How Ordinary Workers Can Effectively Use AI Tools to Improve Work Efficiency Without Fear of Job Loss

  In April this year, “AI Stefanie” made her debut on station B and released more than a thousand songs a month, far exceeding the total number of works of Stefanie’s career. Netizens jokingly said: I didn’t expect that after the advent of AI, the first person to lose his job would be Stefanie Sun.
  While joking, more and more ordinary people are beginning to think: What will the advent of AI bring to us? Will our jobs become more complicated or easier as a result? Can we really reap the dividends of AI? Will we be eliminated by AI? How should ordinary “workers” welcome a new future?
AI is coming to the world,
Seems to be omnipotent

  ”It’s scary, I was replaced by AI.” On YouTube, a voice actor from Germany posted.
  For more than a year, the actor had been dubbing for a YouTube account with millions of fans. Recently, he was told that he no longer needed to cooperate in the future because the channel’s updated videos began to use AI dubbing.
  In the United States, Hollywood’s famous playwrights launched a general strike. Hundreds of screenwriters, writers, and talk comedians took to the streets and blocked the entrances of Netflix, Disney, Paramount, and Amazon to protest against the producers’ use of AI to turn creators into laborers. The reason is that in negotiations between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the former hopes that producers can regulate the use of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT in agreement projects, let alone use writers’ works to train AI. But negotiations failed, and the producers preferred to start AI to generate most of the content, and then hire a small team of “temporary” screenwriters to complete the remaining work modifications.

  Since the end of last year, generative artificial intelligence represented by ChatGPT-4 emerged in the United States, and AI in other fields such as Midjourney has suddenly emerged. In the past six months, the popularity of related topics has remained high on the global Internet.
  People are surprised to find that the new generation of AI can not only learn, communicate, and be emotional like humans, but can also write code, write copy, produce animations, design, translate, do finance, carry out scientific research experiments, assist artificial reproduction, and replace Human doctors provide effective psychological counseling and guidance to patients… Some researchers have even developed an “AI decoder” that can read out the human brain by scanning a person’s brain activity with an instrument and then giving it to the decoder for analysis. words in.
  As if overnight, AI suddenly evolved from the familiar “artificial retard” that can only set the alarm clock and turn on the air conditioner, to the omnipotent super life in science fiction movies.
  Drawing our attention back to our country, with the proliferation of domestic artificial intelligence software on major platforms, AI has also given us a lot of knowledge.
  According to a professor at Tongji University, someone asked ChatGPT to take exam papers for the third year of high school. In addition to physics, Chinese, English, history and other subjects all achieved very high scores. This caused many netizens to exclaim: Will the top scorer in the liberal arts college entrance examination give way to AI?
  At the 2023 Aranya Theater Festival, the organizers selected three theater houses created by AI, one of which was built together with theater houses designed by 13 artists. Judging from the renderings, it is no exaggeration to say that the AI ​​design is compared to The designs of human artists in the same field are no less impressive.
  What’s even more dramatic is that the stock price of iFlytek suddenly plummeted not long ago, and its person in charge responded that it was caused by someone using a certain AI to write a fictional essay titled “Major Risk Warning on iFlytek.”
  While enjoying the benefits, more “workers” are concerned about their own destiny and begin to explore the use of AI in their work. Some people are full of expectations for AI, trying to let AI complete basic work for them in exchange for more time to fish easily; some people have an early adopter attitude and are keen to try new things like AI, whether it is good or bad; some people think that AI will become a Everyone needs to master the labor tools and use them early to gain an advantage. Some people have a joking mentality, “If you can’t beat it, join it. I hope that when AI rules the world in the future, I will be spared.”
  Regardless of the reasons for exploration, they all express the attitude of contemporary workplace people: Change has already occurred, and it is better to embrace it actively than to dwell on fear.
After using AI to “roll over”,
I am no longer afraid of losing my job to AI

