside the hospital and hugged her: “You can’t commit suicide.” She fell off the stool and fell together with the man. He turned out to be Pressman, an electrical technician from the electrical machine factory. He stood up and helped Jackie up from the ground: “Don’t worry about it, I came to you specifically today. I have a way to ‘shunt’ the electricity on your body. Let you live a normal life.”
   Jia Ji was doubtful, and even the doctors couldn’t figure it out. What could he do?
   Pressman seemed to see through her mind: “Actually, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. Although I don’t know why your body is electrified, I have found a way to not be afraid of you being electrified. You see, we have been in physical contact just now Didn’t I get shocked?”
   Jackie then realized that she had not dared to hug others before, otherwise, others would be shocked, but Pressman was really fine. Could it be that he was really There is a way? Jackie looked at Pressman carefully. He had a handsome face, but they were not familiar with him. They had only seen him occasionally in the electrical machinery factory before.
  Under Jackie’s gaze, Pressman suddenly blushed with embarrassment. It turned out that he had fallen in love with Jackie from the first moment he saw her. The electricity in her body was a disaster in others’ eyes, but in his eyes, it was a fiery treasure. This time, he came to express his love to her. Everything happened so suddenly that Jackie felt dizzy, but a sweet feeling of being loved soon arose in her heart. What she didn’t know was that she had met a “love insulator” and her life would turn a new page from then on.
  The mystery of discharge,
  is it deciphered or unknown?
   In order to solve the trouble caused by static electricity, Pressman asked Jackie to stop using things made of chemical fibers and wear pure cotton clothes. He also asked Jackie to take more showers a day and wrapped them around her foot joints. A section of iron wire can be connected to the “ground” and “shunt” part of the electricity out.
   Pressman believes that Jackie is charged because she has accumulated too much static electricity in her body. Especially before she “generated electricity”, the amount of static electricity in her body was more than ten times greater than that of ordinary people. These may be caused by an acid-base imbalance in the body.
   After careful research, Pressman discovered that among all fruits and vegetables, onions were the most helpful to Jackie. Because from an electrical point of view, onions are very similar to highly acidic batteries. Its layer-by-layer skin structure is like a battery that stores electricity, and the electricity in the body can be discharged through the onion.
   So Jackie began to eat a lot of onions, and whenever she had time, she would hold the onions with her hands, hoping to “suck” the excess electricity out through the onions, thereby reducing the frequency of “power generation”.
   With Pressman’s help, Jackie was gradually able to control the electric current in her body and would no longer accidentally hurt people or objects. Moreover, she gradually learned to predict when her body would discharge, because she would have a headache before the discharge. Once this sign appears, she prohibits herself from contact with others, does not go out, and does not approach any electrical appliances.
   A few months later, they got married. Interestingly, when they lie on the bed, static electricity will be induced, making a crackling sound, but neither party will be shocked. Moreover, when Pressman kisses his wife, he will feel a slight convulsion, like a slight electric shock. He likes this feeling very much.
   The next winter, Pressman’s arm was eroded by wind and cold and the pain was unbearable. He went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor told him that he needed massage and electrotherapy. After returning home, Pressman asked Jackie to massage him. When Jia Ji heard this, she suddenly had a bold idea: electrotherapy is to reduce the 220 volt voltage to a safe current and then treat people’s illnesses. After charging herself, she can also lower the voltage. Can she give her husband a massage by charging it?
   Later, after testing, she allowed the current to pass through her body and turn it into a safe voltage of less than 36 volts. Then she stretched out her right hand and touched her husband’s shoulder. No one expected that Pressman’s pain would be significantly relieved after only 5 minutes of massage. In the days that followed, Ji Ji often helped others with “electrotherapy”, and the results were very effective in treating cervical spondylosis, low back pain and other diseases, and she was called “The Flash” by everyone!
   Slowly, Jackie’s special case attracted the attention of scientists, and they decided to conduct in-depth research to solve the mystery of “The Flash”! After careful study of Jackie, Dr. Cole speculated that the reason why she discharged was due to her abnormal mood. After Jackie’s father passed away ten years ago, she became extremely emotional, and the static electricity in her body has been building up ever since.
