From Rebellious Teen to Ideal Daughter: My Journey to Healing My Relationship With My Mother

  I don’t know when I started talking back to my mother. I remember that during the summer vacation that year, my rude remarks often made my mother cry.
  When I hear my mother praising other people’s children, I sensitively think that she is dissatisfied with me; whenever she disciplines me, I feel that she is against me. At that time, I was in the rebellious stage, and my mother would offend me accidentally and explode my little universe.
  After the final exam, I slept with my head covered for several days. I just wanted to rest for a few days and make up for the sleep I had missed throughout the semester. I didn’t think there was anything wrong, but my mother was angry. Seeing that I was doing nothing every day, she thought I was wasting my time by staying at home, so she enrolled me in a cram school.
  After a few days of make-up classes, I suddenly didn’t want to go. Seeing that I was so unmotivated, my mother said angrily: “Other people’s children are taking extra classes, so you can’t go.” As soon as I heard the words “other people’s children”, I couldn’t bear it, and yelled: “Other people’s children Okay, you go and be a mother for other people’s children! Don’t their children sleep? Don’t their children play with mobile phones? I just won’t go, let’s see what you can do to me!” In my hysterical shouting In the middle, I saw my mother froze there, motionless, tears already buried in her eyes. Every word I said was like a small stone hitting my unsuspecting mother hard. She probably didn’t expect that her nagging would cause such a violent reaction from me. Looking back now, I went too far and hurt my mother’s heart.
  In order to cultivate my ability to live independently, my mother stipulated that I wash the family’s dishes during holidays. I was washing the dishes that day, and suddenly I saw my mother sitting on the sofa looking at her mobile phone, and a surge of anger instantly arose in my heart – Why should I wash the dishes every day, while you are leisurely there? I smashed the pots and pans louder. The noise alarmed my mother. She walked into the kitchen and saw me putting the dishes and chopsticks together with a bad face. She understood immediately. So, she hit me hard on the shoulder and said angrily: “Are you going to break the bowl? I have been washing dishes for decades, but I have always been careful and have never complained. It’s not easy to wash dishes like this.” Are you willing?” I threw down the last bowl with a bang, slammed the door and left the house.
  That day, I came back very late. I saw my mother standing at the gate from a distance. When she saw me coming back, she turned around and went back to the house. Later, my father said that my mother never sat down from the moment I left the house. My mother must have been in tears, and her heart must have been broken the moment I threw the bowl. Because from that day on, my mother stopped letting me wash the dishes.
  Looking back now, I was really ignorant at that time. I never understood my mother’s difficulties and let down her hard work. I think that when the next summer vacation comes, I will definitely live in peace with my mother. I will study seriously, help her with housework to the best of my ability, be her ideal daughter, and prevent her from shedding tears for me…

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