Reunited with the Dream Beauty After Two Years: A Serendipitous Encounter

  On the river beach in early autumn, the nights are particularly cool, and a cool breeze blows past you, making you feel inexplicably comfortable and at ease.
  Walking along the river beach, I occasionally checked my phone. Suddenly, my eyes lit up. The beautiful figure in the video, Pingting Huajian, seemed familiar. On the screen, I saw a young woman wandering carefree and freely among the lavender flowers with purple flowers. The breeze blew gently, as if she was in a romantic purple ocean. She stood alone in the sea of ​​lavender flowers, with the cold touch of lavender petals between her fingers, exuding a faint floral fragrance. There are vast green mountains in the distance and the sky is particularly clear. Sometimes she bent down to smell the flowers with her nose, sometimes she squatted down to observe the appearance of the purple flowers, sometimes she held her chin in her hands and looked into the distance, as if she was thinking about something. She enjoyed the sunshine and felt like she was drunk in this magical sea of ​​flowers. I couldn’t help but secretly admire: At this moment, she must be the happiest and happiest person in the world.
  Staring at the somewhat familiar figure in the picture, I suddenly remembered, wasn’t this the girl I met that summer two years ago?
  The memory brings me back to that beautiful encounter. That night, a group of us came to a barbecue restaurant along the lake. As soon as I walked in, the female owner of the restaurant came over and greeted me warmly. For some reason, the first time I saw her, I felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy, as if I had seen her before. Could it be that I was in a dream? I smiled at her unconsciously. She skillfully introduced us to the items on the menu, we sat down, ordered, and waited. The food came quickly, and when we were tasting her special barbecue, she didn’t forget to come over and say a few words, asking us how the food tasted and whether we liked it. Seeing her polite and friendly look, I felt good in my heart.
  More than an hour after we finished eating and left, her figure suddenly appeared in my mind again. I couldn’t explain what it felt like, but I felt a force pulling me. After thinking for a moment, I decided to turn back alone.
  ”Here I go again.” I walked towards her with a smile. She was startled: “I just left for a while, why are you here again?” I suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “I don’t know why, but I want to talk to you.” She looked around the restaurant and saw that the guests were leaving one after another, and said hello I sat in a private seat and was very politely given a special meal. That night, we talked about many topics. She told me about her entrepreneurial history. She worked alone in Beijing in the early days, and later she did many businesses. We also talked about the future of the catering industry and briefly talked about personal emotions. While lamenting the helplessness of life, they also talked about their good wishes for future life. Before we knew it, it was late at night. When we left, we left each other WeChat messages and agreed that we would be friends in the future. Later, because we were both busy, we only occasionally sent messages to greet each other, and she would reply politely. In fact, I miss her a little bit in my heart, but out of respect for her, I can only keep my longing in my heart silently, looking forward to seeing this dream beauty again one day.
  Two years have passed by in a flash, and the early autumn of this year is destined to be an extraordinary season. Who would have thought that people who had sunk deep into their hearts would reunite in this way. Watching her vivid appearance in the video brought back my long-dormant longing. So, I opened her WeChat dialog box and gently sent two words: “Hello!” Soon, she replied: “Hello! Is something okay?” “It’s okay. I haven’t contacted you for a long time. Say hello. How are you doing? ?” “It’s okay.” After a slight hesitation, I asked: “Do you still remember me?” “I always remember you.” My heart beat faster, and after calming down a little, I asked cautiously: “Can we Want to meet and chat?” “Okay! Okay!”
  The smile rippled on my lips unconsciously, with a long-lost sweetness that flowed into my heart…

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