The Bouquet of Flowers That Changed My Life: A Teacher’s Story of Persistence and Perseverance

  She was a teacher who impressed me deeply. I was in high school that year and was at a confused and rebellious age. After all, I still had some low self-esteem.
  That day, when she walked into the classroom, she was holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands. She looked very happy, as if a girl was about to get married and finally met her sweetheart.
  She walked to the podium and asked a classmate to fill the vase in her hand with half a bottle of water. After that, she began to trim the bouquet of flowers and said: “Here is a bouquet of very fresh flowers. Next, I will put them all into this vase. Let’s observe together and see which flower is the most beautiful in the end?
  ” There are carnations, red roses, perfume lilies, and a few small white daisies. Although they are beautiful, they look a bit messy.
  The teacher first asked everyone: “Which flower do you think is the most beautiful?” Most people said: “Rose or lily.” No one thought carnations or daisies were beautiful. The teacher said: “In a few days, please continue to tell me, Which kind of flower do you like?”
  Three days later, even though the students took turns changing the water for the flowers, the roses gradually lowered their heads. The enchanting fragrance of lilies is so enchanting. Carnations are not delicate, they just bloom silently. The daisies just remained silent and continued to bloom.
  A week later, the students seemed to have forgotten that there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for time in the class. This time the teacher came. She put the vase in the middle of the desk and asked everyone to choose: “Which flower do you like best now?”
  At this time, the roses had completely withered, the lilies had fallen, the carnations were still blooming, and the daisies had grown new flowers… Some students said He likes carnations, and some classmates say he likes the current daisies, but no one says he likes withered roses anymore.
  The teacher asked everyone: “Why do you think carnations and daisies are more beautiful than roses and lilies now?” The students almost said in unison: “Because they have more tenacious vitality.” The teacher then pointed to the flowers and said: “Some of our classmates are
  like The delicate roses always attract people’s attention; some people are like the refreshing lilies. Many people always think that only the life of lilies and roses is wonderful, happy and joyful, so they ignore the happiness of being carnations and daisies. Maybe we all We start to learn that we are not as good as others, but so what? If we are like this beautiful flower, working hard to bloom and keep growing upward, our vitality will definitely be very strong. If we compare life to a flower, maybe we It’s not that we were brilliant at the beginning, but because we persisted enough. When others gave up and retreated, we were still working hard to show the world our tenacity. Elegance and calmness are the only way to witness the true beauty.” In the
  classroom Thunderous applause burst out immediately, and everyone was moved by the teacher’s encouragement.
  A few years later, I also became a teacher, teaching and educating people, and I would also put some beautiful flowers at home. But whenever I think of the teacher’s words, I will be greatly encouraged. Like a daisy blooming in the corner, I always thought that I had ordinary looks and average grades, and that I would never achieve anything big in the future. But her words made me suddenly realize that the most beautiful life does not fall from the sky, but persists and is willing to work hard.
  It was probably after listening to her words that I had the dream of becoming a teacher, the desire to keep studying hard, and the perseverance to work hard to solve problems when I encountered difficulties in study. Years have passed, and the bouquet of flowers seems to have failed, but in fact it has always bloomed in my heart.

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