Bed Bug Crisis: A Global Resurgence of Unwanted Guests

   In recent months, a “bed bug crisis” has gradually spread in many countries and regions around the world, triggering panic among local people. According to Hong Kong media reports, the crisis has quietly spread to Hong Kong, with many Hong Kong citizens “posting pictures” claiming that traces of bed bugs have appeared in their homes.
   According to reports, this wave of “bed bug crisis” first originated in France. It started from the end of August to the beginning of September this year, and bed bugs were found in many places. More than 20 schools in France were temporarily closed due to bedbug infestations. Subsequently, bed bug crises also emerged in many places in the UK. Bed bugs were frequently found in hotels, subways, cinemas, hospitals and other places in many cities.
   At the same time, bed bugs began to appear in increasing numbers in New York. Mark Loffredo, director of the postal pest control company in Staten Island, New York, said that these parasites are “spread in people’s clothing, personal belongings and luggage…” According to reports, as of November 6, South Korea had
   collected More than 30 bed bug infestations were reported. Meanwhile, Singapore’s Pest Control Agency said this year’s bed bug infestation could be 30% worse than its usual peak.
   Experts point out that bed bugs have stronger survivability than mosquitoes, and the amount of human blood they suck is seven times that of mosquitoes. Each blood meal lasts “as little as 3 minutes and as long as 10 minutes.” Therefore, the wounds caused by bed bugs are more itchy and can cause insomnia in severe cases.
  A previous study published in the American Journal of Medicine stated that bed bug infestations may cause psychological distress, such as severe nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, avoidance behavior and personal dysfunction.
   Although governments in many countries and regions are “seriously prepared” for this, unfortunately, “these vampires are everywhere.” To make matters worse, there has been a “global resurgence” of bed bugs over the past 20 years, according to a scientific review in January.
   According to research, the main reason why bed bugs are “emerging” is because they have evolved resistance to many of the pesticides that are our main line of defense.
   Currently, high-temperature insecticides are one of the most effective methods because research shows they are unlikely to evolve heat tolerance.
   Meanwhile, James Logan, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said there were multiple factors behind the rise in bed bug numbers, with “climate change being one aspect”. He explained that most insects reproduce better in warmer climates, “so if there are more months of the year where the climate is warmer, then there’s more opportunity for insects to reproduce quickly”.

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