A Desk Lamp Tragedy: The Sinking of the “Rim of the Atlantic” and the Importance of Accountability

  In front of the Brazilian Haishun Ocean Shipping Company, there is a stone 5 meters high and 2 meters wide, with Portuguese characters densely engraved on it. It’s a heart-wrenching true story about responsibility. Below are the words carved on the stone.
  When the rescue ship sent by Brazil’s Haishun Ocean Shipping Company arrived at the accident site, the “Rim of the Atlantic” ocean ship disappeared, 21 crew members were missing, and there was only a life-saving radio station on the sea rhythmically sending out Morse code for help. The rescuers stared at the calm sea in a daze. No one could figure out what happened in this place with excellent sea conditions, which caused this state-of-the-art ship to sink. At this time, someone discovered a sealed bottle tied under the radio. When he opened the bottle, there was a note inside, written in 21 kinds of handwriting, which read:
  One Water Richard: On March 21st, I bought one privately at the Port of Auckland. Desk lamp, for lighting when I want to write letters to my wife.
  Second Officer Thurman: I saw Richard carrying a desk lamp back to the ship. He said that the base of the desk lamp was light and should not fall over when the ship rocked, but he did not interfere.
  Third Officer Patty: The ship left port on the afternoon of March 21. I found something wrong with the life raft releaser, so I tied the life raft to the rack.
  Ershui Davis: During the departure inspection, it was found that the door closer in the sailor’s area was damaged, and the door was tied tightly with wire.
  Second Engineer Anthel: When I inspected the fire protection facilities, I found that the fire hydrants in the sailors’ area were rusted. I thought that we would have to replace them when we arrived at the dock in a few days.
  Captain McCame: When we set sail, we were busy with work and did not read the safety inspection reports of the deck and engine departments.
  Machinist Daniel: On the morning of March 23, the fire detector in Richard and Suler’s room continuously alarmed. After Walter and I went in, we found no flames and concluded that the probe had falsely alarmed. We dismantled it and gave it to Whitman, asking for a new one.
  Grandmaster Whitman: I said I was busy and would bring it to you later.
  Waiter Skoni: I went to Richard’s room at 13:00 on March 23 to find him. He was not there. I sat there for a while and then turned on his desk lamp.
  Chief of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Cohen: I found that the valve tripped at 14:00 on March 23, because this was a phenomenon that had occurred before. Without thinking much, I closed the valve without finding out the cause.
  Third-tube wheel Maxin: Feeling that the air was bad, he first called the kitchen. After proving that there was no problem, he asked the cabin to open the ventilation valve.
  Steward Desmond: At 14:30, I summon all the people who are not at work to come to the kitchen to help with cooking and have dinner in the evening.
  Finally, here are the words written by Captain McCame: When the fire was discovered at 19:30, Richard and Suler’s room had been burned through. Everything was terrible. We had no way to control the fire, and the fire was getting bigger and bigger until the entire There was fire all over the ship. We all make mistakes that end up destroying our lives.

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