How Warren Buffett Drew Inspiration from Baseball Legend Ted Williams’ Strategy of Patience and Discipline to Build His Investment Empire

  During the years when “Stock God” Buffett was most popular, it was popular in entrepreneurial circles to visit Buffett’s famous office without computers. Visitors were often attracted by an American baseball poster in his office.
  The baseball player in the poster is preparing to swing, and next to him is a rectangular matrix of many baseballs, each with a number on it. Buffett will tell people that this is a person who has a great influence on his investment philosophy.
  This baseball player is Boston Red Sox batter Ted Williams. Ted is known as “the best hitter in history”. He is the last player in the American Professional Baseball League with an annual batting average of above 0.4. Ted proposed: Only hit the ball in the “sweet zone” and hit the ball in the “sweet zone” correctly, and you can achieve good results.
  Ted divided the batting area into 77 areas, each area is only the size of a baseball. He only swings when the ball is in the ideal zone. For the ball in the non-core area, he let it fly by without swinging.
  This strategy sounds simple, but in fact it requires strong concentration, especially at the critical moment of winning or losing important events: tens of thousands of stadium spectators are watching you eagerly. At this time, a ball slowly enters the “non-sweet zone”, as if it is easily accessible. What a great opportunity, do you want to give it a try? If you don’t fight, the whole audience will boo. At this time, insisting on “only hitting the ball in the sweet zone” requires a strong and calm heart.
  There are two types of hitters in baseball. A type of batsman who hits any ball and gives it his all every time. This requires so much strength and physique that many people even try to increase their strength by taking banned substances. The other type of hitter may not necessarily have good innate conditions, but he is very smart and just wants to hit the right ball to a place where there are no defenders. The top ten hitters are all of the latter type, and Ted Williams is the master of them.
  What did Buffett learn from Ted? What he learned is called “focus on high value areas.” Buffett said: “The secret to investing in this thing is to sit there and watch the balls come one after another, waiting for which ball to appear in your ‘sweet zone.’ A lot of times people will shout, ‘Hit it,’ but you’d better Ignore them.”
  Buffett also said: “I know my strengths and where my circle is. I stay in my own circle and don’t care about things outside the circle. This is very important.” Even though Buffett has known Bill Gates for many years, he
  can Even with first-hand inside information about the company, Buffett has never invested in Microsoft because Internet companies are outside his circle of competence. Even if there are seemingly good opportunities, he will never take action.
  Buffett’s investment philosophy is: only invest in high-value, iterable, and moat companies, and ignore others; he does not seek short-term profits, only long-term profits, and try to move as little as possible.
  It seems that Buffett and Ted adopt the safest, most conservative, and least aggressive approach in the world, but these two people are the strongest attackers in the world – one is the investor who makes the most money in the investment world, and the other He is the player with the highest annual batting average in baseball. Experts continue to do “fewer but better” things.

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