   After she fell out of love, it was also because of her mood swings that she caused a fire in the electrical machine factory. However, this is just a guess, because being electrified is not Jia Ji’s patent. There have been many electrified people in the world.
   In India, there is a boy who is particularly unique. When an LED bulb is in his hand, the light will light up. At first, his father thought it was some kind of prank, but then he noticed that whenever the electrical contacts at the base touched any part of his son’s body, the bulb would light up.
   Some experts believe that this phenomenon may be caused by the high salt content in his body, because people who sweat a lot usually have high salt levels in their bodies. If levels are very high, the salt content can increase the conductivity of the skin, which could explain why the LED lights light up when in contact with the body.
   In the United States, Jenny Morgan is also a charged person. Whenever she grabbed the door handle, sparks would be released from her fingers, producing a “pop” sound. And her beloved cat always hid far away every time she saw her because it was electrocuted many times.
   No matter whose room Sasha, the “Fire Child” from the former Soviet republic of Ukraine appears in, the furniture and clothes in the room will catch fire for no reason. This “fire boy” has caused more than 100 fires. Neighbors forced the family to move. But no matter where he moved, as soon as he entered the room, the carpets, furniture and electrical appliances in the house would suddenly burst into flames for no apparent reason, making Sasha’s whole family afraid to sleep with him, so they had to take turns standing guard to nip it in the bud.

   In Germany, a woman named Debbie Wolf claimed to have supernatural powers that interfered with the normal operation of radios, light bulbs and other household appliances. Whenever she feels stressed or thinks hard about problems, her “special powers” will occur. This extraordinary ability gave her a headache: all the street lights near her home were damaged, the remote control at home was “drained” by her, and the good TV suddenly changed channels on its own.
   Faced with these various “flashmen”, Dr. Cole conducted extensive research and finally got inspiration from the electric eel. Electric eels are fish animals that can discharge their own electricity, so many people are very curious, can electric eels electrocute people? In fact, the electricity of electric eels can electrocute people, because the strongest voltage of electric eels can reach more than 800 volts, and generally it can reach about 350 volts. This voltage is enough to electrocute people. Of course, whether a person can be electrocuted depends on the size of the current, the time of being electrocuted, etc.
   The body of the electric eel has many unique muscle tissues that form discharge bodies. When these discharge muscles are combined together, they can emit voltages of up to several hundred volts.
   When an electric eel needs to generate voltage, these special muscles on its body will be connected in series. Therefore, the more muscles an electric eel has, the greater the voltage will be. Such high voltage can easily stun or kill your prey and natural enemies.
   So, since electric eels can discharge electricity in this way, why won’t they be electrocuted by themselves? This is because the dischargers of the electric eel are on both sides of the body, and other parts of the body are highly insulated. Moreover, the electric eel discharges electricity in the water. At this time, the current will be transmitted through the water, but the resistance of the water The body is smaller than the electric eel, so it will not shock the electric eel. If the electric eel’s insulating skin is injured, or if the electric eel discharges electricity in the air, it will electrocute itself.
   Dr. Cole was inspired by the relationship between the health of electric eels and the electric energy they emit. The human body is charged with bioelectricity, but most people are very weak. Only a few people have higher biovoltage and can shock people with electricity. Jackie falls into this category. Man, this is a peculiar phenomenon of the human body.
   Dr. Nan Sam of the New York State Prison also conducted an experiment on prisoners. He implanted botulinum toxin into the body of the experimenter, causing him to temporarily contract the disease. The phenomenon of temporary electricity generation appeared in the patient’s body. At this time, from the patient’s body Can detect large amounts of static electricity. However, once the patient’s body recovers, the electricity generation disappears. This experiment proves that the imbalance of human body’s physiological functions causes the phenomenon of human body’s electricity generation.
   There is static electricity in the human body, which is an objective fact. On this basis, Dr. Cole believes that from a theoretical perspective, about 3 cubic centimeters of human muscle cells can generate a voltage of 400,000 volts.
   At the same time, he also successfully completed the experiment of generating static electricity in muscles through repeated trials. This leads to a frightening conclusion: As long as you are human, you have the ability to become a “power generator”. As long as you meet certain conditions, you can “generate power”. However, the scientific community has not yet reached a conclusion on what “certain conditions” actually means, and can only wait for more people to study and decipher it.

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