  Is AI useful at work? Can it help ordinary workers “make money easily”, or is it so powerful that it can easily destroy someone’s “job”?
  Visual worker Lei Shao shared his experience of using AI.
  Lei Shao has been working in advertising for many years, from graphic designer to design director. He has always been a fan of new technologies and was one of the first creators to try to add the AI ​​drawing software Midjourney to advertising design.
  However, the results of the attempt were not as surprising as expected. Lei Shao found that each project of the service has different positioning and different needs. The advertising pictures are highly personalized. The pictures generated by Midjourney are more illustration-style, which is not suitable for real-life projects. Moreover, the current AI seems to be more like drawings. A child that does whatever it wants, and the results it generates are very random.
  ”I now only regard AI as a little assistant that can get lost at any time. It cannot become an independent and reliable colleague,” Lei Shao said.
  But from another perspective, AI’s unbridled imagination is not always irritating, sometimes it is also very useful.
  Lei Shaohe’s team of illustrators will use the “magic pictures” generated by AI as inspiration reference, and then hand-draw them to complete the final draft; or use AI to draw pictures to submit the first draft intention to Party A, and then create according to the direction after passing the review. Overall work efficiency can be greatly improved.
  Also using AI, the results shared by self-media author Yi Mo were completely unsatisfactory.
  One day, Yimo saw on a hot search that the international 4A company he had worked for issued an announcement announcing an indefinite cessation of outsourcing expenditures on creative design, plan writing, copywriting and short-term employees, and the launch of AIGC (the use of artificial intelligence to generate all At that moment, she had a deep sense of involvement, “If I were still with my former employer, I might be one of the copywriters ‘optimized’ by AI this time.” Unwilling to admit defeat, Yimo decided to
  explore AI writing, even if it is really defeated by AI one day, she still needs to know how powerful it is.
  The first cooperation between Yimo and AI ended in a “turnover”.
  That time, she trained ChatGPT to help her write an article. Because there was too much material and the article was an in-depth draft, the whole training process collapsed. “After two days of struggling, I finally got a short essay at the level of a middle school student. I can only say that ‘the language of this article is smooth and well-organized’, and there is nothing else. This time, writing with AI did not achieve the improvement I imagined. Efficiency, on the contrary, made me lose the joy of independent creation. For me, the joy of creation is the most important thing in writing.” Yimo said.

  After a period of time, Yimo consulted friends in the AI ​​industry and checked many training tutorials online. Unfortunately, AI was always “not very good” and could not write in-depth long articles that met her requirements.
  After exploration, Yimo has new thoughts on AI: “There is no need to over-deify AI. Generally speaking, if AI is used across majors, the definition of work results is very low, and you may think that AI is very powerful. But it can be Consider using AI to implement some auxiliary skills. For example, I originally wanted to sign up for a class to learn video editing, but now I can directly ask AI to help me edit some daily vlogs, so that I can focus more time and energy on writing.” On social
  platforms , there are many sharers like Lei Shao and Yimo, and more experience shows that it is not that easy for AI to completely replace human work, because there are thresholds for the effective use of AI.
AI anxiety?
Then learn to use AI for your own use

  Although AI cannot completely replace human work in the short term, in the longer term, proficiency in using AI at work may become a common requirement for companies to “employ workers.”
  At present, on recruitment websites, it is common to see cultural companies asking designers to “be proficient in using AI painting and be able to produce a picture in 30 minutes.” The “2023 AIGC Talent Trend Report” released by Maimai shows that with the popularity of ChatGPT, the number of AIGC talent recruitment needs increased by 31.3% year-on-year from January to February this year, reaching a record high.
  Zhou Hongyi, chairman of 360, once said, “Behind large artificial intelligence models are the knowledge achievements of all mankind, which can give ordinary people more powerful abilities.” Zhao Ke, who is currently using AI to start a business, has a deep understanding of this.
  Zhao Ke is an IT man who has been working in the field for more than 20 years. He has served as a senior technical expert at a major domestic Internet company, worked as a children’s programming training school, and also developed AI courses. He can be regarded as an insider in the field of artificial intelligence. Currently, he and his friends have created an AI mental health platform that uses professional psychological counselors combined with AI technology to provide psychological listening and caring services to users. When faced with psychological problems in adolescent education, AI can be used to track and provide care as needed. prevention.
  ”During the experience, I often feel like I am chatting with a real person, because it can truly understand my intentions and know what I want to do. When we were in internal testing of our platform, I also felt the comfort of AI. When we did simulated consultation, I Let AI play the role of a mother who understands psychology, and then give it a storyline of a middle school student who has an emotional breakdown. It can really comfort and guide like a mother; when I tell it that work did not go well today, it is very angry and wants to hit someone. , it will also comfort me. I am very surprised by ChatGPT4.0.” Zhao Ke said.
  He also uses ChatGPT to generate video scripts and write code, and also uses it to complete most of the company’s clerical work, such as management charter, contracts, meeting minutes, weekly work reports, etc. His start-up company currently only has five or six people, but with the help of AI, it can complete the work of more than a dozen people. This is also where he is satisfied with AI. He feels that using people + AI can achieve the result of 1+1>2, and work Efficiency is significantly improved and business operating costs are reduced.
  ”Zhaoke people” believe that the future workplace will gradually become a workplace where humans and machines coexist, and the ability to use AI will also become widespread. Rather than saying that AI will eliminate some people, it is better to say that people who are proficient in AI are more likely to win over people who cannot use AI in the competition.
  You can think of AI as a more advanced, new form of smartphone. The degree of mastering it will definitely vary from person to person, but no matter whether it is easy to master or not, there is no need to be overly afraid. In the end, AI is still a tool, and using tools It is ourselves who create the world.

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