How to Stand Out on a Blind Date if You Have an “Interesting Soul” But Not a “Good-Looking” Appearance

  It is said that “all good-looking people are the same, but interesting souls are only one in a thousand.” If you have an ordinary appearance but an interesting soul, then how to stand out in a blind date is a matter of knowledge.
  Xi Kaiyuan, a behavioral economist at the Chicago Decision Research Center, once proposed the two concepts of “joint evaluation” and “individual evaluation.” The so-called “joint evaluation” means that when evaluating one thing, there are other clear things to compare with, and you can analyze the pros and cons of two or more things at the same time; while “individual evaluation” means that you With no clear other things to compare it to, you can only evaluate one thing on its own.
  Xi Kaiyuan gave this example: Suppose you want to buy a set of tableware and accidentally see a set on clearance in a shopping mall. There are 24 pieces in total, and each piece is in good condition.
  Suppose you also see another set of tableware, which has a total of 40 pieces. 24 of the 40 pieces are exactly the same as the ones mentioned above and are in good condition. In addition, this set of tableware also has 8 cups and 8 saucers. Two of the cups and seven saucers were broken, but the rest were intact.
  So which dinnerware set are you willing to pay more for?
  The conclusion to this question is different when assessed jointly than individually. When people jointly evaluate these two sets of tableware, that is, when they see these two sets of tableware at the same time, people will of course choose the second set because the second set has more tableware. Although there are a few broken ones, the ones that are intact are still better than the ones that are intact. There are several more in the first set.
  However, when people evaluate it alone, that is, without knowing that the other set exists, they will draw completely different conclusions. Because the first set of tableware is complete, but the other set is damaged, people will tend to buy it. The complete set.
  Xi Kaiyuan explained this point of view to us through this example: In individual evaluation, some characteristics are easy to evaluate, such as whether the tableware is damaged, while some characteristics are difficult to evaluate, such as whether the total number of tableware is dominant, so people will focus on those that are easy to evaluate. factor. Therefore, when evaluating alone, people will be affected by those characteristics that are easy to evaluate and make irrational evaluations.
  Now let’s go back to the topic at the beginning of this article. “Good-looking skin” is an easy-to-evaluate feature. If you go on a blind date, the other person can tell it at a glance, or the other person has already made a judgment based on the photo. The “interesting soul” is an implicit factor. We may not be able to judge what counts as “interesting”.
  Therefore, if you are a very thoughtful and interesting person, you can take your friends with you on a blind date. You are average-looking, so you are at a disadvantage in terms of easy-to-evaluate characteristics. However, you are interesting and knowledgeable. These are your advantages, but they are difficult to evaluate, so others can only discover these advantages through comparison.
  Maybe you have a little question. If your friend (or best friend) is prettier than you, will your blind date fall in love with him or her? This is certainly possible, but the problem is that comparisons of appearance are unavoidable, and people will compare themselves with certain people in their minds. If the other party chooses your friend (best friend), it means that you are not his or her cup of tea at all, and if you go alone, your chances may be even slimmer.
  This is also true in business wars. If the advantages of your product are obvious (such as beautiful appearance and design), you can promote it separately; but if the advantages of your product are not intuitive (such as low power consumption and strong safety), you can The publicity should be compared with similar products.
  Everyone knows “good-looking skin”, why not print it on a poster? But “interesting souls” need to constantly compare. The more you compare, the more you will stand out.

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